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Quartz 2

Seems pretty good even with some snow on it. This is at 9700 ft in wyoming snowy range, medicine bow mountain. 3 nights held up well, would be tough to use this tent in these conditions with two people really. Plenty of room for gear and stuff for one camping in snow. With the snow filling all around it the floor space decreased a bit. With two it would have to be cleared more often as its a tight squeeze. one of the pole slots ripped alittle also. I think I would have preferred clips instead of the poles passing thru nylon sleeves.

Quartz 2


    three negatives are 1. it's a bit heavier (but for this price you HAVE to sacrifice something) 2. the poles don't slide through the sleeves very well 3. the floor space is tight, two thermarests barely fit side by side but there is lots of room above the head and below the feet.

    I love this thing cuz it is built solid, it has plenty of vents and it could take on a hurricane. Just make sure to guy it out properly and you are good to go. I also like the color ALOT, i don't know why everyone is hating on the color. More expensive tents are probably better but I doubt you can beat this tent at $240

    not bad

      price is good, space for 2 and seems durable so far. Had it out in a couple light snows already. Heading to Wyoming to trek into the snowy range for a few days, will update after a few uses there. So far:
      bit heavy -
      big vestibules+
      Midway for ease of set up+/-
      vents well or not at all if you wanna shut in. +

      overall for the dough pretty good so far.

      Be the envy of all your peers!

        So I admit, the first time we set up the tent (in high winds) without having read the directions, we were a little confused. But since then, with a little bit of practice, tent set up is easy and fast. This tent rocks and it looks like a UFO. The fly boy is awesome, and recently kept us stable and dry while camping in a huge rain and wind storm on a rock climbing trip. We were warm and dry while others' tents didn't survive the storm. There is lots of ventilation and lots of room for two, especially with the side compartments. I've had this tent for about a year, and everyone that has camped with me has enjoyed this tent as well.

        Yellowest tent ever.

          This tent is quite possibly the brightest yellow-green object I've ever seen. Easy to find in the dark I suppose, but mostly just cool.
          Some reviewers have mentioned pole separation while setting up the tent. This can be avoided by threading a pole completely and seating it in the grommet buckle before moving on the the second pole. In this manner, and also by staking the tent down before threading the poles, I've had a quick and easy time setting up even in nasty wind. Also, you can pack the tent with rain fly attached for speed and immediate protection.
          I'm happy with mine... It's acceptably light, very warm, easy to set up, and quite stable in windy conditions (maybe due to the low profile?). And the vestibules are large/ventilated enough for bad weather cooking.
          I suppose the only thing I don't like is the packaged size. The tent itself packs down rather nicely but the included bag allows it to expand quite a bit and take up half your pack. If space is an issue, you might consider just using a couple compression straps to keep it compact.
          Also, know that if you plan on really guying out for high winds, you will need to purchase two additional guy lines. Only four are included but six is the ticket. You will also stakes for these, as the included eight are required by the tent and vestibules.

          Difficult to Set Up

            While this tent IS bombproof, I found it extremely difficult to set up. Getting the 2nd pole to thread through the pole sleeve is next to impossible without having the pole separate and come apart at one of the sections. The first pole goes into the sleeve fine, but look at the picture of the tent and imagine one pole in it's sleeve. Trying to insert the other pole is very difficult. I usually take one of my other tents and leave this one at home -- not what you want to hear about a piece of gear, is it? I'd LIKE to recommend this but I can't.

            Ist Technical Tent Like It

              This was my first technical tent purchase, and so far so good. I used it in very nice weather, so at this point I cannot vouch for how it will stand up in the snow. But I can testify to its excellent airiness, and comfort in warm weather. It was easy to put up except for inserting and removing the poles. It is a bit tight where the poles cross over, and they got stuck, and then separated, so this was kind of a mess, but probably just my lack of experience. The separate vestibules are sweet! And really necessary, because there is no extra room inside. It looks nice, and the rain fly worked well. The floor stayed dry, but as I said I have not used it on snow or ice yet.


                I received this item from Backcountry yesterday.
                When I opened the package, I found that one of the pole was broken and duct-taped. Even the duct tape had a lot of scratches, which means a lot of usage, and the pole itself was completely unusable, which means, the tent was unusable. A part of the tent was torn off and there was a big hole.

                Recommended - Smart Design

                  I have used this tent hard for 3 years. Although it is heavier then some other tents in it's class this one is a winner on many fronts. With a double entrance and vestibule it means that there is enough room for both parties to lay out their shoes, water bottles, panniers, packs, etc.. each organized and not cluttering up each others stuff. The waterproofness of the tent and seams are tight. The zippers are strong and Kelty reduces weight by minimizing the metal on the zipper and opting for tag lines. The fly is smart because it functions like a turtle shell, deflecting much of the wind force on the tent. I have set this thing up in gales and it stands amazingly strong for a two pole tent, if tied down properly; better than many 4 season, 4 pole tents on the market. The best design feature is the pole sleeves; rather than clips. One person can set this tent up, blindfolded, faster than an equivalent two poler with clips; in the dark, in pouring rain, and high wind, this tent is just a smart design. My complaints would be minor; although I use the window, it adds weight and I would rather reduce the weight than have it. I really don't have many complaints. I have had several other, more expensive tents, and this one is the best I have owned for a two poll design in it's weight class - by far. I am purchasing a second one because I wore the last one out.

                  Tough comfortable tent

                    The very first night I received this tent in the mail I set it up for a trial run in my yard on a beautiful summer day. Little did I know that the next morning I was going to be hit hard by a massive thunderstorm with 40-60mph winds, heavy rain, and hail the size of garbanzo beans. All of my gear stayed dry, and the tent stayed intact. Even though during my experience I could retreat into my house if anything went wrong, I am now extremely confident that if I was hundreds of miles away from civilization stuck in a wicked storm that I could relax inside my lemon drop while enjoying a good novel until the storm passes.

                    good tent

                      Well I just came back from a couple of hikings in the high lands of Peru in Urubamba and I can say that this tent is great, the design is amazing, the tent is not heavy and the space inside is perfect for 2 people.
                      I recommend this tent but the bag of the tent is too big to pack it and it takes a lot of space in your back pack.
                      Besides this problem I really recommend this tent.

                      First use was great

                        Finally we had a chance to use this little tent, and it sure held up well. We spent the first three nights of our early spring trip at high elevations in California and Nevada, in very stormy weather. The first night the storm was unexpected so we had not put out extra guy lines, and it held up perfectly in the high winds. Love the double doors/vestibules. Only critique would be the head height, my husband and I are both tall and could not sit up straight - only an observation, and something a person might want to be aware of if it is important. Fits two thermarests side-by-side very nicely and lots of extra length for us tall folks. Excellent ventilation systems.

                        My rain fly was badly damaged can I buy...

                        My rain fly was badly damaged can I buy just the rain fly for this tent I hope

                        will this tent be small enought to pack...

                        will this tent be small enought to pack in a backpack with a sleeping back and other supplies ?