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the apprentice

    W/ intermediate climbing experience, I can say I really like these shoes. They're sticky, comfy, decent looking, and perfect for the infrequent bouldering/sport climbing I do. I sized them up to what feels good and snug, but my climbing elders might chide me for not sizing down to the point of blackening my toenails and needing to remove them before even descending. There are better shoes out there, but for the price this is exactly what I was looking/hoping for. I rate it 9/10, but what do I know?

    Great First Shoe

      When I first began climbing, the original retail price would have seemed a bit daunting for me, but I got these as a requested gift so I was happy.

      So far, I've loved the fit of the nagos. They really do fit like a snug glove. I bought them 1 size smaller than my street shoe size (they were a squeeze to start), and now a year or more later the stretch has made them fit perfect. Not that it will take nearly that long to stretch them out, that's just how long I've had them for.

      I'm not the kinda guy that rushes in between climbs, so the lace-up doesn't bother me at all - in fact, I think it's better that way because you can get a more custom fit, rather than having only 2 or 3 velcros to tighten your shoe.

      I haven't really had other shoe experience to compare the rubber's stickiness to, but I think the Vibram grip is above average. I'm sure it's not the stickiest out there but it's plenty in my opinion. Climb on!

      Nice show, New Blood

        For a first pair of shoes, these rule. They’re tight but comfortable and suit my indoor climbing needs. I love the red stain (and try to convince newer people that it’s lesions caused by the pain of climbing).

        Nago Good for abuse

          Picked these up for the gym and live rock.
          Thick sole a little numb but wirth the abuse they take in the gym they are worth it. Works well on live rock just not so focused. Very good all around shoe for the money. Fit was true to shoe size. Comfort was important as I am in the gym for 3+ hours every other day. I do have other more purpose built shoes. These are always with me when I want to kick back and enjoy a few hundred feet of easy 5.7 on a sunny weekend.

          Pretty Good Shoe

            I've climbed in these shoes 2-3 times a week for the past four or five months and would recommend them to others. I've found them to be a good general-purpose shoe that is suitable for anything up to and including 5.11s. They're not too aggressive and are so comfortable that you can wear them all day. My only complaints are that they are not best suited for edging and they did stretch a bit more than expected. As others have said, they can also make your feet red but the dye washes off easily. So far, they’ve held up with minimal wear.

            Good shoes for beginners

              They are not aggressive. But tight enough to be used to learn almost all movements in a rock wall as a beginner. They are stylish. Although the dye turns your feet in red, it washes off easily.
              I bought them half size smaller than my regular shoe size and they fit well; but I don't know why sometimes they make strange sound when I walking with them!

              Good beginner shoe

                I just started indoor climbing recently. I've very happy with these shoes. The laces help the shoe fit my foot a little better. The red dye does turn my feet red afterward, but it comes off well enough in the shower. I would not wear socks with these shoes. I think its a great beginners shoe- the curve in the sole isn't too aggressive, but there is a slight curve, which allow for a comfortable fit for a couple hours at a time.

                Great all around climbing shoe

                  I got into bouldering last year, and going to a la sportiva demo, really liked how these shoes fit. For someone who does want a very aggressive shoe with a lot of camber, this shoe is a great choice. It fits really well, has really great build quality, durable materials, and is super versatile. If you are a really advanced climber, you will probably want a more aggressive shoe. But for the recreational climber looking for a great, versatile shoe, at a great price, this is a really good choice.

                  Great Crack shoe

                    I bought these cause they are cheap. I've taken them up hundreds of valley, wall and alpine routes in Yosemite. They are great for all day comfort, and perform just about as well as any other shoe I've had. They have pretty good durability too, as I still have mine after a LONG season in Yosemite.
                    Great for crack climbing. I've climbed 5.12 face with them without much problem, but they don't have the best edging so I would get another shoe for strictly hard and technical face.

                    Not so amazing

                      I wear an 8.5 in street shoes and got the 38.5 and they are too big. After trying them on initially I thought because they were snug they might be too big but after trying them out in the local gym realized exactly the opposite. Probably good for crack climbing or long days of climbing but the edge and the rubber are definitely not suited for any kind of aggressive climbing whatsoever.

                      lovin these shoes

                        great shoes. i have been climbin for four years and just wanted to move up a step with my gear. these are great shoes. especially for the price. they grip the back of my ankle very well. the only down side-they make your feet red the first couple times of using them. it washes off. but nothing worse than that.

                        form and function

                          I just lost a pair, but they were very comfortable and great as my first shoes. i disagree with the whole foot-turns-red thing. maybe my feet don't sweat much, but it was barely noticeable - and who cares anyway? wearing socks is just silly. I got my pair about .5 too tight, and I think that hurt my ability to smear somewhat.

                          As for the appearance, I got about 8 comments from people on how cool these shoes look. For example, "If I had shoes that looked like that, I'd never take them off." They look better in person than in the pic.

                          sizewise, i bought mythos for my next pair and the sizing was identical. now that I've used both, i might prefer these to the mythos.

                          Great Sport Climbing shoe

                            these are great climbing shoes, I would recommend purchasing these .5 size smaller than street shoes. They stuck well to granite and wore comfortably for an all day climb at Smith Rock. warning - wear socks the die turned my feet red.

                            Great indoor all purpose shoe (and good looking too)

                              great shoes! i am a beginner and was worried these shoes may be to aggressive but they fit well, grip great and smear better than the Mad Rock i was barrowing from a friend. have not used them outdoors but they are great for indoor bouldering and top rope climbing. (and they are much more stylish then my climbing groups shoes lol) love my Nagos!

                              Good All-Around Shoe

                                I don't know about high-caliber climbing, but up to 5.10 these do fine, working well at edging, smearing, and jamming. They're comfortable, wear-for-hours type shoes. I bought a half-size smaller than my street shoe, and have been climbing outdoors in them for about a month now.
                                I don't think the rubber is quite as sticky as C4 but they've held up well to the rough and dirty rock of the Adirondacks and did fine on several trips to the Gunks.
                                And it's a bright, colorful shoe; easy to spot in the brush at the base of a wilderness slab. Matches my pants, too!

                                buying these in the same size as street...

                                buying these in the same size as street shoes was recommended my sales associate. is this correct?

                                I would not buy nagos in the same size as your street shoes. I regularly wear a street shoe size 9, and I went with an 8 nago, and they fit me well. They will stretch a little bit, so going with the equivalent size here may seem like a good fit or even loose at first, but then they will most likely stretch to be too big. And yes, does have a killer return policy -- try them on when you first get them and they should feel pretty tight, but not so much that it cuts off circulation. if not, you can always send them back. happy climbing :)

                                I wear 11.5 street shoe, and size 9(42.0) shoes have been comfortable from the start, now they've stretched and aren't a very technical fit

                                small caveat, I do have low volume feet, so it might not hold true for the fat footed