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Looking forward to effortless!

    Finally......found my length at a great price! I demo'd the Phat Luv last year on a big 15 + inch day in Vail's legendary back bowls and I was hooked. Tried to get them several more times but they were always rented. I'm an ex pro (taught, coached, patrolled) have been skiing the Lotta Luv for years and didn't think I needed a fat I don't know if I will ski anything else. Run after run no matter what I threw at this ski ROCKS! Stable at speed, floated in the deep stuff, quick in the trees, you name it, this ski does it and has me keeping up with the kids!


    Top Quality

      So there we were, Solitude, Utah and a big storm hammering the mountain. My wife, however was low on confidence on her 154cm Rossi Attraxion VI Skis. She took a fall in low light and we sat in the lodge feeling down. I managed to convince her to try some longer, fatter skis and these are what she ended up with. The change was amazing - these were the first fats she had ever skied and she wondered whether she could handle them - I think they were 167s and had been skiing short carvers for the past couple of years. By the time the lifts stopped running we'd had a terrific day and these skis were largely responsible. They are heavy - I carried them to the car ! - but this helped her(she usually hates heavy skis) and power through just about everything - it was mostly 12" of powder/chowder. When she hit the groomers they seemed to hold an edge perfectly well also. If she could've found them at a better price then I reckon she'd have bought them....

      Love my K2 Phat Luvs!

        These skis are amazing... the "phatness" really performs excellently in deep powder. It's like floating on a cloud - I mostly ride with boarders... we just got 3 feet of powder and while they struggle up to their knees, I'm floating by! The Marker Baron bindings have been holding up well, skinning has never been easier! Ice and groomers aren't so enjoyable, but that's why I kept my old skis! Thanks so much for all your help, Backcountry phone staff, you guys are awesome!

        Vacation ski

          I borrowed these for a weekend to let my friend from Chicago ski in Utah. She absolutely loved them for the two hours she was able to ski before he legs quit on her. I have had other friend ski this ski and rave about them. Personally I can only tell you that I have never heard a bad word, but did not ski them myself.

          happy camper

            stable, great for smearing and all terrain. I'm on the 2009's and they've definitely bumped my skills. Their maiden voyage was a powder day, so it was love right from the start... but I'm smiling even on frozen days, which is saying something.

            Does the Trick

              These skis are great for crud and off-piste skiing. A good amount of side-cut helps the ski to carve while the stiffness keeps the ski stable at higher speeds. Would recommend to skiers who spend their time all over the mountain and just want one ski to do the job.

              Great, but not my favorite

                These skis are great, but not my favorite ski. I found them to be super easy to ski on the groomers...effortless to turn and like Andrew said, no chatter. They were fun in the powder too, but I still like my Karhu Bertha's better by far when it comes to the deep, fluffy stuff.

                Luv the Phat Luv

                  bought these 2 seasons ago,due to injury unable to ski them til this season,well,Vermont got 3 feet of snow this past weeknd,light and fluffy...finally skied on them,great in trees,powder and the hard pack that is inevitable with the wind...I'm 5'8",have the length that's in the 160's,found these skis to be very light compared to my apache recons...

                  agile, buoyant

                    i am 5'4", 128 lbs, and i ski the 153 cm size. i have dynafits on them, and mostly take them out into bc powder and trees. i agree with the Q&A comment - they are "turny", in a GREAT way. really easy to control in powder.

                    watch out for those iced-over groomers on your way back to the base after enjoying sidecountry though - you'll have to crank down on that edge to keep this fairly soft ski in control (speaking from personal experience).


                      I absolutely love these skis. Not only have I turned them into my backcountry skis but I think they are great for all resort conditions as well. Obviously, they do fantastic in the powder (I'm still beaming smiles in the pow 2 years later!) but I think they are my favorite all-mountain ski too. But I do agree with others, they are heavier so make sure you have the leg power to maneuver them. If you have that covered, get these skis and you won't need another pair of skis!

                      Unanswered Question

                      Write your question here...My wife is 5'1"...

                      Write your question here...My wife is 5'1" and weigh 110 lbs. An intermediate tentative skier. A person suggested the 146cm. Do you agree and is this ski ok for her. tnx

                      Unanswered Question

                      Write your question here...My wife is 5'1"...

                      Write your question here...My wife is 5'1" and weigh 110 lbs. An intermediate tentative skier. A person suggested the 146cm. Do you agree and is this ski ok for her. tnx

                      I am a very aggressive steeps and powder...

                      I am a very aggressive steeps and powder skier... 5'1" 105lbs, what size should I get. I demoed these about 3 years ago and I think they were a 160, and seemed to turn pretty well. Any suggestions. I ski the Head Sweet Fat Thangs as my everyday ski at 156 and a Rossi freeride powder ski at about 160

                      I'm 5'8" and about 125-130 lbs. What size...

                      I'm 5'8" and about 125-130 lbs. What size should I get? I've been skiing on 160s for years but dont know if i should be at 167.

                      I am 5'8" 140 lbs and a pretty aggressive...

                      I am 5'8" 140 lbs and a pretty aggressive skier. I was wondering what size would be better for me, the 160's or the 167's. They will be used both in the backcountry of montana and at the resorts. Also, I plan on mounting diamar fritschi A/T bindings . . . any comments? In terms of the skis, I was suggested the shorter ones for ease of turning in the powder but I already ski 168's that are pretty stiff skis. Is the length really going to make much of a difference where the phat luvs are so soft?

                      I'm 5'3", 130 pounds, and a fairly aggressive...

                      I'm 5'3", 130 pounds, and a fairly aggressive skiier. What size phatluvs should I try?

                      I would go with 153 if you can find them. I just demoed them for 1 day originally and loved them so much I demoed them for 2 more days. I'm 5'5 122lbs and I thought the 153's were more than adequate for a very aggressive skier.

                      I'm 5'4". What size Phat Luv's should I...

                      I'm 5'4". What size Phat Luv's should I get? Are the 167cm too long?

                      These days, ski length is more about weight and aggressiveness than height. If you are a strong skiier, then 167's would not be too long. If you're going to be using them for back country, or you only weigh 100 pounds, you might consider a shorter length for control and turning. My recommendation is demo a pair before buying. I will say, these are great skis, and super easy to turn for their width.

                      I demoed a pair of these mounted with...

                      I demoed a pair of these mounted with alpine bindings and had an absolute blast on these skis. Easy to turn and FUN, FUN, FUN! My question is do you think they would behave similarly with a tele setup? I am a tele skiier, and demoed them on a day I needed to rest my legs.

                      I have the 07 phat luvs with a tele set up, and I love it! These skis are soft, but they blast right through powder and crud...I found them easy to tele in. I used to alpine on these but I loved them so much that I kept them. I have even seen other people with the same set up - go for it.

                      What would be a good binding to mount on...

                      What would be a good binding to mount on these skis? They will receive 30-40 days use per season by an advanced/expert skier. Thank you.

                      how do I interpret the radius #?

                      how do I interpret the radius #?

                      12m or 13m are Slalom Race Skis = super turny41m like dynastar legend xxl - are for straight-lining in AK18 m is a nice radius that can do it all, some may even call this turny still.Hello. I thought I'd add a bit to the breakdown already provided. Turning Radius refers to how big a circle would be traced in the snow if you carved a complete circle using the whole edge of the ski (no skidding). The radius would be the distance between the arc you skied and the center of this circle. For skis and snowboards, the radius is measured in meters (roughly 3 ft per m). As already described, the bigger the number, the bigger the circle would be and, therefore, the straighter the ski wants to track. Big radius skis tend to be very stable at speed and handle beat up snow with ease while smaller radius skis are agile and turn quickly but may feel 'chattery' when pointed straight. 18m to 22m makes a nice compromise between the two extremes.