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The Lafuma Maxi Pop'up Camp Chair isn't just for dorm rooms. Toss this folding seat in the back of your truck and whip it out at the first sign of good friends, good conversation, or someone handing out free cold ones in a parking lot. Elastomer-injected joints quickly spring into action to expand the steel frame into "chillaxing" mode. Removable mesh or canvas seats are easy to clean in the washing machine, should you spill something on the Pop'up in your excitement to sit down.

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Comfy but large.

    I bought the Maxi and Micro Version of this chair from Lafuma. We bought the Maxi for the adults and the Micro for the kids for our basecamp setup. As it turns out, the Maxi is very large and the Micro is very compact.

    The Maxi is large. When sitting in it, I could barely touch my feet to the ground from the front lip (I am 5'5") and my head didn't clear the back of the chair at all (which did make it nice for a post-hike nap). It was quite the comfort to lounge in but it just felt a tad too big for me.

    Too big and heavy

      I used to own a Lafuma chair this same model that was smaller and lighter. I was hoping to replace it . The maxi is too big and heavy and the mini is too small. Why cant they get it just right like they used to?

      HUGE, barely portable

        HUGE and heavy! I was somewhat shocked. I had read the reviews and thought it would be a good chair for camping. Unfortunately, my son does a lot of backpacking too -- no way in the world would he use this. It is almost FOUR FEET tall FOLDED (actually 46 inches). It is also SIX pounds! I think the super cheap fold up chair WITH bags at mass market stores is better. I was hoping for a lot more. I wish there had been a better description. I relied too much on reviews. I guess if you drive to all your camping sites, it would be OK.

        Yes perhaps heavy if you were expecting a backpacking chair but that is certainly not what the chair is designed for. Sorry you were surprised but for future reference does a great job of listing the specs for all of the products they sell- this chair included. The folded dimensions are listed on the side as 45X5.

        Also looking at the reviews people seem to be describing it for its correct usage, which is car camping and lounging.

        I know it stinks to not get what you were expecting but at least you are still getting a super comfortable chair to hang out in!

        wonderful chair

          I have had three of these chairs for about 15 years. They are wonderful. Light and compact. To my view much better that the heavy bulky things people are carrying around. They are hard to find as most dealers don't caryy them. You used to be alb t buy a replacement seat from Lafuma but no more. I had bought mine from LL Bean but they don't carry them any more. I highly recommend this chair. It is well worth the price. If you want a heavy, bulky , uncomfortable piece of junk go to Walmart. (nothing against Walmart because I shop there also.)

          Comfortable, not light

            This chair is easy to set up on any kind of surface, and it's very comfortable. I bought it for expedition canoeing thinking it would weigh (according to the description at that time) 4 lbs. Well, it weighs 6.5, about the same as other folding camp chairs. And it's more bulky (longer). But it is way more comfortable. And that counts after a day of paddling.

            Hoping for an even more comfortable chair

              Like another reviewer we got two of these chairs (the shorter back version) in Europe. I don't recall that they were that cheap, but so far, 11 or 12 years and many camping trips later they are still holding up. The stitching might have to be reinforced shortly, but I washed the seats and they still do perfect duty. Also, no complaints about the rubber joints and we do use them on all kinds of surfaces (stone, wooden deck, sand etc.). The one reason that I am getting two new ones (it's actually two reasons) is that I want the back to be a bit higher which I think is more comfortable reading a book or so after a long hike and I know that if I only buy one, I'll have to defend my chair, so I rather get two...

              lovely but too expensive

                well, i bought this chair in a french supermarket eight years ago. they looked quite cheap so no one was buying them which certainly explained why i got them for less than 12 USD. i first got one to try then i returned to the shop and got 4 more. they are so comfortable and make you feel at home anywhere. once you sit in they look elegant. FOR years my guests ravelled at my confortable design chairs. After 5 years, the sitches were worn out, but the worse was the rubber binding that dried up and broke, the rods were still ok and i could have continued using it if lafuma was providing rubber replacements. I WROTE BUT THEY NEVER ANSWERED.
                Then i decided to get new chairs and could not buy them as prices soared.

                anyway, i do recommend that you even buy just one because the concept is absolutely great, it goes inside, outside, at the beach, in the garden, fits in your car.eXCELLENT product but far too expensive as it rots within 6 years.

                Comfortable but poor workmanship

                  The chair is very comfortable but poor stitching on canvas. Material pulling away from one of the corners. Too expensive for poor sewing quality.

                  You didn't mention the time frame but I wanted to let you know that there is a 2 year manufacturer's warranty on this chair AS WELL AS replacement slings for these chairs out of the warranty. Both scenarios should keep you in your chair for years to come.

                  If you feel the chair had more workmanship in the sewing you should call an excellent customer service team @ 800.514.4807

                  Unanswered Question

                  Are the Lafuma chairs (this one and the...

                  Are the Lafuma chairs (this one and the recliner) waterproof? I'm thinking I'd like to leave mine on my terrace which has no roof. Is that a sure fire way to destroy it when the rain comes or is it okay?

                  Why did the catalogue say the chair weighed...

                  Why did the catalogue say the chair weighed 4lb 4oz? It actually weighs 7 lbs.