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Not all races take place on bluebird days, so La Sportiva gave the Men's Crosslite Racing Shoe an aggressive outsole to provide traction for whatever conditions you encounter. These featherweight trail running shoes were named Best Buy by Runner's World and include La Sportiva's Impact Brake System to provide impressive cushioning, especially for a minimalist shoe that you're only going to lace up when you have on a number pined to your shirt. The Crosslite Racing Shoe isn't for your every-day trail run. This shoe is for the 50-miler where you plan to dust the competition by minutes, not seconds.

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My go to trail shoe

    The Crosslite is by far my favorite trail shoe. Light weight, very flexible, great traction. I love the aggressive tread and the flexibility makes you feel nimble even if you're not. Downsides? A couple for me. First, If you plan on running a 100 mile event in these, your feet had better be ready. I ran a 100K and by the finish, my soles were hammered due to the minimal cushioning. That can probably be overcome just by toughening up my feet. The other is that they are certainly not made for cold weather running. Get them wet from snow, and your feet will freeze. I will definitely be buying some more Crosslites. Love them.

    Great mountain running shoe

      After 20 years of ultra trail running, the original La Sportiva Crosslites are one of my favorites. I generally get over 500 miles on a pair, they are low to the ground, are stable and have fantastic traction. I have worn these at races such as the Speedgoat 50K in Utah and the Hardrock Hundered in Colorado with no problems.
      My only mod I make to the shoe is to remove the corset over the laces to better allow me to make adjustments to these and to give me a little more comfy room for my foot. Here's a blog post I wrote on the La Sportiva blog on how to do this easily.

      Good for most conditions

        If you're a La Sportiva fan and love to run on gnarly trails (mud, rocks, steep grades, etc...) then you'll love this shoe. Be prepared as it is very low profile and the midsole isn't as thick as a traditional trail running shoe so you will feel the ground and what's under your feet. There is a built in rock-plate that does help mitigate this feel somewhat, but it also makes the shoe quite stiff. Overall the shoe has great traction though was not very effective on some of the slicker, wet rocks I typically run on (polished limestone), but then again nothing is too good on the wet rocks around here. The lace corset isn't the best feature, in fact myself and others typically just cut the thing off to gain access to the laces easier. Also, a common issue with trail shoes that utilize a lot of fabric mesh on the upper, they tend to tear up at the metatarsal flex point in the shoe, both pair I owned did this after just a couple hundred miles.

        Overall this is a good, no nonsense, serious trail shoe that will work for most trail runners.

        Rob Youngren
        Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team

        Great Shoes

          I bought a pair of these a few years ago and love the snug fit and traction. I wore them for the entire 50 miles of the White River 50 last summer and they were great climbing the hills and good coming down the soft, single-track. It wasn't until after mile 37 when running down a 6 mile gravel road that I wished they had more cushioning.

          Another possible concern is that these shes don't allow easy attachment of gaiters, but I have a pair that I slip under the mesh shoestring protector and hook onto the laces. It works fine.

          The toe box is not roomy so if you have bigger feet this shoe may not be for you.

          love 'em

            i love these shoes, i'm on my third pair. i've done 2 tough mudders in them and the traction is absolutely incredible. my only complaint is that you cant replace the laces, but havent had to so it hasn't been an issue yet. great for day hikes too with a moderate load.

            Solid Trail Runners

              I like these shoes, but I don't love them. I like that they have a limited amount of support, which goes along with my minimal shoe theory (I run in Five Fingers at least once a week), and they have solid traction. The negative is that they are on the narrow side compared to the rest of the La Sportiva trail running line. With the minimal support, there are times when you will certainly notice rocks and they could be painful if you're not careful. Running in full blown shoes, I become slightly lazy when running over rocks, which can certainly be a negative with these shoes. You almost have to pretend that you're running in Five Fingers due to the lack of protection underfoot. That being said, I do like them and have about 300 miles on them thusfar.

              Love this shoe

                Was really picky when it came time to pick a new trail run shoe. I narrowed down to this one and let me tell you, best decision I ever made! Was looking toward goin with a minimalist shoe, but still needed a little bit of support for my knees and shins! This shoes has a lot to offer, their lightweight, and have great support and cushion. My favorite part of this shoes is the traction. The traction is amazing on all sorts of terrain, sharp rocks had no chance with these shoes. Also the area I run has a little bit of pavement that transitions the trails, was way surprised with the huge cleat like traction how well these shoes did even on the hard stuff! I run everyday around 3 to 4 miles, and these shoes supposedly being a race shoe, work perfect for a everyday runner! Love em!

                After 6 months of daily use

                  I bought these after checking out a friends pair. Used them to compete in the North Georgia Adventure Race right out of the box with no problems at all. They have incredible traction (except for on slab by rocks thanks to the cleat like bottoms which equal a relatively small contact area on the rock), and are super comfy...Sort of fit like a big sock. They have a minimal heel-toe drop too with makes them a good fit for pose/barefoot running techniques. I feel that they run pretty true to size also.

                  My only complaint is that the lugs on the balls of my feet and at the heel are almost completely gone - as shown in the pictures below. I have worn them everyday for the past 6 months though so that was sort of to be expected.

                  Overall...great shoe.


                    I have used these about 8 times so far. I would not recommend them if you have a wide foot like myself. The extra covering over the laces seems to be too snug for my fat as do the sides. I can not run for distance in these because my feet start to throb. I am alright at short distances though. I wear a 9.5 in my asics and got a 9.5 in these. The length is fine, but like I said, they are pretty snug.

                    So, Meh, I am looking at these Crosslites and wonder what you mean by narrow. I don't have an especially wide foot but have been through the just a little snug thing before. Yeh you can put up with it but why? So do you have a toe box width measurement?

                    near perfect

                      If your looking for a show that can be walked around in all day and then if needed can excel very well in the trails you need to turn your little consumer ass around and go take a look at something like the FIREBLADE or WILDCAT both equally great shoes but with more of a multipurpose build to them especially in the tread department.

                      When I first slipped my foot into my brand new CROSSLITES I just wanted to run and thats all! This shoe fit great right out of the box and with the lacing system all it takes is a little tug and this shoe is tight and ready to take on whatever you got for it. The rock guard toe is a life saver especially if your running a lot in the spring time when all the water run off is still fresh and rogue rocks and roots seem to be everywhere like some kind earthy mine field.

                      Another feature that really set this shoe apart from the rest was the tread design with its highly spaced tooth like treads, steep hills were no match for this shoe and I never found myself slipping. When done running in the mud and whatever you find yourself running through you simply just bang the two shoes together and all the crap comes right off the bottom which means your not bringing the earth in the car with you.

                      This shoe is well designed to allow your feet to breath and thats huge for me since my feat sweat like its going out of style and really there is nothing worse than soggy sweaty feet when your running. But don't worry the lower half of the shoe is lined to not allow water in so don't worry about puddles and such.

                      Now of course with all great things there is always some kind of problem and this one is really a personal problem but since a lot of people suffer from it and some suffer from it and don't know they do I thought I would comment on it. This shoe has absolutely no arch support and if you pronate when you run your gonna feel some nasty pain in your ankles an knees and with this shoe being such a low profile design its hard to find insoles that have arch support that will still allow your feet to fit in the shoe.

                      Great Shoes

                        I'm using them in Afghanistan. I'm in the mountains and run a lot. these are the first Sportiva shoes i have bought and i will be a customer for life as long as they keep making them this good. I have to agree. buy one half size bigger then you normally wear. I am a 9us and I ordered the 9.5us like other people say and they are perfect. need little to no break in time at all. light and very conferable.

                        Great look

                          I got these so I could get back into trail running this spring, and I've dug them so far. The unique lace covers look great; i get a lot of compliments on them. It does make it a bit harder to custom-adjust the laces though. I have a wider foot, and i like to loosen my laces at the bottom. Maybe sizing up a half size would have fixed that. They feel great on a run though. It feels like my feet are being pushed forward.

                          a little snug

                            excellent shoes. super grippy with a nice wide front for extra stability. pretty light, i've felt lighter, but nothing to complain about. they do seem to be a little snug, might want to try going up half a size. i normally wear a size 10.5 in U.S. sizing and went with a 44 on these and they still seem a little snug. all in all, an excellent shoe


                              They're tight, and I mean that in a good way, but don't plan on wearing thick socks inside these. They're narrow through the instep. I have a narrow heel and I appreciate the almost stretchy, sock-like fit of this shoe. My feet do not move around inside them. They felt great with no break-in, and I like the spike-like rubber lugs for traction on loose dirt and rocks. I would think this would be a good trail racer (I don't race). I don't run in these on pavement. The cushioning is pretty minimal, which I prefer for trail shoes. These replaced a pair of Salomon XA Pro's (which are also very nice, but more expensive), and the Sportiva's are every bit as good for running, though I found myself wearing the Salomon's much more often for a hike or just around town on weekends (like, off the bike, or camping).

                              i have a 3a narrow width. Will these...

                              i have a 3a narrow width. Will these fit?

                              Hey josh,

                              Thanks for the question. When it comes to the La Sportiva Crosslite Trail Running Shoe - Men's along with any La Sportiva trail running shoe, the narrower the better. This shoe definitely has the narrow fit that you are looking for, but is also slightly short in length. So, if you are between sizes length wise, size up.

                              I'm looking for a running shoe that has...

                              I'm looking for a running shoe that has good traction in wet slick conditions. I have wider feet and am usually about an 8.5 in size. Does anyone know whether these shoes run on the big or small side and whether these shoes sound like a good option for me? Thanks for the feedback.

                              I need to know what the toe box width is....

                              I need to know what the toe box width is. I don't want too snug a fit as I plan on using these for extended runs.

                              I generally wear a 9.5 in running shoes....

                              I generally wear a 9.5 in running shoes. I go up to a 10 depending on how wide they are. Are these snug or would they compliment a wider foot?

                              How durable is the sole? I'm looking for...

                              How durable is the sole? I'm looking for a shoe I can do anything in. The skylite is my first choice, due to the less aggressive sole, but no where seems to have them in my size (~45). If I were to get these, would those heavy lugs get destroyed by doing stuff on anything but trails?

                              I use these shoes for every surface there is. I road run, track run, trail run, and scramble in them, and even used them for climbing at the gym when I forgot my climbing shoes. I've worn them in snow and mud as well. The lugs take it all and ask for more. They are a little bit softer rubber which makes them more durable, but may decrease the overall wear life just a smidge. I would say even if you were to road run in them 5 days a week, they are going to last you at least 6 to 8 months. If you don't do that much road running they are going to last you much longer.

                              Best Answer

                              Oh, I also forgot to mention that I also occasionally play futsal on a basketball court and indoor soccer on turf wearing these. I also wear them for everyday use. They are pretty much the only shoe I wear for anything since I found them. The only other shoes I wear are my climbing shoes, which, not so coincidentally, are also La Sportivas.

                              Once I break shoes in, I tend to leave...

                              Once I break shoes in, I tend to leave them tied and pull them on and off that way. Can any owner say whether the mesh over will prevent this?

                              Thanks Mike! I tried them on too and after that I still wasn't sure. Coming from a Salomon Speedcross 2, I think these will fit similarly, but look and feel TONS more durable (I had bad luck with the Speedcross at first, but they lasted just "ok"). ((and I don't run in them)).


                              On my 3rd pair that I wear down completely until the outside toebox breaks... right around the time the treads wear completely through which is about 6-12 months in everyday use. Yes, I wear these all day... not just for runs. In non-running mode, these slip on without a re-tie. When running it's easy enough, though not trivial, to tighten the toebox lace section. About to buy my 4th pair... just love that rubber :)

                              So BC suggests race day use. How long...

                              So BC suggests race day use. How long will they hold up under super intense trail work? ie steep, rocky hill repeats, streams/rivers, trails that might not be actual trails?

                              Best Answer

                              Hey Mark,
                              I bought a pair of these last spring and wore them all summer on really rough trail, they held up quite well. I'm right in the Canadian Rockies, spent a lot of my summer running mountains that would normally be classified as scrambles, with lots of shale/scree, low angle climbing and easy 5th class, and sometimes quite a few miles to get to and from the scrambles, including stream crossings and lots of bushwacking. I have other pairs of shoes, but found that I always went for my crosslites every time I went for a technical run. They are super grippy, low profile and FAST. They held up better than I expected, considering all the scrambling, half a dozen 12+ hour days, and about 600 miles of rough trail. They still have a bit of life left in them, but I'm definitely ordering a new pair for next spring.

                              I second the above answer. These shoes hold out for a LONG time. I even put in a 4 weeks of 50+ miles a week on road. I was surprised on how well they held up, and how my body help up by not using "road shoes"

                              I use them in every condition, for any distance. hands down the best trail shoe in my opinion. I love the low profile, and the impact brake system does actually work (surprise considering all the fake marketing names these days). Check out the skylites for a less aggressive sole option.

                              I second the above answer. These shoes hold out for a LONG time. I even put in a 4 weeks of 50+ miles a week on road. I was surprised on how well they held up, and how my body help up by not using "road shoes"

I use them in every condition, for any distance. hands down the best trail shoe in my opinion. I love the low profile, and the impact brake system does actually work (surprise considering all the fake marketing names these days). Check out the skylites for a less aggressive sole option.

                              I have and really like the salomon...

                              I have and really like the salomon speedcross2. Does anyone know how these compare in feel and grip?

                              The grip is awesome! - exactly like a Speedcross but there is very little cushion in the Crosslite. It has that same glove like fit as the Speedcross and is not as stifff in the sole. It is a flat shoe with zero arch support. I have flat feet and I love 'em!

                              Best Answer

                              They are in the same family, lightweight trail runners for dynamic runners. The SpeedCross 2 is lighter (40grs per shoe / 80 grs per pair) which makes a big difference, especially when running uphill and/or for those who have a goog "kick back" = the heel which is coming back close to the butt during the stride. From a grip standpoint, both are in the premium grip category with their agressive tread pattern.

                              what size is a 9.1/2 wide

                              what size is a 9.1/2 wide

                              Is this shoe water resistant? I want to...

                              Is this shoe water resistant? I want to go with something other than gore-tex for the heat factor. But need something water resistant enough to keep out heavy dew. I am thinking of this or the Speedcross 2. Any comments on the water resistant would be appreciated.

                              you won't get any (durable) waterproofness with anything else than a membrane or a bootie inserted into the shoe. Gore-tex is one of these bootie suppliers, but you also have other membranes that are "making the job". Don't forget as well that keeping the dew out means not running in high grass otherwise the water penetrates by the top of the shoe. In other words, there's no magic solution when it's really wet.

                              How is the shoe on the knees? I will be...

                              How is the shoe on the knees? I will be using these almost everyday.

                              It probably depends on the individual, but I start to get some swelling/discomfort in the patellar tendon (just below the knee) during lengthy, technical downhills on runs over 20-25 miles or so. Personally, I go with a slightly more protective shoe (like the FIreblade) for such efforts. Anything shorter and I'll be in my Crosslites -- I love em.

                              These don't have a lot of padding and can transfer a lot of shock up the legs. I believe that's the holy grail of mountain running footwear; finding the balance between transfering the feel of the ground so you can have accurate footwork, with soft cushion that helps protect your body. I believe these shoes are more of the cushionless high traction end of the spectrum. Very very grippy and super lightweight! Great for raceday, but I would want to train in something else until closer to race day.

                              I wear a 10.5, what size should i get? How...

                              I wear a 10.5, what size should i get? How are these when they get soaked?