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this boot runs big, but has a cool style

    I returned the Stockholm boot, b/c they were too big. I wear an 8 1/2 and my foot is narrow. Even with a pair of thick socks they didn't fit. I think this boot has a cool style and looks well made. My friend has a pair and loves them. I was nervous to order an 8 and it be too small, so I exchanged them for another style of Keen boots. I recommend this boot for someone who is not going to be in really cold temperatures for a long period of time. They would be great to wear as you go from place to place in the winter rather than wearing outside while shoveling snow. You could keep them on all day and avoid having to change into shoes once you reached your destination. The customer service at was EXCELLENT!

    Great boots, except...

      I got a pair of these a year ago and loved them so much that I got a pair for a family member recently. However, I had a similar experience as the other writer with one boot that now leaks when I walk in snow. Still good for cold, dry weather, though....

      Update a year later

        Not too impressed, as my right boot leaks now. I lived in them all last winter, and this winter I found during a rain storm that the waterproofness is no more :(

        They're still cute, and the inside lining held up super well, but I am ever so disappointed that I only got one season of dry feet (considering the price!!)

        love keen, but not these boots

          I love Keen, but was disappointed in these boots. They're not as rugged looking as most of the other shoes Keen makes and I didn't love the fit. I ordered 1/2 size larger because I had read that they were narrower than other Keens and this was true. They were still a little tight across my foot. They also didn't come up as high as I was expecting and sort of bagged at the ankle. I exchanged them for the Winthrop boot and love them!

          Groovy Boots

            Got these for my birthday and they are great every day boots. Very comfy and I like the quirky looks. They are a little more roomy in the ankle than they should be, but they do fit true to size. I kind of wish they were a little taller so they would look cuter with skirts. Still, I am pleased with them.

            Not what I expected

              I have a pair of Keen clogs that I absolutely love. I normally wear a size 8, but the clogs are a size 8.5, so that is what I ordered for these boots. They ended up being very large in the heel - my heel would slip up all the way when I took a step. They also looked a little more chunky in the ankle area that I wanted. I was not able to find a size 8 anywhere here in town to try on, so I just returned these. If I had loved the looks, I would have probably tried the 8.

              Not so stoked

                These look like they should be super cozy and stylish, but they're not practical at all. The tread won't do you good for snow, and there's too much room around the ankle, so the boot gets bunched up and wrinkly there. Also, the zipper is really annoying.

                never take 'em off

                  Last winter I got by wearing my trail running shoes in the snow and packing my heels if I needed to dress up a bit. Needless to say, I'm never going back. The Stockholms are nice enough for work if you have a casual dress code but I have also worn them shoveling snow, stomping around Alta and on various plane trips across the country. The zipper means they slide on and off quite easily (major bonus in the line for airport security). They keep my feet cozy and comfy even when it's frigid.

                  Pretty good

                    I already own 4 pairs of keen shoes, and this was my first online purchase for keen boots. They are standard keen quality and comfort, but I was surprised that they were really, really a lot bigger than my other keen shoes. I usually take an 8 in keen shoes, but these easily fit my friend who takes a 9! Anyway, I still like them, I can wear 3 layers of socks...I don't find them as warm as I'd like, but that may also be because they don't fit me properly. All in all, I think they are good for comfort (as all keen footwear), great for being waterproof, but I found that they look a bit like black rubber boots (like the ones used on farms) and aren't warm enough for a winter in Montreal, Canada.

                    ***** 5 stars for Around Town

                      These boots are perfect if you just need something for around town. They are stylish but still sporty. They are sufficiently warm for cold Maine winters (around town). The reasons they are not ideal for most outdoor activity are (1) very little tread, (2) very little ankle support, (3) good, but not excellent, insulation. If you like these, also check out the Keen Chamonix boot (This is what I settled on for around town). If you need something for outdoor activity, check out the Keen Dakota boot.

                      Love 'em

                        what can I say? I love Keen, so it doesn't take much to fall in love with them. As with most other Keens, they fit half size smaller than usual. They're not as clunky as other Keens, too, so they're more stylish. And take note that if you have over-developed calf muscles, they probably won't fit you very well.

                        The different leather patches are a nice touch, and there's a slight marbling of color to the leather which gives it such a nice look (I got seal brown).

                        So far the only negative I can think of is the fact that the lining is synthetic. I don't know how well they'll breathe, and I question the durability of the fabric. I wish they were made of boiled wool like the other Keen boots on this site (Chamonix).

                        Waterproofness is a definite bonus, though I don't know how well they'll stand up to a downpour with the seam going straight down the middle.

                        But overall, these are very swanky boots I'll definitely be wearing a lot of this winter!

                        They don't look it, but I'll ask anyway:...

                        They don't look it, but I'll ask anyway: Are these boots waterproof? More to the point, can I wear them in snow and slush?

                        They are waterproof! I was skeptical too when I bought them. I've worn them in the rain, and my feet have stayed dry, even when trudging through puddles! We haven't had any snow yet, in WI, but I intend to use these boots for the upcoming winter. In my opinion, they are true to fit. I wear anywhere between a 6.5 and a 7.5 depending on the type of shoe. I bought a 7 and I can get these boots on with a heavy pair of socks. They are very warm too.