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Favorite winter mountaineering boot

    I tried the Kayland Hyper Traction, as well as the La Sportiva Trango Extreme and Nepal before finding this gem. I believe that Kayland's craftsmanship is second to none. While comparing the M11+ to the Trango Extreme I almost felt like I was comparing a Ferrari to a Festiva. Hyperbole aside though, the M11+ felt much more solid and durable. This does result in a bit more weight but not enough to turn me off and still lighter than the Hyper Traction or Nepal.

    I have found that Kayland fits my foot very well. My feet are very flat with a wider fore foot and narrow heel. I went back and forth on sizes and ended up going with a size 13. I typically wear a size 11 street shoe and have the Kayland Contact Rev in a size 12. I use green Superfeet in both of my Kaylands and find it to be a good setup.

    I wore this boot straight out of the box on an ascent of Mt Hood in June. I was worried about wearing a new boot, but realized by the end of the climb that I had not thought about my feet the whole time. They never felt heavy or uncomfortable not to mention I didn't have so much as a hot spot. During the climb I found that they trekked well on the lower grade snow, they were very solid when kicking steps and plenty stiff for front pointing on a steep chute.

    I absolutely love this boot and highly recommend it.

    M11+ more than I could ask for

      This is an awesome winter moutaineering boot. I have used it to climb the ice around here in NH as well as for a hut trip in the whites. Super secure footing, easy break in, warm, and I still had feel for the terrain I was covering. I could not be happier with my purchase!

      Great boot for Rainier

        This is a great boot. I just finished an August ascent of Rainier and after 4 days of climbing I only had a 1.0 cm blister on the top of my left 4th toe. Everything else was great. I also use these for hiking in the White Mtns in all 4 seasons. I did hike 15-20 miles in them before the climb to break them in, but it was quite easy.

        I typically wear a liner with a smartwool or thor-lo hiking weight sock over it. The built in gaiters are really nice for when you don't want to have to wear full gaiters. The eVent stayed completely dry and I really didn't have any issues with the ventilation.

        I have been using the BD sabretooth pro's with this and I got a great fit. I attached them really tight and did not have to adjust them a single time throughout my climb.

        All in all, if you are looking for a great mountaineering boot that can do double duty as a very supportive hiking boot, then I would absolutely look into these.

        Size wise- I am a 10.5 to 11 with a thin foot and high arches. I swapped the insoles for orange superfeet to get more arch support. The 11 fits great with a liner and a hiking sock as well as the added volume of the insole. I would recommend these for thinner feet, but there is plenty of room in the toebox. Order approximately 1/2 size larger than you normal shoe.

        Great boot for Rainier

        Great Boot!

          I bought this boot a little while ago but haven't really had the chance to use it until this past weekend. I was a little worried about my feet overheating as it was supposed to be near 60 all day.

          I took the boots fresh out of the box and we had a 3-4 mile rocky approach to the glacier. I did use some moleskin as I tend to get blisters but with that I did not experience any blisters. It obviously worked well with crampons and kept my feet dry as advertised. Surprisingly enough they did not overheat at all. They breath extremely well and throughout the very warm day my feet actually sweated less than they do in my regular hiking boot.

          I spent about 9 hours the first day in these boots and for coming straight out of the box they were very comfortable.

          Day 2 with the same approach and just as many hours I did experience some shin bang. They were a little tight up top and we were kicking steps most the morning.

          The boot itself is pretty true to fit. I wear a 13 and these boots in a 13 fit great. I tried them on with a few layers of socks at the store and they worked fine with the layers. They are definitely a narrow fit though. If you have a wide foot I would look for something else.

          They lock the heel in place quite well and I experienced little to no heel movement. I also asked the guy if he thought this or the Nepal Evo GTX was a warmer boot. He said he thought this boot was slightly warmer but they were both pretty similar in that sense. I have a feeling this is much more breathable though.

          You absolutely right, eVent is much more breathable than Gore Tex. The US Army conducted extensive testing and concluded that eVent was twice as breathable as it's nearest competitor. You can read more info here (

          The use of eVent over Gore Tex and incredible craftsmanship has made me a Kayland loyalist.

          All around mountain boot

            I climb in the the White Mnts. every winter. Conditions can be rough. Plastic boots are warm but eat your feet up. Other leather Mountaineering boots just have not made the mark until the Kayland M11+ came around. They are light, feel like your wearing a hiking boot and not a clunky mountaineering boot. They keep the elements out and the event really works - better than Goretex. They are stiff enough for vertical ice and yet are very comfortable for long approaches. These boots are warm, but if going to wear in the winter I would recommend buying a 1/2 to a wholel size bigger to acccomodate a mountaineering sock.
            Overall, one of if not the nicest boot on the mountain.

            I am contemplating the M11+ boots for...

            I am contemplating the M11+ boots for winter mountain hiking in the Adirondack High Peaks. Basically I'm looking for a boot that is insulated, crampon step-in compatible, has an eVent membrane and can be used with snowshoes. I like the reviews of the M11+ from the people who wear them in the White Mountains mainly because the Adirondack High Peaks share some of the same brutal weather and topography. My only question is obviously fit. The closest Kayland dealer is about 4 hours from me, so it's hard to try them on. Do the M11+'s fit tight in the toe box? I have a slightly wider forefoot and have had issues in the past with boots being too constrictive in that area. Also, can the M11+'s be used on snow-covered trails / scramble when snowshoes or crampons aren't warranted? Thanks a lot!

            Best Answer

            I tried these on but went with the Nepals for the simple fact that my foot is a little wider and the Nepals had a better fit. The toe box on these boots seemed to be roomier than others I tried on. You can always alter the fit if you like these boots with a replacement foot bed and size the boot up a little.

            These can be used on approach hikes - they are a stiff boot but if my memory serves me right, they have a rocker sole which helps out quite a bit.

            What is the performance difference between...

            What is the performance difference between this boot and the Kayland Apex XT? A side by side comparison on Kayland's website makes the two look pretty similar with the exception of the M11+ having the built in gaiter.

            I am looking for a boot to use on Hood and Rainier. Is the Apex sufficient, or would the M11+ be a better choice?

            Best Answer

            I own them both and I would say it depends on the temps you expect. The M11 is a bit warmer and personally the boot I prefer in general in the winter or snow. I find both boots to have similar grip and rocker and would say MAYBE the M11 is slightly stiffer. They fit a tad differently too. The M11 seems a bit snugger to me. If you can, I'd try them both on with the sock combo you prefer and see how each feels. I don't think you can go wrong either way but if your headed towards Hood or Ranier I'd choose the M11. Have fun!..

            Is the sole of the Kayland rigid (no flex)...

            Is the sole of the Kayland rigid (no flex) from heal to toe?

            Which boot is warmer - this one or the...

            Which boot is warmer - this one or the LaSportiva Nepal Evos?

            Would these be warm enough for Mt. Washington...

            Would these be warm enough for Mt. Washington in the Winter? $ day Mountaineering trip?

            Do the lasts on Kayland boots typically...

            Do the lasts on Kayland boots typically run to the narrow or wide? I'm not interested in this boot in particular - more either the 6001 or the 8001, but I'm wondering width-wise how these compare to Scarpas. I have the Inverno and it has been a good fit for me.

            Could you possibly wear these boots in the...

            Could you possibly wear these boots in the summer or maybeearly spring late fall?

            This is a cold weather boot for sure. It has a lower profile than most mountaineering boots out there. It has Event line for water proofing as well as 200 grams of Primaloft insulation. So I would not personally wear these spring/fall boot

            is this boot suitable for climbing 7000m...

            is this boot suitable for climbing 7000m peak in kazakhstan? on khan tengri or lenin peaks? is the liner warm enough for -30c conditions and lots of wind like 60 mph plus