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Polarized shades for the modern blues artist or the old school soul singer.

Smoke curls under the worn wooden door as strains of gritty guitar riffs and a haunting harmonica fills out the background, and you know you're home. The Kaenon Polarized Bluesmaster Sunglasses are an eye-protecting tribute to those who paved the way for your blues-bound soul. This retro shade is brought into the modern age with a sleek black matte finish on the frame and metal-alloy rims. Polarized SR-91 lenses eliminate glare without distorting your view, as well as protect your peepers from the occasional poking finger or projectile piece of popcorn from the crowd. The steadily stylish frame is built to flatter a range of face sizes.

  • Polarized
  • SR-91 lens material
  • Classic blues, remastered
  • Fits small to large faces