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Drink clean water on your next backpacking trip and avoid parasites and other nasty water bugs with the Katadyn Combi Water Filter.

Among the Katadyn water filters, the Katadyn Combi is our overall pick. The Combi Water Filter is comparable to the Katadyn Pocket filter yet it has an activated carbon stage in addition to the 0.2 micron ceramic element, and its pump rate is a bit faster (1.2 L per min vs 1 L per min for the Pocket). The carbon removes chemicals such as chlorine as well as bitter tastes and odors. Like the Pocket filter, the Combi water filter's ceramic element treats an amazing 13,000 gallons (if you choose to use the carbon granules, they should be replaced every 60 gallons - carbon stage can be removed when not needed to preserve its life). Katadyn constructed the Combi with extremely durable polymer, and it has a stainless steel pump mechanism. It includes two packets of activated carbon granulate and comes with a zip-up carry bag. Like all Katadyn water filters, the Combi Plus will remove all giardia, fungi, parasites, cholera, typhoid, cryptosporidia, salmonella and other harmful bacteria, parasites, and germs.

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beinning user

I do not have one at the moment. I have never used a filter and I am trying to figure out which filter would be best for the money. Got any ideas?

how does this filter work. What do you do...

Posted on

how does this filter work. What do you do to get water through it. I did not see a handle.

Best Answer Responded on

Check out the video below Will, you can see there the handle is the top of the unit where the ridges are.

5 5

Peace of Mind

A little bigger than I would like. Just the peace of mind is worth it.

4 5

Good Solid Filter

I used this filter for hunting this year. It was pretty handy. We filled our nalgenes out of a couple tiny mountain spring puddles. You might consider bringing a handkerchief and a rubber band to keep the twigs and dirt clods out of the prefilter on the hose. It was pretty easy to clean, and the parts aren't complicated. I really like that you can connect either a nalgene or a 20z bottle.

Unanswered Question

Great, exactly the info I needed to make...

Posted on

Great, exactly the info I needed to make a wise choice of filters!

Fortunately, we don't live in New Orleans, doubt ANY filter could make that flood water drinkable! Our lake is spring fed but very muddy and cloudy at times, stocked with Bass and Perch, so if nasty chemicals leached into the lake they would let us know early.

I love the assurance of keeping 13,000 gallons of drinking water, not 30,000 sorry, in a zip up carry bag rather than storing 236 55 gallon drums :-)

I have researched many filters and the Katadyn Combi offers everything we need at a realistic price. Glad to hear the carbon isn't necessary for emergencies. Also, makes a perfect Christmas gift!

Thanks for you advice!

Thanks so much for your reply. I am a bit...

Posted on

Thanks so much for your reply. I am a bit confused about the carbon replacements. We want to buy a filter including all parts needed for the entire 30,000 gallons. Not that we want to pump the entire 30,000 gallons all at once, but to know we have everything needed if we are cut off from ordering parts on-line. After hurricane Katrina, we, family, friends, neighbors, including our community water service were without electricity water for 4 weeks. Running to the local food/water bank got rather costly and even they ran out of water several times. We do have a water stock now, and a lake close by, but would feel safer investing in everything we need and keeping it for an emergency. This filter sounds perfect, but I would be upset if another emergency happened and after pumping 60 gallons could not use it anymore. Would it be necessary to keep enough carbon granulars stashed, "just in case"? Can they be purchased in bulk? What would you advise? Thanks again! Jo

Responded on

Jo, I think the answer depends on what exactly you need to filter out. Filters will screen out the stuff in water that will make you sick like Protozoa, and Bacteria. No filter will cover viruses, but that is not usually a problem with something a lake, and you would want to use chemicals to kill the viruses.

The carbon granules are mostly for improving taste and removing some of the chemically or minerally taste of water--much like a Brita or Pur filter you might use at home. The carbon has nothing to do with making the water drinkable, just tastey.

This filter has Ceramic Micropore filter, which is good for 13,000 gallons--not 30,000 as you mentioned. Still that is less than a penny a gallon at the current sale price of $128. That ceramic filter is the MAIN filter in this unit.

This filter works exactly like the Katadyn Pocket Water Microfilter, http://www.backcountry.com/outdoorgear/Katadyn-Pocket-Water-Microfilter/EXT0005M.html, which doesn't bother with the carbon at all. The carbon is a bit of a bonus. The Pocket, however, is constructed from aluminum which might be a bit more durable. I can't vouch for either unit in that regard.

I hope that was helpful. The bottom line is don't worry about the carbon, its not what is protecting you--the 0.2 micron ceramic microfilter is.

Responded on

PS: This is your 13,000 gallon replacement part: http://www.backcountry.com/outdoorgear/Katadyn-Combi-Replacement-Element-Ceramic/EXT0025M.html

Another after thought:
If you are concerned about chemicals having leached into your water source, or there is a potential for chemical spills into your water supply, you might think about getting some of these pool testing strips: http://www.hach.com/hc/search.product.details.invoker/PackagingCode=2755250/NewLinkLabel=5+in+1+Water+Quality+Test+Strips,+50+tests

You just swab those in the water and they will tell you the pH level and whatnot. Your water is likely going to be chemically suitable to drink, but if it isn't, like if your water has a dangerous pH, it is doubtful that the carbon granules will react with enough different chemicals to bring the safety level of dangerous water to drinkable levels. At that point you should find a new water source, because your filter is just not made for that. If you just survived a hurricane, the last thing you want to do is chemistry right?

Responded on


I just noticed your post. If the lake you refer to is Pontchartrain, this filter will not work as is. Lake Pontchartrain is a brackish lake, which means that the water is a mixture of both fresh and salt waters. This filter will not remove the salt from the water. Drinking salt water will cause you to become more dehydrated, and is rather dangerous. You would also need a desalinator to drink water from Lake Pontchartrain, or a combination unit, if they make one.

This filters sounds great unless I need...

Posted on

This filters sounds great unless I need 600 carbon replacements! At $9.95 for 2, that makes the filter end up costing over $3000. for the full 30,000 gal. $Why would the carbon extend the filters life? Thanks!

Best Answer Responded on

Hold on a minute. It's going to take you roughly 1500 hours of continuous pumping to filter 30000 gallons of water with this filter. That's about 2 months of pumping nonstop, day and night.

I'm not sure how much water you actually need filtered on your average trip, but judging by my normal use it would take me about 50 years to run that much water through this filter. (Roughly 2 gallons a day, 30 days a year. For me, alone, and I don't get out as often as some people). I'm not sure any pump is going to last me that long, and if this one is going to then it's a steal.

Also, I believe it will work just fine without the activated carbon. It just removes the taste of any chemical impurities in the water.

how much does this bad boy weigh? Is it...

Posted on

how much does this bad boy weigh? Is it recommended for backpacking?

Best Answer Responded on

checked Katadyn's site and it says 21 ounces (580 grams)

Compared to the
Hiker Pro at 11oz and 310 grams
Vario at 15oz and 425 grams

Responded on

This weighs 580 g (which is about 1 1/4 pounds). It would be excellent for backpacking, although it is a little on the heavy side.

Does the filter remove viruses? Hepatitis...

Posted on

Does the filter remove viruses? Hepatitis can make you rather ill when travelling.

Best Answer Responded on

No, it won't remove viruses. Make sure you're up on your shots.

Responded on

No Katadyn microfilter will remove all viruses. There are no vaccines for Hepatitis E, Rotavirus, or Norovirus(Norwalk virus: which can occur in S. America, Africa, & Asia. Waterborne transmission can occur below fecal contamination from infected humans.
My recommend for travel where viruses might be in the water is to first microfilter, then add chemicals to the water. Microfiltering removes protozoan cysts, which the best chemicals (Katadyn Micropur) can still take up to four hours to kill. Microfiltering also removes bacteria, along with turbidity, and organic materials: which can interfere with chemical processes.
Per University of Arizona Dept of Microbiology testing Micropur will kill all viruses, even in dirty 38 degree F. water, within 15 minutes. Although you might notice a faint chlorine odor, there is no chlorine taste with Micropur tablet. Although Chlorine bleach or Iodine tablets will also kill viruses, there is both unpleasant taste and odor

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I trust Katadyn

The only thing worse than drinking a contaminated glass of water on a trip, is finding out your mother-in-law happens to be staying at the same hotel. There are many items that you can cut costs on and get a cheaper, slightly less functional piece of gear. But with water filters, it’s not a bad night’s rest or a tear in a pack that a roll of duct tape can fix. Although if you get a virus in your water you may consider using duct tape so you can get out of the baño for 5 minutes. If you want to quench your thirst without worrying about side effects then get a Katadyn. I take this filter hiking. It's not the lightest but I like the peace of mind.