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Laken time

    Quite the claim to make the world's finest bottle. It is a
    great looking bottle, very simple and functional.

    I have used mine on my bicycle and they are showing scratches from the bottle cage quite a bit, but I guess I am not too surprised by that. Careful not to drop, they will dent.

    I have used both the normal screw off top and the "sport" cap. Both work well. The sport top hasn't leaked on me yet, so that is a plus.

    Laken Bottle

      I like the bottle, looks good. My only problem is drinking from the bottle. It needs a different top and I am trying to see if one is available. It is not standard as I have the cap but it screws on from the inside and this screws from the outside. A design flaw I'm sure that was not considered. Overall though the bottle looks good, that is also important to me.

      Damn Fine Bottle

        I bought this bottle and its 1 liter cousin as a result of the recent BPA scare. I'm not one for alarmism, but better safe than sorry. The wide mouth is smaller than a Nalgene's wide mouth, bigger than a Sigg's; perfect sizing, great for cramming ice cubes in and makes cleaning easy. I have the aluminum finish which scratches more readily than the painted variety (my 1L is painted), also the Laken logo is starting to scratch off of the aluminum. Not a serious gripe, just information. The water never tastes like you're drinking from a pool and the bottles are durable (I wouldn't hammer any tent stakes in with 'em or drop them down a cliff face, though) I'm extremely satisfied with these bottles, which are kind of hard to find. So buy them, dig?

        Pretty Good Water Bottle

          On the bottle, it says "World's Finest Bottle", I'm not sure I would agree with that, but it is pretty good. It seems very sturdy. I think it will resist dents more than other aluminum bottles. I like the wide mouth. The only problem is that if you don't drink out of it just right, you may dribble water (or whatever liquid you are drinking)down your chin.

          i just bought the laken classic red & i've...

          i just bought the laken classic red & i've noticed when i drink from the bottle the mouth peace feels very ruff, almost like paint that hasn't been applied properly, is this normal? btw the water tastes fine, i'm just very paranoid about what i put into my body. Should i go and ask for a replacement?

          Are you dead yet?-----Umm... Sorry, Filo. I think Michael's in a bad mood tonight. If it doesn't feel right, it probably isn't right. I would exchange it. If the new one is the same, you'll know that you were safe all along. And if you still don't like it, just return it all together. You have to have a water bottle that you like drinking out of.------The threads are not painted, but an food grade, non-toxic ABS plastic. I would consider sending it in, but it is probably fine. Maybe give Laken a call of send them an email.

          Is there a different top for the bottle,...

          Is there a different top for the bottle, better for drinking out of the bottle.

          Unfortunately, you're stuck with the lids from Laken. If you want a better bottle, try Camelbak's Better Bottle (amazing name, seriously) or Podium Bottle. They're both fantastic bottles, and also BPA free: makes a flip top cap that may be easier. I would not recommend a plastic bottle. YUCK!

          I have a LAKEN. It isn't the Classic...

          I have a LAKEN. It isn't the Classic Bottle (which I have not seen until I checked this site out..I would rather have had one of those. That style was not offered at House of Knives in Victoria) BUT, the one I bought, a month ago ...$25..., fell on the laminate floor in my kitchen, and the rounded plastic top, where you open it, a large chip came out, and now it is hard to open, when driving. Any way that I can have this LAKEN replaced? It should never have broken so didn't land on cement! I live in Chilliwack BC so can't go all the way back to Victoria to have it replaced. I sure hope you can help me with this problem, or I am afraid that I will not have faith in LAKEN products any more. Thanks...Robin

          It sounds like you have the sport top. I am not sure it can withstand a direct drop on the floor, but hey, if you need your faith restored feel free to call the company that distributes the bottles in the states (406) 585-5258..They are nice people and will hear you out.