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Whether you run on trails, roads, or a bit of both, the La Sportiva Fireblade Men's Trail Running Shoes provide the traction, support, and lightweight performance you need. Their 1lb 6oz weight keeps you light on your feet as you cover the miles. Runner's World was impressed enough to give them their Best Debut award. La Sportiva added a padded, triple density midsole for long-lasting comfort and pronation control. The Fireblade Shoes' FriXion outsoles stick to pavement like glue and give you great traction on the dirt. To top things off, La Sportiva used mesh inserts for increased breathability and comfort on hot summer days.

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Pretty Good Shoe

    I've had these shoes for a few weeks now and have put a few miles on them. My typical run is a 6 mile loop that goes up and over "Big and Little" Kennisaw Mountain in the Atlanta area. Very steep in places with some really gnarly rock sections. First thing I noticed about these shoes is how nimble they are. This proved to be a good and a bad thing. The slipper like fit gets me through the rocks quicker than any other shoe in my quiver but I pay a price in terms of pain as a result of the light, minimalist cushioning. At 6'1" and 187 pounds, I'm pushing the limits of the cushioning in this shoe. I think it would be perfect on single tracks that aren't too rocky. As a fix, I put in some "green" super feet in soles and that seems to have done the trick. Traction over wet rock is pretty good. All in all a pretty good shoe.

    Great running shoe

      I decided to start running only a few months back and was looking for a good beginner's running shoe and narrowed down on the Fireblade.
      I spoke to a gear expert on live chat who helped me decide the size of the shoes.
      I ordered them, they arrived quickly and it was a perfect fit thanks to the gear expert.
      I have been using them regularly and I find it to be just perfect.
      Loving them.

      US shoe size is 10. Got a 44.5 size Fireblade. Perfect fit.

      Unsure if this is the right shoe for me

        Bear in mind that I am no expert when it comes to shoes. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what the intended purpose of these shoes is. They have good traction, appear to be constructed well, have a sturdy feeling heal, and hug your feet nicely (excellent fit for me ~ narrow foot with a high arch). Having said that, the padding on the forefoot is minimal (don't know if this would be an issue for you) .I have custom orthotics in mine...they fit in the shoe nicely, which is a plus. The shoe doesn't appear to have any inherent arch support though...I don't know if this is standard on shoes of this type. I also don't think it has much lateral support, which could potentially be a problem for ankles. I would not recommend this shoe to anyone wanting to carry a heavy pack, but see no reason for complaint otherwise. Pretty nice looking shoe.

        Great runners

          I'm a trouble case for fit - narrow, low-volume, Morton's Toe, etc. Since New Balance stopped making trail runners in narrow I've been looking for trail running shoes that even sort of fit. These are the ones. A good low-volume fit, relatively little lift at the heel so the foot position is neutral. They're new, so don't know yet about the durability. The soles have incredible traction on rock, and the low-profile tread pattern gives good grip in loose surfaces while not catching on stuff like deep treads sometimes can. I hope they never stop making these.

          No nonsense, hybrid trail shoe

            While not the best choice for slick trails, this shoe handles most terrain well; roads (paved & gravel), trails, off-trail, etc... The fit is very comfortable, and is lighter in weight than it seems. For anybody wanting a very long distance trail running shoe this is a good choice. As a member of the Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team I've gone through A LOT of different trail shoes. I can honestly say that the Fireblade is one of the most comfortable trail shoes I've ever worn. The really saved my bacon over the last couple of days of my speed-hike of the 335 mile Pinhoti Trail a couple years ago!

            Better suited for technical runs? Sizing... arrrgh!

              Good looking shoe with a nice "feel" on the foot. Large/roomy toebox may take some getting used to. Not much forefoot cushioning - especially if running a trail with lots of small/sharp rabble: expect frequent "stingers." Sole grip is awesome - no slip. Would expect these to perform very well on broad/flatter stone surfaces - even in wet conditions

              I have SO many problems finding the right size running shoe! I wear a US 10 in the Mizuno Wave Rider, Columbia Ravenous, Montrail Mountain Masochist. ALL three of those call a US 10 a EURO 44. EURO 44 was WAY too big in the LaSportiva Fireblade. I downsized to a 43.5 and the shoe is STILL a little too big, but I'll make it work. Just the slightest bit of heel slip... Wish I'd tried the 43.

              All in all, can't beat the shoe for the price - but they wouldn't be worth paying full retail.

              UPDATE: went ahead and ordered the 43.0 and returned the 43.5 - SO GLAD I DID. The 43.0 fits "like a glove" and is even more comfortable than the 43.5. Helps to have the right size, huh? ;) I now have a more favorable impression of the shoe - would change my star rating to 3.75/5. Thanks so much to for its OUTSTANDING customer service. Clearly, one of the best in the business! Customer for life!

              Not the most durable

                I wore these shoes on the portion of my Appalachian Trail thru-hike from Pearisburg, VA, to Port Clinton, PA -- 582 miles. As always, I substituted the insoles with a set of Superfeet to add extra support while carrying a heavy pack. Although the sleek design made me feel more athletic, these shoes wore out pretty quickly compared to my Merrell hiking shoes. What did them in finally was a hole on the side of the shoe. They felt great, but make sure you know your European shoe size -- these run a little small. (I cannot speak to these shoes' effectiveness in trail running, however...) Overall, recommended if you want something extremely lightweight, you don't expect them to last forever, and you don't need ankle support.

                In the picture, you can see the dental floss holding together my Fireblade until I got into the next town to replace the shoes.

                Not the most durable

                Trail Dancing with Step'mo

                  I trail run in the high country of colorado all year long. when the snow get's to deep, I strap on the running snow shoe's. I use gaiters and stay in trail running shoe's. I login 20mile+ week. I have try many, I do mean many other types of trail runners [shoe's] and they where ok. But when i try'd the Fireblade trail running shoe by La Sportiva. At last i fond the shoe that only fit good when i first wore them [true to size] they are great to this day! They work great on almost any kind of trail from dry to slick rock to mud to grass! keep on dancing STEP'MO

                  La Sportiva Fireblade Trail Running Shoe - Men's

                    I am getting back into trail running and after reading many reviews I went with the Fireblade. It is a super good fit right out of the box. I normally wear a 11.5 and went with the 44.5. It gives me plenty of room in the toe box when my feet start to swell. I have had them a little over a month and they are showing no signs of wear.


                      These are a solid shoe with decent rock protection for such a lightweight product. They grip well and breathe nicely for those hot summer trail runs. They have a roomy toe box but overall the shoes are more on the narrow side as most La Sportiva's are. Comfortable and offer decent support.

                      Edit on 01/20/12: I have since switched to the La Sportiva Wildcats and prefer them over this product.

                      Great shoe!

                        This is one I hope is never discontinued! I'm on my 4th pair now and will most likely go through many more... Very tough shoe that offers great response and feel for the trail. The sticky sole is perfect for approach and I even use it for low 5th rock climbing. Have used these at Leadville and many other races and long runs and they work very very well on all types of terrain (especially trail), dry fairly quickly after stream crossings, and are comfortable to wear for 24+ hours...

                        Great shoe!

                        Fast and light

                          Great shoes for trail running and hiking. Heel is held securely but toebox is wide and comfortable. Be sure to size up 1 euro size. I wear a 9.5 American size which is 42.5 Euro size. I purchased Euro 43 and they fit perfectly. They are really well made and last and last and last. Grip is excellent on most surfaces. I have used Salomon, Montrail and La Fuma shoes in the past. These are way better. Get 'em while you can.

                          Durable Shoe

                            This shoe is made for runner's with a narrow foot. It solved my forever long venture to find the perfect running shoe. Put multiple pairs through 3 Wasatch Backs, 1/2 Marathons, Hikes and Canyoneering.

                            Only issue I ever have is about 100 miles or so the shoe strings give out. So if you don't mind replacing your good to go.


                            After a little high speed misstep I hooked my toe on sharp rock and ripped the toe! Its been over 9 months of steady use, and even the rip won't be enough to stop these, as I'll just glue it up and keep rocking. But I thought I'd share. THIS IS IN NO WAY MEANT TO BE A KNOCK AGAINST THESE SHOES. If anything its a pro they are awesome still.

                            -Blades of Fire


                            Light and Comfy

                              So you want to run like the wind and win marathons? Well you have to train hard for that, but these runners will aid you along the way. They has truly amazing grip over varied terrain both wet and dry, from dry trails to wet rock, they bit in, plus they clean up to look like new! The only problem that I have had so far is they seem to collect mud, but it does not get to bothersome.

                              Unanswered Question

                              I've been running on the Fireblades for 3...

                              I've been running on the Fireblades for 3 years now (6 pairs) and I can't find them anymore. Absolutely the best trail running shoe I've ever worn. What did they replace it with? Does anyone know of a suitable replacement?

                              Do La Sportiva's fit pretty true to size?...

                              Do La Sportiva's fit pretty true to size? or do they tend to be like a half size off? Im an 11 1/2 in Salomons and an 11 in vasques

                              My husband wears an 11.5 US size. I cannot...

                              My husband wears an 11.5 US size. I cannot find a size chart for these. What size should he try?

                              my size is a 9 medium in a regular running...

                              my size is a 9 medium in a regular running shoe, how does the fireblade compare?

                              Is this shoe built on a curved last. It...

                              Is this shoe built on a curved last. It sort of looks that way in the photos?

                              Do these runners have a stone shield of...

                              Do these runners have a stone shield of any sort? I would like to see add in a category under the "tech specs" for shoes that do. Or do you already?

                              I'm a 10.5 in a Sauconney running shoe. ...

                              I'm a 10.5 in a Sauconney running shoe. Will the Fireblade Trail shoe 10.5 fit ok?

                              I'm looking for some new shoes as my...

                              I'm looking for some new shoes as my Continental Divides are wearing out. I've tried the Hardrocks and Masochists and liked neither. I'm looking at this shoe, the Lynx, and the FC1.1 (any other suggestions?). I do a lot of hiking on rocky, jagged terrain, and am looking for something with good forefoot protection. Any suggestions amongst these three? Weight doesn't matter that much to me (I won't be using them for running). Thanks!

                              I have been running in Montrail Continental...

                              I have been running in Montrail Continental Divide shoes for about a year, after finding that Montrail Hardrocks are just to disconnected from the trail, due to their amazingly thick cushioning. I also run in Inov-8 Roclite 305 and race in mudrock 280 - and I can feel EVERY grain of dirt. How do these shoes compare? I have a friend in Canada who loves LaSportiva, but I think there may be some selection bias there. . . . Does this shoe offer a best of both worlds of cushioning/protection AND feel on the trail?

                              Best Answer

                              Awesome protection... I feel like you can kick over a tree with these shoes. I've run in both Inov-8s and Montrails so I know where you are coming from. My personal opinion is that these shoes are more similar to Inov-8s. You feel more connected to the trail with these shoes more so than you would with Montrail CDs or Brooks Cascadias, but not to the point where you feel every rock like you said. You do feel the ground more-so than you would with the CDs, but there is still a good amount of cushioning to be comfortable.

                              My feet are a little wide, so I've primarily...

                              My feet are a little wide, so I've primarily stuck with Montrails...currently the would these compare? My Streaks seem to be wearing out rather quickly. Thanks for your input!

                              The Fireblades are very minimalistic; it's almost as if you're running barefoot. There won't be quite as much cushion, but they will have plenty of room in the toebox to accommodate wider feet. The shoe seems to do well in most situations, although in certain wet grassy spots they seemed to loose a bit of grip.

                              Some reviewers have mentioned that the...

                              Some reviewers have mentioned that the sole is stiff. I am very interested in these and would like to know if anyone has anything else to say about how stiff they are. I primarily run barefoot or in sandals, so I'm a mid to fore foot striker, heel striking kills my knees and hips. Are these flexible enough for such a stride?

                              Todd, if you're primarily a minimalistic runner (barefoot or sandals), I don't recommend you to use a shoe with extra cushioning or with an insert in the midsole. You probably developed running capabilities that are allowing you to go for a minimalistic type of shoe with minimal cushioning and a very flexible sole. All the shoes that use a plate in the forefoot area to prevent rock pinching don't have good flex, which for you, as a forefoot type of runner will be very detrimental to your technique.

                              I've been running Montrails for quite...

                              I've been running Montrails for quite awhile and, as is the custom, normally get them 1/2 size up. How would these compare? My street shoe size is 10 & 1/2 and I didn't see any comments on the size of the toebox on the fireblades.

                              I am a hiker and plan to hike in the Grand...

                              I am a hiker and plan to hike in the Grand Canyon to phantom
                              ranch. I hike apox. 30 miles a week. Would these shoes be good
                              for my type of hiking or would you recommend some other trail
                              shoe. I have flat feet, size 8 width C. If I order the shoes should
                              I get a 1/2 or one size larger?.

                              I hike in the La Sportiva FC 1.1 and also the La Sportiva Lynx. If your trails are rocky and have a lot of talus/scree I would go with the FC 1.1. If you plan on doing a bit of running and hiking on the same day the Lynx is a great shoe for both. However, keep in mind if you are carrying a load—go with the FC 1.1. Hope this helps.

                              I have a high arches and run with orthodics-...

                              I have a high arches and run with orthodics- good shoe for high arches? Also, I am 6'-0" and weigh in at 186-

                              From the pictures, the tread on these shoes...

                              From the pictures, the tread on these shoes looks pretty weak. Anyone out there know how well the tread works in multi-terrain settings? I'm talking grass, dirt, mud, rocks, etc...

                              I've run several races in these on various types of terrain (mud, boulders, grass, and normal single track) and have found these shoes to grip better than other trail shoes I have run in (Brooks Cascadias, Pearl Izumis). La Sportiva calls the outer sole the "FriXion outsoles"... whatever that means. Regardless, the sole and treads do a great job of clinging to the trail.I feel like you have more control in this shoe compared to others... it feels like a lower profile. Hope this helps!Ditto and I concur with the above. These are good, solid trail runners. I have put what looks like non agressive tread to the test and it performed better than most. The Frixion rubber is a composite made from rock climbing sticky rubber. I've run through everything but deep mud and stayed glued to the trail. They come in wider sizes; look for the + next to the size number.No complaints but one, laces are a bit short, other than that these babies rock.