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The Katadyn TRK Drip Filter with Gravidyn Element will treat more water than any filter we know of (before cartridges need to be replaced). The Katadyn TRK Drip Filter with Gravidyn Element is a gravity fed filter which requires no pumping, hookup, or electricity. Fill the upper compartment with up to 2.5 gallons of untreated water, and it literally drips through the 0.2 micron ceramic filter elements into the bottom compartment. Simply set it on a counter in the corner and keep it filled. The Katadyn Drip water filter is the way to go for cabins, base camps, recreation sites, boats or RV's. The Katadyn TRK Drip filter comes with three Gravidyn filter elements (it uses all 3) which will treat up to an incredible 39,000 gallons of water. The Gravidyn elements have carbon inside them which eliminates odors and chemicals in water.

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Glad to see it on sale now... after I bought it.

    But really, it's a great device to use in East Africa. I got this one because there are others on our team (missions) who have the same one. It is quality made and works quickly. I am slightly concerned about liver damage after using a ceramic filter like this for 10 or more years, but so far I haven't got dysentery or an amoeba.

    Remote use in upstate NY

      I get my water from a stream and a natural watering hole about 50 yards away from my camp. Some sketchy water at best that we have always been hesitant to use. Now 2.5 gallons at a time this filter make's my wild water into a crystal clear very good tasting water. After a couple of 5 gallon buckets of water from the stream I glanced in the top and saw all the sediment in the bottom of the top storage tank. Really impressive. The guys at camp cannot believe we went without it for so long. Well worth the investment. Assembly was easy, parts easy to clean, use was even simpler. Definitely give this product two thumbs up.

      Gravidyne filter

        We have a cistern for our house which meant we cold not drink draw water from the faucet to drink. We were buying between 8-11 gallons of drinking water per week at a cost of .70-.80 cents per gallon. We searched for alternatives and choose to filter the water from the cistern with the Gravidyne. With a filter life of 39,000 gallons and the initial cost of the filter, we figure the cost per gallon is less than 1 cent and the water taste great.How can you beat that.
        We are very happy, just fill and walk away. I highly recommend. I can't imagine its value in a emergency.

        Excellent filter

          I purchased the TRK Drip Filter (Gravidyn) as a gift for a relative (for home use) in southeast Asia whose water supply is from a well. The criteria were: ceramic element, compact, plastic or synthetic housing. As I've used Katadyn Combi Filter for backpacking and occasionally at home for 6 years, Katadyn was high on my list. IMO, ceramic elements give the best filtration. The initial cost is high but their value is realized through durability and long life. This unit has been in service since January '06, filtering ~10L/day or a total of ~3,300L (864 gallons) so far. The Activated Carbon (A/C) portion of the filter is effective for 6 months but the ceramic is good for 39,000 gallons (~148,980L). What I like most about this filter: fast flow rate (3 elements), impregnated silver-oxide prevents fungus/mildew growing on the element.

          Does this filter radiation??

          Does this filter radiation??

          First off, I HIGHLY recommend avoiding any radio-contaminated water. This filter will not really help with radiation, but an activated carbon filter will help somewhat. Check out this article if you are interested:

          Unanswered Question

          I bought a Gravidyn 4 years ago. I...

          I bought a Gravidyn 4 years ago. I recently noticed a lot of people refering to the Gravidyn using the letters "TRK" in front on the name. In all the literature I have from 4 years ago, nothing uses these letters "TRK." Is there a new version called TRK? What does this stand for? Is mine a TRK? Can I use replacement filters labeled TRK if my unit was not originally labeled TRK?

          Any idea where I can get a replacement...

          Any idea where I can get a replacement Gravidyn Element filter?

          Why do you have to use all three filters...

          Why do you have to use all three filters at once?. If they have to be replaced each 6 months and each one is good for 13,000 gallons, then it would seem one fiter (or at most two) would be good even though the drip rate would be less. Very few are going to use 39,000 gallons in 6 months.

          Think about it, if you have 3, then to fill the bottom only a 1/3 of the water passes thru each filter. So if you have 1 active then 3 times the amount goes thru the 1 to fill the bottom. If using one then its life used up in a third the time. Sorry but from Texas and cannot help the next comment, it is not rocket science.

          What's the difference between Gravidyn...

          What's the difference between Gravidyn and Ceradyn? Also which brand is better? Berkey or Katadyn?

          Best Answer

          Same dimensions, same 0.2-micron depth filter. However, the Gravidyn is 11 ounces lighter, utilizes carbon/ceramic filters and the element needs to be replaced every 6 months while the Ceradyn element needs to be replaced ~40,000 gallons. The Ceradyn replacement element is $10 more than the Gravidyn.

          The Ceradyn: Free-standing gravity filter with 3 ceramic filters and a 10 liter water container for large quantities of water. Filters without effort. With 3 ceramic filters for maximum capacity

          The Gravidyn: Free-standing gravity filter with 3 ceramic/carbon filters for additional chemical reduction and improvement of taste and a 10 liter water container for large quantities of water. Filters without effort. With 3 ceramic/carbon filters for additional chemical reduction and improvement of taste.

          Check the Katadyn website for more:

          Some of the information on this site says...

          Some of the information on this site says that the ceramic elements are good for 39,000 gallons and some says they should be replaced after 6 months. Which is true?

          How do you know when to change the...

          How do you know when to change the filters?

          The unit comes with a measuring gauge, which you use to measure the diameter of the ceramic filters. If at any point the measuring gauge slides over the ceramic filter media without being forced, the filter needs to be replaced. It is recommended you replace the filters after six months of continuous use, and since this is a high capacity system, you can expect up to 50,000 liters/13,000 gallons of pure water during that time.

          The filters can be cleaned with the supplied cleaning pad as well, which you do once you notice a drop in flow rate. You can do this several times over the life of the filters.

          Will the ceramic-part of the filter still...

          Will the ceramic-part of the filter still work even when the carbon-part won´t?

          What is the difference between this model...

          What is the difference between this model and the model with the Ceradyn element? Can you compare/contrast the two different elements?

          The 2 items are identical: except the Gravidyn ceramic filter elements, per above description, have carbon (activated charcoal) inside them and the Ceradyn elements do not. As noted: the carbon improves the taste of water and removes organic chemicals such as herbicides and pesticides. The carbon is very stable when stored, but in use will only last 6 months or so.

          I have friends who are about to return ...

          I have friends who are about to return to Zimbabwe in the midst of a cholera epdemic. The problem is they have no water treatment and the disease is spreading via contaminated water. Which filter would you recommend that could last for an undetermined length of time where maintainance is not possible?