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Hike with a Pro.

The Katadyn Hiker Pro Water Microfilter possesses all the lightweight filter qualities you love in the Hiker, but adds a quick release feed hose and Quick Fill Hydration Pack Adaptors. Thoroughly abused and given a rave review by Backpacker Magazine, the Hiker Pro stands up to the test of backcountry abuse. Hard to clog and easily field serviceable, this durable filter eliminates Giardia, Cryptosporidium and all bacteria and microorganisms. This Katadyn water filter also comes with a field replacement kit for extended trips. When a broken filter would mean the end of your trip, count on the Hiker Pro.

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5 5

So awesome that a teenager can use it.

We love the filter. We used one last year on a hiking trip and realized it was so easy we bought one for our teenager. He was very happy to get it.

5 5

This is great!

I love this Micro Filter, I'm not a fan of ceramic filters because if you need to pump from a dirtier source they clog quickly. that being said, the carbon filter with the screen is all i need. Good size and weight for a purifier of this size. Also pumps water at a very good rate.

5 5

Great. Versatile. Efficient.

At first, it was hard to decide between Katadyn hiker pro and MSR miniworks EX. They both had awesome reviews and seemed to be both greatly working filters. However after researching extensively on water filters, I chose Katadyn hiker pro. After my recent hiking trips, I was more than pleased with it. It pumped 1L of clean/better-tasting water in less than 50sec. (they say 58sec or something, but not too sure) It is pretty light as well! (about 5~6 oz lighter than MSR miniworks EX, I think, due to its plastic pre-filter cap; rather than MSR's metal pre-filter coil.) Clean water comes out from a hose, so you can actually fill any kind of water containers. (MSR seems to be compatible with only the Nalgene and wide-mouthed bottles/bladders.) There are 3 quick-connect valves included, and you can directly connect them to any water bladder in the market. Again, I have no experiences with MSR, thus cannot make any objective judgement. However, Katadyn hiker pro was not only efficient but also versatile. I recommend it!

3 5

Don't filter icy mud-water...

I liked this filter a ton...'til it broke on me. I was doing some winter backpacking, and filtered some water (only water available close to the tent) at Arnold Pond in the Adirondacks, and the handle broke. I think the water froze once it got into the filter, and caused the handle to break.

Honestly, filtering water is a good practice, but not always essential, so this is one piece of gear that has kind of had a little more time than others at the back of the shelf...

Recommended over the MSR filters, but still needs some it takes up a lot of room in the pack.

5 5

Life Saver

Well I'm still alive after using this on multiple backpacking trips and have never gotten sick. So that's a good sign.

Pumps water very fast, packs down small, fits on a nalgene (duh), can be cleaned in the field.

Simple. All you need.

5 5

Used quite a bit and still no Giardia

I have had this for a few years now and love it. Works great, it's fast and easy to use. After two years of use I had to change the filter as it started getting sluggish, but it pumped out quite a bit of water. I have heard of people breaking the handle, so when I pump, I put my palm over the shaft so that takes the brunt of the force, so I haven't had any failures. Take care of it and it will take care of you.

Katadyn v. MSR

Hey all, I'm debating...

Posted on

Katadyn v. MSR

Hey all, I'm debating between buying this guy (Katadyn Hiker Pro) or the MSR MiniWorks filter. Any thoughts? I realize the output is about the same, but the lifetime manufacturer warranty from MSR is pretty appealing.

Any comments about how often the filter needs to be replaced in either product?


Responded on

Actually Matt the output is not even close. The katadyn is far faster, but you have to look at the filters, katadyn uses a paper mesh type filter that is not cleanable, the MSR has a filter you can reuse just needs cleaning

Responded on

Any clue on how often the Katadyn filter needs replacing (time or liters filtered)? I don't want to be spending an extra $40 each year if I don't have to.

Responded on

Matt, the manual says 750 liters, or when it becomes hard to pump. The filter for the Hiker Pro is glassfiber/carbon, not paper, as well.

Here's the manual.

Responded on

I've owned both The msr takes much longer,(stroke volume) also it is only set up for nalgene bottles (it has no hose for the clean end) the msr ceramic filter will too were out as it must be scrubbed down when it is dirty and checked for thickness. the hiker has a weak point, it is the nipple for the inlet hose I've had 2 break on me, however the filter is still operational just submerge the lower end of filter in the water and pump as usual. The MSR seems much more engineered more moving parts, more complex pump mechanism......i.e. more potential for failure. I did not have any failures with mine however using it I could see some issues. both models there is potential for the lever to break, if the hiker breaks it will still work fine just a smaller area to grab, if the lever for the msr breaks it will be very difficult to operate. If the pump mechanism breaks on the hiker one can just suck on the outlet like a straw because it has an outlet hose, the msr you will have to cut your inlet hose and attach to the outlet nipple to do the same.While a lifetime warranty is nice it a'int worth crap when your three days out with a busted filter. Just my $1.50

5 5

If you cant turn water into wine this is the next best thing

We used 2 of these filters for a multi-day stay in Maine's backcountry for 10 people. We didn't have any troubles at all. I have personally been using this system for about 2 years now I switched over from a similar MSR system and wouldn't look back. We were pumping from a variety of different water sources, from high country streams (crystal clear) to valley ponds (kinda nerve wrecking). The filter didn't hiccup the entire time always our drinking water was clean and tasty. Everyone went home without any stomach troubles at all. A few on the trip mentioned going out and getting one as soon as they got home (I recommended of course).

4 5


The filter is a solid performer. I have owned this filter for years and without fail it has gotten the job done. The filter stays clean for a very long time. I suggest taking the filter out to dry when you come home from your trip. It is a bit bulky then packed because of the length of the tubes. I have only had one failure with the product...I failed to clear all the water from the filter on a night where temps dropped under freezing. In the morning I attempted to filter water but discovered a small crack in the plastic caused by the water inside freezing. I was still able to pump water but there was a significant spray coming from the crack. I repurchased the same product.

Make sure you pump all water out of the filter system on nights that will freeze. Ice will clog the tubes and will result in cracking the plastic. Two pumps while the intake is out of the water will clear the system for the night.

Very good product.

This has a 200 gallon capacity for those...

Posted on

This has a 200 gallon capacity for those wondering

Responded on

Right on, thanks for the info. I was looking at picking up one of these.

5 5

Works great and fills quickly

This thing is awesome. The attachments for Nalgene bottles and quick release hoses make this a snap to set up and it's much faster than it's rated 1L/min flow rate. The pump is awesome and way less awkward than comparable MSR models with the standard pump design. This is much more durable and having broke the pump handle on an MSR Miniworks, I can vouch for the durability in the Katadyn.

4 5


I love this thing. It works like a charm and it is easily serviceable in a pinch. My only dislike is the pump is a little hard to work occasionally, it seems to stick sometimes. Because of this, pulling up on the plunger requires some extra effort. I'm sure others will find this a small price to pay for clean water like myself.

Fiancée Pumping the water

Fiancée Pumping the water

Posted on

Note the Nalgene attachment fitting perfectly in a non Nalgene brand bottle.

5 5


This filter works very well on the trail, it's small, light, and easy to pump. It's a lot lighter than 6 litres in your pack, and will give you maybe twice that before it needs cleaning. I used mine for about 10 litres (without cleaning) and it was pumping fine. The first time, I used a coffee filter on the end, I then snapped the rubber band so... no more coffee filter, but Katadyn even recommends this in the instructions. There are other tips in the instructions that help prolong the life of your filter, this makes me feel like a I bought a quality product and that the manufacturer cares about my satisfaction with their product. It's swiss made, which says something for the filter already, even if the parts are made elsewhere swiss design is typically top of the line.

I did a lot of shopping before settling on this filter. Katadyn solely makes water pumps, hoses, bladders, etc. This gave me reason to trust their product over the competitor. The nalgene attachment with the pro version does NOT fit snug in an MSR dromedary, but the hose works fine, and is what I use to fill. The Nalgene attachment IS very helpful when pumping for yourself without assistance. The bladder attachment seems nice but I don't use hydration packs so I do not know how well it works. All in all, Buy this filter and you will not be disappointed.

5 5

no complaints

I have nothing bad to say. It works great and I am very happy that I bought it. The water pressure is good. It is easy to use. Comes with extra adaptors and seems very reliable especially for the price. I just got back from a trip on the Ozark Highlands Trail with someone who was using another brand filter and he spent most of his time cleaning and re-cleaning the filter (it was brand new by the way). It just kept clogging on him. I was thankful for my Katadyn.

5 5

Used and abused...

This thing has gotten me through multi-day's in Yellowstone, a month in Peru and even urban backpacking through Brasil.

Beat the crap out of it being tossed in packs, back of trucks, airport security...The only weak point that revealed itself is that little nozzle where the unfiltered water comes in. I took some gorilla glue and reinforced the stress marks.

The attachments for a nalgene and to splice into your camelbak are worth their weight in gold. The only downside is the length of the tubes in certain situations. When going through hostels in South America, the long hoses got in the way...about a foot on each side seems to be sufficient when filtering suspect sink water. Picked up a few extra hoses and trimmed to manageable sizes.

I'm yet to have this fail on me, but it's also a good idea to pick up some purifying tablets to toss in the case with this.

Responded on

I broke the intake clean off last fall in the Smokies, not sure how. Had to buy a new unit. I've owned this same type since the Pur days and until my last one broke, I've never had a problem. It outpaces Pete's MSR - I think I've convinced him to simplify.

5 5


Great filter, simple to use and great for keeping the bottles filled on the trail or at camp. Has quick-connect that plugs right into the new camelbak reservoirs too which is nice.

I'm considering purchasing either the hiker...

Posted on

I'm considering purchasing either the hiker pro or hiker model. What features makes the pro worth the addition cost? Thanks for the help.

Best Answer Responded on

Hey Dan,

The Pro adds the quick-release adapters that snap into various hydration packs with a quick disconnect, eliminating the need (in theory) to remove the cap to your hydration bladder. I find that many times you are going to remove the cap anyways, to add powdered drink mix or similar. I used it with the Nalgene hydration bladder on my TNF hydration bag, and it worked well, but I don't use that bag anymore. The Camelbak I use now (when I use a bladder at all) doesn't have a quick disconnect, so I just fill from the lid, negating the usefulness of the Pro.

Even if you don't have one of those systems, a buddy or someone on the trail might, so it's worth it to get the Pro, in my opinion, and especially now that it's on sale. If you don't need the extra features, leave them at home. These filters are bulletproof, and at 11 ounces, not too steep a price to pay if your water sources are questionable. Even if you trust the water, they filter the floaties out, improving your dinner and coffee. Good luck.


Responded on

Hey Cam

Thanks for the information. I like that you can connect directly to the hydration tube.


Responded on

the hiker pro has a tertiary filter and the inlet nipple is superior to the basic. Worth the upgrade just for the nipple.

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