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It usually starts when you find yourself eyeing the sidecountry gates or staring out over Chamonix's vast mountains (like pro-skier Seth Morrison). Then it progresses to bootpacks up increasingly steep couloirs. Be sure to have the K2 SideSeth beneath your feet or strapped to your pack. Designed to ski more technical big-mountain terrain, this hard-charging plank has a stiffer tail with slightly less rocker for improved hard snow performance. Its slightly raised kick tail also retains versatility and forgiveness in narrow, concave couloirs so you can get nasty without holding back.

  • Powder rockered profile (50% rocker and 50% camber) has an elevated tip and the longest measurement of rocker which enables you to float on top of pow and bust through crud and chopped-up snow
  • Powder rockered profile also gives enough camber to ensure solid edge hold in firmer conditions
  • Powdered Tip (design pulls the widest point of the tip further down the ski) creates lift, initiates float, and minimizes deflection in adverse snow conditions
  • Fir, aspen, and maple wood core provides a solid, durable, and powerful ski
  • Hybritech construction combines the accuracy and powerful performance of a sidewall-constructed ski with the light weight and smooth turn initiation of cap-constructed ski
  • Carbon Web technology (webbed carbon overlay located on the tail and forebody of the ski) gives lightweight torsional rigidity, which increases edge grip especially when you skin up an icy sidehill
  • Tip and Tail hardware functions as attachment points for your K2 SideSeth Precut Skins (sold separately) and comes with a removable plug
  • Tip and Tail holes also allow you to build a rescue sled, construct various ski anchors, and carry less weight while increasing your safety margin

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Here's what others have to say...

How close is the profile of the SideSeth...

How close is the profile of the SideSeth to the Obsethed? Trying to figure out if the pre-cut sideseth skins will fit obsethed.

Obsethed 146 / 117 / 134 mm in 169,179,&189cm lengths.

SideSeth 147 / 118 / 135 mm in 174, 181, & 188cm Lengths.

You might loose a little edge at the waist but should be fine for the dimensions with only 1cm difference throughout. Length wise i wouldnt do it if you are are getting the 174cm sideseth skin for a 169cm obsethed ski (although they may very well still be fine). The other 2 lengths are within a couple cm's, that would be no problem. Even if they are off a bit, you can just trim em to fit so you would be erroring on the side where the issue can be fixed.



    I demoed 10 different skis over the past year, all in the 115-122 waist range. The SideSeth came out the winner. From the first turn I made, they just felt right and made me feel like I can do anything.

    The SideSeth is quite stiff, but relatively light for its size. It's easy to turn and quick enough through the trees. I'm 5'11", 215, and the 188 never felt like too much or too little ski. I have no problem cutting right through chopped up powder and crud. They feel plenty surfy in powder. Haven't encountered much ice on them, but harder sections are not a problem. Haven't found a speed limit yet.

    Some skis are slightly easier to turn (Armada JJ). Some skis (okay, maybe just one, the Blizzard Bodacious) have a little more stability at speed. But this one hit the perfect balance for me. Awesome ski.

    I am torn between the Side Seth, Opus,...

    I am torn between the Side Seth, Opus, Hellbent and Salomon Rocker 2. I ski'd the Seth and Salomon in deep pow. Both were awesome. The Seth seemed to be more stable due to less tail rocker but was prone to tip dive if you didn't keep some tail pressure. I suspect the Hellbent would ski like a larger version on the Salomon. Anyone have an opinion on these? This was initially a battle between the Seth and Opus...then I ski'd the Salomon and saw the Hellbent. I want something that rips the pow but doesn't tear you apart in the crud getting to the pow. I mainly want these for Mt Baker but I also love to ski trees which was not a problem with the long Seth's or Salomon's.

    Thanks....ended up with the Rocker 122 in the 192 length and the 2012 Hellbents. Both are awesome.

    Best Answer

    Hey docandmrsz403636, i would go with the Rocker 2. They rip it up in the pow (as you know) and hold a really good edge and bomb through the crud.

    Does the 188 have all terrain rocker instead...

    Does the 188 have all terrain rocker instead of powder rocker?

    Best Answer

    All sizes will have the powder rocker.

    Its Not as much as what was on the Obsethed. Makes them more versatile in firmer conditions.

    Im 5'7 155. I mainly ski the Wasatch but...

    Im 5'7 155. I mainly ski the Wasatch but spend a few in Chamonix and La Grave every year. Ive heard great things about this ski. Any suggestions on size 174 or 181?

    Depends on te terrain you will be in. Tighter turns, shorter length.

    I am planing on buying a pair of Sideseth...

    I am planing on buying a pair of Sideseth but im stuck in some decision making.

    First of all i dont know if i should go for the 181 or 188. Im currently on a pair of 181 sidestash but i would like the sideseth to be my big mountain ski, but still "nimble" (as a big mountain ski can get)

    Im not sure where to mount either. Im thinking of factory, even though i dont know where to mount. My buddy mounted his 181 Obsethed +4. Need help fast, gona buy them this week, and ski next weekend :)

    This ski is no where near the obsethed as far as mounting points. You have 1cm forward of traditional and thats it, otherwise you will have significant tip dive. Go for the 188.


    The only tank that can do 60 mph

    • Gender:Male
    • Familiarity:I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

    Just took my 188s out for the first time and was completely blown away! Unbelievably stable at speed, with great carving abilities once you get used to the camber in the back seat. For having so much rocker and width, the tips were easily maneuverable and didn't knock around nearly as much as I thought they would. And boy do these things love getting in the air! The stiffer tail just grabs the landing and plops you right back into a stable position. Skied 6"of soft stuff and some deeper crustier stuff for a few turns and didn't have any issues with flotation or control. Couldn't imagine anything but great floatation and planing in deeper snow.

    My only complaint is that they're not exactly nibble and really had a hard time in the bumps even for a super wide powder ski.

    I can honestly say my first day out on these was my best performing day on skis. It felt like I was driving a Baja racing truck. Just wanted to go big and fast.

    I'm torn between these and the BentChetlers,...

    I'm torn between these and the BentChetlers, I ski everywere on the mountain so I need something that handles the groomed runs quite well. However I prefer spending as much time as possible on the powder runs.But I'm not sure which skis to get? I'm 6'7 (crazy tall) and weigh 185lbs. I'm a very aggressive skier and I know both skis are extremely well made but I'm just not sure which ones to get. I know these are quite different from seths past skis but I'm not sure if they wouldnt be to short at 188. I currently ride 2010 Obsetheds, and I love them, but don't know which ski would be best. Help please?

    Best Answer

    This ski is more a soft snow/all mountain ski where as the Bentchetler is a soft snow/jib ski.

    Jonathan, I'm 6'3" 200lbs and I'm running the 188's no problem while skiing in mostly West Coast backcountry powder, but also on Whistler's groomed/chopped runs later on in the day. The more traditional mounting allows a lot of ski out in front of you and the stiffer tail allows more control in the rear even if there's less ski back there.

    I was a little concerned that it would be too small for me since Seth (as he mentioned here) rides a 188 and I've got 5 inches and almost 50 lbs on him, but I'll admit, I'm probably not "quite" as good a skier. ;)

    Good job on this ski Seth!

    Jonathan, I'm 6'3" 200lbs and I'm running the 188's no problem while skiing in mostly West Coast backcountry powder, but also on Whistler's groomed/chopped runs later on in the day.   The more traditional mounting allows a lot of ski out in front of you and the stiffer tail allows more control in the rear even if there's less ski back there.  

I was a little concerned that it would be too small for me since Seth (as he mentioned here) rides a 188 and I've got 5 inches and almost 50 lbs on him, but I'll admit, I'm probably not "quite" as good a skier.  ;)

Good job on this ski Seth!

    Seth I am 5'10 and 140lbs I don't know...

    Seth I am 5'10 and 140lbs I don't know what length ski i should take but I have been looking at the 188 is i to long? I am an agressive skier and want this ski to be great in the trees and when then terrain opens up I want to go fast. And also where to mount it?

    If your looking for quicker turn in the trees go 181, most popular size.

    K2 Sideseth Ski

    How would you guys see this one as Telemark ski?

    I've been riding the Obsethed for many years now and i was very happy!

    Seems like you need to let the good times roll and give them a try.


    Stiffer Backdrop, ok by me.

      The Sideseth was touted as a heavier stiffer Backdrop with some more surface area for float. As a sidecountry rig I could see this being popular when mated with something like a Duke or a Tracker but that is about as far as I would take it. It had better float than the other two K2s but that makes sense considering the dimensions. I would say they were noticeably heavier than the Backdrops so as a backcountry ski (which they were waffling on a bit when I asked its purpose) I don?t see it really working. I did like the heavier mass in the crud late in the day and the fact that they were pretty easy to ski for that size. The early rise rocker helped as well. The increased stiffness helped on the hardpack when it was time to go fast and stay in control. Certainly more stable than the other two.

      How stiff is this ski? I do a lot of...

      How stiff is this ski? I do a lot of skiing on my "old" Blizzard Argos.. which by most standards, is a stiff ski (sidewall const.). Also, does K2 make a ski similar to the SideSeth, but is narrower.. say,.. around 110?

      You should check out the K2 Sidestash. The Sidestash has a metal laminate construction so it will have that stiffer feel you are accustom to and is 108mm at the waist. 139/108/127.

      Making it Possible

      Making it Possible

      This was while filming with TGR for "The Dream Factory"



        This is a totally different ski then what I have had in the past. The dimensions are close to the same as the Obsethed, but less tip/tail rocker and slight twin tip. The main goal was to get a ski more in tune as a daily driver for the ever changing conditions we as skiers experience in the Mountain environment, since my past promodels have been more Powder specific. Yes its wide, but hard snow performance is much better than previous versions without sacrificing powder performance. Stiffer tail is also noticeable. Chamonix inspired graphics since this is where I tested the ski during the filming of The Ordinary Skier. Mounting is more traditional and I have found that +1 forward of the recommended mounting point is as far as I can go without tip dive in powder. Forget about skiing switch with these. Much different feel, on hard pack not so much tip and or tail flap. I ride the 188 weigh 155lbs and am 5'10". Tip and tail holes are for pre cut skins and if you get a K2 shovel there is a kit inside the shaft that has bolts with wing nuts that utilizes the shovel shafts to help build a sled out of the skis with some cord (that you need to get on your own)to help get an injured person out of the backcountry. The skis don't come with pre cut skins.

        Hey Seth! Any concern about sizes in comparison with your previous skis? Does the new Sideseth ski "shorter" or we should go smaller to get similar maneuverability?

        Thank You!!!

        I am looking at either getting a pair of 188 Sideseth's or 190 Moment Bibby Pro's how do you think these compare with the Bibby Pro?

        I feel this ski skis more traditional. The lack of tail rocker and twin doesn't allow for much sliding out of a turn that one can do with a more rocker ski. So maybe this would cause you to downsize.

        Still rocking 179 2007 Seths. Haven't found anything better. Personally when I tried out the Obsethed's in particular and other newer models, it being wider under the foot made me feel really uncomfortable on the steeps, like i was hanging on a knife edge. Seths to me are a through and through power ski, you go through the snow not float on top of it. Stiff and strong under foot and loose at the tips. I always imagined it like trying to tame a wild horse in Namibia, you just gotta let her buck!

        I've skied the orange/blue/white Darkside for several years now,I love the ski butfel the flat tail hangs up in windpacked snow & was wondering how this ski compared? Is the tail stiffer than the DS? Thanx!