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Go wherever the soft stuff’s to be had.

The K2 SideStash Alpine Ski floats down steep powder fields, dices through the trees, and munches no-fall chutes for breakfast. But it also has the versatility to step back into resort boundaries and chomp pocket stashes and crud like a hungry yeti. Thank a burly width, a powerful yet precise build, and a powder-friendly lightweight rockered tip for a backcountry ski that doesn’t mind a lift ride either.

  • Hybritech Construction with Titanium laminate blends the performance of sidewall, the give of cap construction, and the powerful precision of a knife fighter
  • Rockered shovel lends plenty of float and agility
  • Aspen and Paulownia wood strips create a lively, responsive core
  • Triaxial braided fiberglass around the wood core boosts torsional rigidity
  • Tip and tail holes let you attach K2 climbing skins without clipping them over the ski�s edges
  • Flat, notched tail design adds backcountry utility and ease of use with any type of climbing skin
  • Fat�but not ridiculous�width can handle big mountain lines and still navigate around a resort

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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

all-around winner

This ski rips everything.
I'm 5'6" 155lb. have the 175s mounted w barons.
Point 'em and go. Relatively lightweight for the up and they do indeed cut skintrack like a dream. They float very nicely. Flat tails sure are nice for putting skins on as well.
I was pleasantly surprised at their hardpack abilities. They rail corners like a dream.

Bottom line: I absolutely love this ski.

5 5

Recommended, a powder ski that can handle crud

This ski charges hard. I'm 6'00", and 195, and went with the 188 (which measures a few centimeters shorter than my 194 Dynastar XXL's). I mounted it with the new Marker Duke. These skis rip up almost any condition. I got throttled a little when things were firm chicken-head covered moguls, but was impressed otherwise. I was a little scared when I first saw the size of them out of the box, but after skiing them, the rockered tip takes away a little bit of the length. Don't be fooled tho, the metal sheets inside make the flex a little on the firm side. The shovel is softer than the tail, which takes a little getting used to, but ends up helping in variable conditions. I like these so much, I'm trying to sell the XXL's and pick up the Hardside, (maybe a Dynafit binding?) for a lighter weight and slightly more versatile ski for longer tours in the backcountry.

Looking at the 188 Sidestash, Coomback and...

Looking at the 188 Sidestash, Coomback and Hardside. Skiing a Factor and Dynafit setup now on 192 Zealot but want something a little more forgiving for spring Colorado and Europe touring. Any recommendations?

Responded on

If you want forgiving, go for the Coomback. If you value vertical side-walls and a firm flex, then go with the Sidestash. If you want firm flex and a more versatile size, go with the Hardside (skinnier, and less rocker than the Sidestash). The 188 will measure almost exactly as long as your Zealot, because K2 measures edge-able length, not tip to tail. Good luck!

Is there any particular mounting procedure...

Is there any particular mounting procedure or is it similar as other skis? I'm asking because I have never mounted skis with metal lams in them before.

Responded on

You'll need to 'tap' the holes, and use a 5/32" bit. If the metal layer dimples, it can cause problems.

Am I missing something here or shouldn't...

Am I missing something here or shouldn't this ski run shorter than usual because it has a rocker? If I'm skiing a 181 fat all mountain ski now, wouldn't I want to step up to a 188? I'm a 6' 2" and 220lbs expert skier. Is the 188 going to be too much ski? Can you give me a profile of a skier that would want the 188?

Responded on

The rocker on the SideStash is pretty minimal. Rocker doesn't shorten the effective edge much compared with early rise- it mostly gives you a more forgiving tip, and helps a bit in the powder. The general rule is that you can size up 5cm or so with a rockered ski, and 10cm with early rise. Keep in mind that K2 skis run 3-5cm longer than other ski companies. However, I think with your build, a 188 would be the best length to choose. I am 160lb, 6', and will never ski a stick shorter than a 185. The 188 will give you more speed, landing gear, and float. I wouldn't suggest someone of your size go for a 181 unless they were a beginner. One of my buddies who is a bit bigger than you uses 172 Insanes, and loves them. He does a lot of really tight small turns, and has trouble in deep deep snow, but other than that, does fine. If you like speed and bigger turns, then definitely go for length; the 188 will be best. Hope that helps. Enjoy!

Responded on

I'll repeat what Jack said. With your size, no reason to go shorter than 188. It is a manageable length that you can turn quickly, or let it go and speed through some crud. Unless you like to "billy-goat" around finding tight spots, the 181 will be too short.

4 5

Own the hill...

I traded in my much lov'd Coombas for these neon planks and have'nt looked back since. Much more stable and even fun on the hard-stuff and moon-scaped. I mounted them core center with my Marker Barons and have no unwanted tip lift or drift. My Coombas, on the otherhand, had to be mounted 2cm foreward to keep me out of the backseat. Come pow time... point them towards the pub and let'em rip big ass GS turns past fixed and semi fixed objects. So far... I've used them for every condition legal and otherwise(except rocks) and truely love them all the way down.

5 5


I have the 181s, I am 6'2", 180lbs,mounted with dynafits. I mostly ski in the backcountry (99.99% of the time), and these things charge. Trail breaking is a dream with the tip rocker, and it also means you can swing these around faster in the tight trees. At the ski hill, the metal layers and sidewall construction mean that these things can plow through the chop like grandpa's Cadillac. So smooth and solid, even on the groomers. The 181s are a bit longer than my 184 Karhu's, but the running length is shorter with the tip rocker. ENJOY!!!!

Responded on

You think the 188 will be too much? I'm 6'1'' - 185lbs, and an aggressive skier. I ended up with a 2 yr old pair of Nordica enforcers that are fun but way to short (177), so i get tip dive, and was thinking of going for the 188s

Responded on

Evan, I'm 6"2 - 175lbs and I'm skiing the 188 and love it. With the tip rocker it skis shorter then you would think. Go for the 188 if you have the option.

4 5

Good slack-country ski

I have skied these for a few days now.
I have them mounted with some Marker Dukes at 1cm forward of the center line.
On the few days that I have had (hardpack, chop, and fresh) I can say that they hold an edge very well on hardpacked snow and handle all other conditions with ease.
The rocker tip definitely make these ski shorter than they measure yet they are stiff (length wise) as well as torsionally stiff so that you can charge.

5 5

Comfortable on everything

Demoed 6 pairs of skis over the past two days at Kirkwood, and the 188 Sidestash was my favorite (Volkl Katana, Blizzard Answer, Moment Garbones, Nordica Girish, Nordica Enforcer, BD Justice)

Everything from heavy fresh snow (for Tahoe) to Sierra chunk, and windblown hard pack ice. Was impressed by how versatile the ski was. The Black Diamonds where clearly a back country only type of ski, while the Sidestash had much more range.

These even carved well down groomers at Mach3. Unlike the 191 Answer, the Sidestash doesn't have so much rocker that you don't feel like you're skiing a long ski, they really cruise.

The only criticism I can think of was that they might have been a touch soft, but thats also tough to say given the rough conditions.

Does anyone have any input on the alpine/AT...

Does anyone have any input on the alpine/AT mounting point on these? I mounted my 188's on the factory boot center line (with dynafit ft12), and I feel like the tail might be a bit short. can of course be that I also have new boots (dynafit titan) that I haven't developed a real feel for yet.

Responded on

I mounted mine on the boot center and have found they ski great both on groomers and in the backcountry. The tail looks short because you are not used to seeing flat tails anymore! K2's dedication to making a great touring ski with a flat notched tail looks different than the current raised tails. Plus, with a bit of tip rocker, the boot center line might be just a tad bit back on the ski.

Responded on

Magnus, how are your experiences with Dynafit FT12 on Sidestashes? I have brand new 181 sidestashes home and just considering, if Dynafit FT 12 or Marker Tour F12 (I am 183 cm, 79kg - 161 lbs. Lukas

Unanswered Question

Any idea where K2 recommends mounting tele...

Any idea where K2 recommends mounting tele bindings (pin line) on these (174cm)?

Wondering about the 181 or 188 Sidestash....

Wondering about the 181 or 188 Sidestash. I am 6' and 175 pounds. I have skied the Sidestash about 8 days, 4 in Portilo and 4 in Whistler this last week. They are very versatile and even adequate on ice. Very turny almost seems like a little more tail would be great. Should I go to 188? I used to ski the 188 K2 launcher and then 179 Seth which seemed 5 cm short.

Responded on

Well, the K2 launcher would ski a bit softer than these metal bad boys...I am going with the 181s and am 6'2" and 180lbs,and everyone at K2 said I should go with the 181s, that 188s are a LOT of ski. But, I do ski a lot of deep powder in tight trees, and tour 99.9% of the time so I don't mind a bit shorter and lighter!

I am 6'1" 210 pounds and am looking to get...

I am 6'1" 210 pounds and am looking to get a pair of these in the 188cm. I own a pair of Fritchi Freerides that I was planning on putting on these but keep hearing good things about the Dukes and Barons. I will be using these skis about 75% lazy touring out of the resort and 25% actual AT. Should I throw the Freerides on these with the confidence that they will be the right binding or should I go with the Dukes? I used to have my Freerides on a very soft lazy ski so my hesitation on using them on these SideStashes is if they are going to have enough power to push the ski effectively.

Responded on

That is a bit of a tough call between the Dukes and the Fritschi. The Freerides are better for actually AT, mostly since they weigh less than the Duke. They are less good for slackcountry/lazy touring, since you most likely (for me anyway) are charging harder in those situations, so you want a more confidence inspiring bindings on the down, which is were the Dukes excel. Personally I would put the Dukes on these, since it is mainly a slackcountry deal from what I gather. But since your question is if the Freerides will drive these, the answer is yes, they will. Just keep on top of them.

Do you see any problem mounting these with...

Do you see any problem mounting these with Dynafit TLT Vertical STs?

Responded on

Definitely not, just a huge heavy ski...consider the coombacks for a little bit lighter backcountry set up.

Responded on

hsve been touring for 2 days with the Sidestash 188 mounted with Dynafit FT12. Great setup - they are hardly heavier than the Coomback, but will give you more power as they are a bit stiffer and perhaps more torsionally rigid. they are still easy to ski. they are also light for their size, compared to other freeski brands.

1). I'm 6', 185 lbs - I ski everything...

1). I'm 6', 185 lbs - I ski everything well, but don't do any jumping (bad knees). Would the Fritshi AT bindings work well on these? Afraid the Dukes will add too much weight uphill.
2). Have been happy on K2 Apache Chiefs (174cm) for 2 seasons, they're quite "turny" for a 98 underfoot ski. Should I get 174cm or the 181cm Sidestash? Does the early rise really make the ski - ski shorter? Or should I stick with 174cm since the Sidestash is a wider ski?
3). Are the K2 skins of a good quality/fit, or will BD skins work just as well.

Best Answer Responded on

The early rise makes it ski a bit shorter, but not really that much. The radius is bigger on these than the Chiefs, so you lose some "turny-ness" from that and the added 10mm in the waist. Either length will give you more float too. You can stick with the 174 if you want, but I think that for bigger lines and to progress, the 181 will be a better length for you. The Fritshi bindings are alright, and will work probably better than the Dukes at everything but the down, but since you aren't worrying about jumps/drops, then I would tell you that they will be fine for you, since more blowouts you hear on them are from drops. Lastly, I can't comment on the K2 skins, because I always use BD ones, and yes, they work on the new K2 stuff.

Responded on

Thanx, will likely get the 181's with the Fritshi's after a demo day. Will research the skins some more... You da man!