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Muy Bueno

    This is the most versatile board I've ever ridden. It turns on a dime, is super light and very stable for a light board. Works well in the park and the bowls. Definitely easier to big air than some heavier boards I've been on and it's not even a park board. Pretty good for switch and buttering too.

    Ride the Lightning (mongoose)

      I got to ride the Zero this past summer out at Hood. I rode it for about a week with the new Auto-Evers on it. Not only is this one of the lightest boards I have ever ridden, it is also one of the liveliest. It felt like I was riding an angry mongoose chasing a snake down the hill, and I mean that in a good way. Like if you had some sort of spirit-power over the mongoose. It has insane pop and won't buckle no matter how much pressure you put on it. The Harshmellow on the board paired with the Auto-evers made for a crazy cushiony feel. The top sheet almost feels like fabric which helped keep the bindings from slipping. Check out Tim Eddy's part in These Days to see the Zero in snake chasing action.

      *Although I recommend this board highly, I do kind of agree with the review Calling "BS" on the eco marketing thing.


        if you are looking for an eco friendly board go with the Arbor wasteland or any arbor for that matter. If you are looking for one of the lightest boards out there with the smoothest ride and new add-ons like harsh mellow then the zero is your board. Compare it to other light weight boards (burton vapor) and you will see that this is the best board for the buck. Hook it up with the new Auto bindings and you have a fully harsh mellowed out board. just make sure that you but the 09 auto bindings because there was a recall on last years.

        To the Uneducated

          I would like to start by saying I have actually been on this board, seen this board, and held this board in my own hands and can say it is a huge step in the ECO direction. They have reduced a ton of materials in this board that ARE harmful to the environment without sacrificing your ride. If you are educated on board construction, you can pick this board up look it over and tell there is less to it, and in the ECO world less is more. BUT, when you actually get on it you don't feel like you're on a board that is missing anything. It is one of the smoothest most responsive boards I have ever ridden. So if you like the idea of reducing your carbon footprint check this board out. You can go to and find out a lot more about this board. Check out the info on HarshMellow as well, it is a huge part of why this thin profiled board can ride as smooth as it does with great edge hold.

          how is synthetic polymer made.. and pollution offset credits? if you know what that is it means nothing. it means you can pollute than pay the government so that they can build more shit that pollutes such as a carbon dioxide distillery which pumps the carbon dioxide back into the ground but does not reduce but contribute by having more produced to make the stupid thing that does nothing. i'm not a tree hugger or anything (nothin wrong with it) but when people by offset credits they are just paying someone so that they can pollute. not trying to bash anybody people just need to open there eyes. check out the video on

          Big bunch of BS!

            I call BS on this board. K2 is a mega huge public company owned by Mr Coffee and Crock Pot. They produce all of their gear in China where there are little environmental regulations. If they were truly environmentally friendly they wouldn't overproduce so much product. This is just a jump on the bandwagon to fool people.

            regarding Sheldon/BS comment... ummmm, i wonder where he gets his info & hate from. yes, K2 is owned by a conglomerate that owns numerous brands. still, all product is designed and developed in the good 'ol northwest. yes, product is built in a K2 OWNED factory in China. hey dude, where was your Iphone/Ipod/Scion built??? over-producing??? K2 is way more responsible in production than tons of other UNnamed brands.
            lastly, how does change start? 1 step at a time, and little by little. this board proves that you can reduce materials greatly, and keep performance extremely high. i will refrain from any other comments on this dumb ass....

            Could I fit my size 12 boots on here?

            Could I fit my size 12 boots on here?

            I wouldn't if I were you. You might be ok with the 162. It has a waist width of 250mm but that's still pushing it with a size 12 boot. It also depends on what angle you set your stance at. The more of an angle the easier a larger boot will fit on a smaller board.
            I have a size 12 and ride a wide board. I think you would be better off with finding something with a larger waist. You don't want toe drag!

            I was looking into a wide board but haven't had much luck. I'm an advanced rider who likes riding aggressive lines on the mountain - and wouldn't mind starting to ride park here. And having size 12 boots and being 6'4 (220 lbs) doesn't make finding a board any easier.

            Any suggestions.

            Are these boards (and bases) pretty tough?...

            Are these boards (and bases) pretty tough? I'm looking for a light all-terrain killer (not too many rails, but I love the air). With all the talk of minimal this and that I figure you have to be sacrificing something somewhere... but at $700 I would love to be wrong about that.

            While the minimalist attitude of this board seems kind of sketchy, it actually makes it even more bombproof. Think of it this way, if you have a car made of steel and a car made of titanium, the car made of titanium will be lighter, stronger, and more exensive. Its the same with the board, they used better parts so they could use less of them. The k2 boards i have ridden (and still ride) have proven to be rugged and dependable, and they were definately not their top line boards.