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great for steep climbs, terrible break-in

    granted, i did not own the Solutions for very long, they're are a super aggressive asymmetrical down turned shoe for the most technical of climbs. i tried them out for a week and besides the fit (i have a medium width food and narrow heel), i thought they were an amazing shoe. never cut my feet, solid heel hooks thanks to the thin rubber. great toe hooks too. the fit was snug even without the straps locked down.

    what killed them for me was how tight and uncomfortable the area was around the Achilles tendon. the exposed seams for the pull straps bit into my heel so badly it left it raw and red every time i climbed. the pain wasn't worth the pros.

    pros: - sticky rubber
    - amazing toe shape great for overhangs
    - flexible sole
    cons: - expensive
    - uncomfortable break-in time, the nearly covered toe box doesn't stretch to accommodate foot shape.
    - extreme down turn can create air pockets in the heel
    - bad Achilles area
    - strap closure system frayed easily, if i kept them longer they most likely would've broken.

    Prob The best Shoes on the Market

      Have had these shoes over a week put three really long climbing sessions and they work amazing the toe on this shoe is unreal the suction cup in the front really drives your toe downward Which makes smearing amazing also The Heel is pretty good as well i like how it comes up and protects your achilles tendon from scrapes and cuts. The Vibram Rubber sticks like glue on anything you will not slip in the shoes. Also i went from my normal 11 1/2 in street shoes to a 43.5 in Euro and thats between a 10 and 10 1/2 they are very comfortable to wear even a size and a half down so when looking at this shoes defiantly size down a lot. i have been extremely happy with the shoes this far. Only thing i didnt like at first was the strap system but really the shoes fit so good even if you dont strap them in. only time will tell how durable they are because i boulder three times a week but the shoe feels very well built.Deffinatley well worth the $$ if your into bouldering

      Great Shoe for Bouldering and aggressive Sport

        These are my first dive into very aggressive bouldering/sport shoes. I was not disappointed. They are much more sticky than my scarpa technos and are great for smearing. The tip of the toe is pointed and is easy to hook on the smallest holds (great for over hangs) while the toe box is comfortably wide for my medium wide feet. Probably my favorite part of these shoes is their tight form fit and aggressive bottom turn. I primarily use them for bouldering and high difficulty sport routes. I would not want to trad in these (owwwwww).
        I am concerned about the laces breaking and although leaving them undone or loose is fine when your toeing or smearing if you are going to be doing heal hooks the laces need to be tight. When I sized these I felt comfortably tight in a size 41 but sized down to a 40.5 and I am glad I did. When they were new my feet would literally cramp as I put them on but once they were in it was worth the discomfort. Now that they have stretched some they are comfortable while climbing (not on the ground!).

        Absolute perfection.

          These shoes are without a doubt my favorite shoe of all time. If you are looking for a shoe for steep routes and problems, these are hands down the best ones I have found, even the testarossas are a step down because of the heel. However, if you are looking for something versatile this is not the shoe, and, although you can get away with wearing them on vertical routes, I wouldn't recommend them. If you looking for something versatile try the "dragons."

          okay shoe..

            its a wonderful shoe.. but i bought these shoes they fight good wen i bought them .. they strecthed a little bit.. so i cant climb in my solutions anymore way to big.. my heel jus falls rite out of them.. if u want a hardcore bouldering shoe go with the five ten DRAGONS

            Fantastic shoe but Know what its for

              This shoe is just incredible. First, the fit its great. When sized right, the heel section grabs your heel and sucks it in to infinity. I wear a size 13 street shoe, and got a 45 Solution, but next time will go 44.5 or 44 for a tighter fit (I love them tight, reaaallly tight, and these loosened up a little bit, fit tight/perfect at first but got a bit to lose). These shoes need maximum tightness to take advantage of the radical downturn (you want zero dead space). Use these for steep bouldering with tiny footchips, intense heel hooks, and the occasional toe hook. These will work for sport routes too, but are particularly good for bouldering.


                I wear US 11 (EUR 44.5) or US 11.5 (EUR 45.1) street shoes size and bought the Solution EUR 43.5 (US ±10.25). The solution is as tight as possible on the toes, but its a bit loose on the heel, if I walk it would create air between my feet and the shoes and when I step the air would scape. In the beggining I had to take it off every 5min but now I've been wearing it for a month twice a week and it stretched and the became good, I can handle 20min now. If you plan on can keeping them on for an hour or two I wouldn't recommend. As far as performance goes, edging is excellent and the rubber is very sticky. I also wear a Snake Anhangava II from Brazil size EUR 46, which is good for all day climbing but I would go down 0.5.

                how much of a size difference do you think the La Sportivas stretched out? ive purchased them recently and im going through the break-in right now though i think i may have sized down too much as i can't keep the shoes on for more than a couple minutes without a lot of discomfort.

                for those of you who have or currently own...

                for those of you who have or currently own the La Sportiva Solution, how much have the shoes stretched? i recently purchased these and downsized a full size and a half(39.0) from my street shoe size and i could only tolerate having them on my feet for a couple pitches max.

                Best Answer

                That sounds like its a bit tight - IMHO. If you're only using this for harder bouldering problems and red point sport routes, then perhaps it would be worth it. Personally I find MOST shoes (this one included) will stretch a half to a quarter size. There are of course exceptions, but if you're already experiencing this much pain, then a bigger size would probably be better. Hope this helps!

                i wear 42 in the miura. the size for miura...

                i wear 42 in the miura. the size for miura and solution is the same!? thanks anyway.

                Best Answer

                Andre, I have a pair of muira vs's, which are very similar in sizing to the solutions. From what I the folks that i climb with, I have heard that the muira and muira vs are pretty darn similar. So, following the logic train there, I would say its safe to say that you are safe picking up a 42 solution. Keep in mind that the safe size isn't always the agressive size. If you are getting a pair of solutions, you might as well go down another half size or so. And my best advice, is if possible go try on the shoes. Hope that helps. Cheers

                hello i want to buy a la sportiva solution...

                hello i want to buy a la sportiva solution climbing shoe in a size 8.5 (american system) what size is that in the european system?
                thank you

                Does size matter? I wear size 10-10.5 US....

                Does size matter? I wear size 10-10.5 US. I was given a pair of Solutions size 40.5. They hurt super bad when I finally win the battle of putting them on. Will these shoes stretch to fit, or am i better of trading them??

                Best Answer

                Rob, You're squeezing your foot into a US size 8. Climbing shoes aren't wildly comfortable, but they shouldn't hurt. They will break in a little, but those shoes are never going fit you correctly. You need to be wearing something around size 43-44 buddy! Ouch, my toes hurt just thinking about it!

                Rob- The solutions do stretch quite a bit. While the 40.5 may be a bit small you might be able to battle through the pain until they stretch out. I am 10.5 and I have the solutions in a 40.5. I bought the shoes as a redpoint/bouldering shoe (not to be worn for long periods of time). While they were really hard to get on and a bit painful at first they eventually stretched to be a nice fit. That said you may still be better of trading them in for something slightly larger, I just would not go all the way to 43-44 as said above.

                40.5 is not too far off for a good fit man. I have a size 12 street shoes foot and wear a 42/42.5 in La Sportiva (Solutions and Miuras are my experience). I found the size 42.5 Solutions to be about the same size and feel as my old US size 12 Five Ten Dragons. Definitely do not size up to 43 or 44 as was previously suggested. Enjoy these man... the only thing that sucks about them is the durability of the closure system : ( The good thing is that the shoes work even without it... those things just suction on : ) Sweet!

                So how much does the solution stretch in...

                So how much does the solution stretch in the smaller sizes ie the 37 range, I would like to know how much to downsize in order to get the correct final(after stretch) size?

                Best Answer

                I would down size about a full size from your street shoe/comfortable trad climbing shoe. When I bought mine I got a 40.5 even though a 41 felt fine and I wear a 41.5 in Scarpa technos. I am glad I did otherwise by now they would have stretched to the point where they would fall off while doing heal hooks. I know my foot isn't quiet as small but I hope this helps!

                As a technical shoe, how do these shoes...

                As a technical shoe, how do these shoes compare to the Scarpa Boosters?

                Best Answer

                id say this shoe is better quality. the p3 technology allows the shoe to keep its shape over a long period of time. they do have pretty then soles, so these shoes are probably better for stronger feet. i have not tried the boosters but i think the heel and the p3 technology makes the difference.

                I have the Muira VS in size 38, they've...

                I have the Muira VS in size 38, they've stretched a tiny amount to where I sometimes get that farting sound in the heel after a big heel hook (usually after several climbs on a hot day), and they've also developed some hot spots on my foot.

                Considering getting the Solutions in a 37... what do you guys think?

                Best Answer

                I wear the same size in my Miura VS's and my Solutions, with both of them fitting relatively aggressively.

                Either way, it's unlikely that you need to go down a full size unless your Miura's have a very sloppy fit right now. I'd consider going down a 1/2 size at the most.

                Are these shoes comfortable enough to wear...

                Are these shoes comfortable enough to wear for sport routes?

                I have Solution but cannot remember my...

                I have Solution but cannot remember my size. I believe it's US6. Is it same as EU36?

                hi i wanna know which would be my size in...

                hi i wanna know which would be my size in this shoes if im 9 in my mocassym 5.10. thanks

                well that depends on if you are wearing the "right size in your mocassysm's. id probably try a 40.5 if i were you. i had a 6.5 in 5.10's and i wear a 36.5 in the solution's, so i would defiantly downsize, because they are a much more down turned aggressive shoe. keep in mind, they aren't going to stretch out much.