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Just like its namesake, the huck-hungry, high-speed savvy K2 ObSETHed likes to slay the pow, preferably with some monster cliffs and eye-watering straight lines as a garnish. Athlete Seth Morrison's pro model ski benefits from rocker in the tips and tails and a confidence-inspiring bit of traditional camber underfoot for variable conditions. Smear, surf, and speedcheck to your heart's content. If you've got your eye set on AK-like conditions and ski with crowd-wowing style, look no further than the K2 ObSETHed Ski.

  • Rocker with traditional camber, K2's combination of Powder Rocker and All Terrain Rocker, creates an easy-floating profile that will still hold an edge when you need it
  • Torsion box construction creates a stable feel throughout the ski, with sidewall construction underfoot and weight reduction in the tips and tails
  • Early taper in the tips and tail eliminate hooking and drag in deep snow
  • Fir and aspen wood core—durable, solid wood charges hard and creates optimal flex for pow and mixed-condition snow—along with fiberglass reinforcement to increase torsional rigidity
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love this ski

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have 3 pairs of Seth Morrison's pro model (different models over the last several years). These are by far my favorite (although I haven't tried the newer models starting with the Side Seth). While the Hellbent is still my favorite ski, these are a close second and are my everyday ski, including days w my kids. I mounted them +4

K2 ObSETHed Ski

hey, im 5'4" about 125lbs. i ski up in Juneau, Alaska. the conditions are usually powder, crud and sometimes ice. i like to charge really hard, huck cliffs, do jumps, pretty tight tree skiing and maybe a park jump every so often but the park doesnt really matter and. im looking for a good ski that would be light and easy to whip around in the air, good in the trees and going fast and charging. im thinking about buying either the obsethed's or the pettitors. which one would you guys reccomend? thanks for the help!

i've skied on these 2 seasons so far and they are amazing. first season we got dumped on and i ripped through chest deep powder with no effort, and straighlined through crud with no problem. Last season (El Crapo year) I skied ice and hardpack with only a tiny amt of chattering at high speeds, but really not that noticeable. I think to expect better performance is impossible. These are my everyday skis and my only concern is what iim gonna do when i have to get a new pair...the sidesseth and petitor are different.

Most versatile powder ski I've ever skied

    I just finished a 3 day ski trip to Kirkwood, Heavenly, and Squaw Valley and the Obsetheds didn't disapoint in any of the various conditions I encountered. From 18" of Powder at Kirkwood, to firm steeps in Mott Canyon, groomers at Heavenly, to firm chutes and slush at Squaw these playful skis handled it all. I've skied the Hellbents, Kung Fujas, and Darksides from K2 and the Obsetheds were like a combination of all 3. The width and float of the Hellbents, the sidecut and quick turning of the Fujas, and the stability of the Darksides. At 189, they are a little tough to whip around through moguls but other than that they are as close as I've found to a one ski quiver.

    Damn Good for Most Anything

      Rolled on these for a season that would be called lackluster in the Wasatch and I felt that these skis could be one of the most versatile skis out there. Durability is great as previously mentioned lackluster season had me running over a lot of rocks and skree. This ski has a great flex pattern/camber profile combination as well that seems to eat up most ski conditions that you can throw at it.

      I do have one wish. Finding a middling length to this ski between the 179cm and 189cm sizes could be the holy grail. I found that the 189cm seemed to run slightly long and got a bit unwieldy in the tightest spaces and the 179cm didn't have quite the speed limit that the size 10cm longer did. I would love to try this ski in something closer to a 185cm, but this is a nitpick for sure.


      got them in 189 ( 200lbs,6"4 .mounted +4 wit jester 16)and these have become my everyday skis!!

      They are easy on and off piste..almost perfect!

      First pair of rockered skis for me and that's a real revelation !

      I used to ski AK launchers (I'm a k2 fan !ok..), but after a severe ankle/knee injury I realized that I could not ski those types of powerfull freeride skis anymore..and then came the antidote!

      Great skis for charging

        I demoed these skis a whole day last week and I loved the overall experience on them.
        It was a day or two after a big powder day, and I encountered almost all snow conditions that day.
        I am 5'5" 105 lbs. I skied on the 169cm.
        These skis are super stable, fast, and confidence inspiring. Great for skiing wide open bowls, canyons, and stuff above the treeline. A little hard to turn really fast in tight trees, but I'm not that into skiing in the woods anyway.
        My rating
        Stratugi windblown weirdness- 10/10
        Groomers 10/10
        Steeps 10/10
        Tight technical terrain- 7/10
        chopped up crud- 10/10
        cliffs,drop offs, cornices- 10/10

        Great ski

          I'm 5'6" and 130 riding the 169s. These are awesome skis in every condition from hard moguls to groomers and of course excellent in powder. The tips flop around on groomers but I've never lacked for edge hold and there is no chatter or slop in the ski. I would love to hear if anyone has these mounted up w/ dynafits as I'm considering taking the Barons off and going for a lighter rig. I mounted them +2 and they've been great. I also tried the 179s, thought they were better in bumps, bowls, and on groomers but went with the 169 for trees and control, weight, etc.

          These are so right.

            Very lively skis, and stable at high speeds. The flex could not be better. I mounted mine at +3 and that seems perfect for me. I just wish the mounting marks were on the top sheet instead of the side wall. You won't need a second pair if you have these. No doubt my favorite ski to date!

            Awesome ski!

              Picked these up this season and I love them so far. I took them out for the first time in a powder day last week and they performed great. As the day went on and snow became tracked out they still performed well. Great all around powder ski. I would not ski them every day on groomers but in the deep stuff it would be tough to beat ObSETHed. Great job Seth awesome ski!

              Awesome ski!

                Picked these up this season and I love them so far. I took them out for the first time in a powder day last week and they performed great. As the day went on and snow became tracked out they still performed well. Great all around powder ski. I would not ski them every day on groomers but in the deep stuff it would be tough to beat ObSETHed. Great job Seth awesome ski!

                Awesome ski!

                  Picked these up this season and I love them so far. I took them out for the first time in a powder day last week and they performed great. As the day went on and snow became tracked out they still performed well. Great all around powder ski. I would not ski them every day on groomers but in the deep stuff it would be tough to beat ObSETHed. Great job Seth awesome ski!

                  Eye AND leg-candy

                    I have the version from 3 yrs ago, and it performs. When I first picked up this ski, I thought it would be a pushover...but the flexibility is kind of illusory. The rocker tip is flexible, but the core of the ski is quite stiff, and can take some leg muscles to rip these puppies around quick turns (especially moguls.)

                    They are AMAZING for powder and crud...float right over all the S@#%. Despite the wideness and big rocker, they are also not bad for cruising on highways of routes...raced a few good skiers on these and they did not hold me back (but my legs did.)

                    Good 'one-quiver' ski...can handle just about everything dished out to them. If K2 is following the trend they have been with this ski, this new one is wider and has a bigger rocker. My only caveat with this ski is it's slight instability while 'bombing' a run...but it's most likely me not being used to such a wide ski.

                    Obsethed 179 weight

                      It's interesting that K2 does not give specs on the weight of this ski. Well I just wanted to get the facts out, I weighed these on a digital scale and in the 179 these are 10 lbs 2 ounces per pair. That includes the plastic plugs for the skin attachment holes. Definitely on the heavy side, but when combined with the new Dynafit Radical FT should be a bitchin setup! And perhaps a reasonable combo for 50/50 skiing. Putting Dukes on these monsters would leave you with one of the heaviest touring rigs I can think of, consider your options wisely. Cheers!

                      They'll Surprise You

                        As a skier, I am more hard charger than trick thrower so I was a little hesitant to step up on the obSETHed skis from K2. Thankfully, they didn't disappoint. While the tip, very floaty and controllable, is definitely on the softer side, the waist and tail of the ski had MUCH more stiffness than expected. This brought a welcome feeling of support to the table when I really wanted to lay down some higher speed turns.

                        Also, this ski has an accommodating weight. It is heavy enough to feel like there is something actually underneath you. Yet, they are also light enough to where you could put a lighter pair of Alpine Touring bindings on them and they would complete a pretty decent Freeride Touring setup.

                        Length wise, these do ski a little shorter than their measured length due to the tip rocker. But, it does not feel like they sacrifice tip feeling to have the rocker shape and this is a BIG plus for someone who wants a ski that can really do it all.

                        The only negative I could see with these skis is an understandable one. The biggest and heaviest skiers looking to charge harder snow conditions could overpower them. But, that being said, you would probably have to be NFL linebacker status to have it happen on a consistent basis.

                        Overall, there isn't much these skis can't do. So get on a pair, Seth said so. (Skied these at the 0 mark, height: 5'11" weight: 183lbs)

                        Wally, I am that 'NFL linebacker' skier you mentioned in your review, 6'6" and 240. I've been looking at upgrading my backcountry skis to the 189 obsethed, or other...
                        These skis will only be for the purpose of backcountry and powder (I have other skis that I use for the groomed slopes), as I plan to skin up. Any pointers or other recommendations on the equipment? Thanks, Hilmar

                        i haVe a 2012 obsethed 179. What size...

                        i haVe a 2012 obsethed 179. What size (Length and Width) of trim to fit k2 skins do i need?

                        Hey! So I have a pair of the 2011 ObSETHed's...

                        Hey! So I have a pair of the 2011 ObSETHed's and have them mounted at -4.5 from the center. I do a lot of park as well as cliffs and pow and trees. Pretty much everything. I found spinning to be a bit of an issue at this mounting. Is true center a better place to mount or what do you recommend?

                        Best Answer

                        Hey Adam,

                        Thanks for the question. With your mounting point at -4.5cm, you'll definitely run into issues doing any tricks that require a spin as it will be more difficult to stay centered during the spin because of your mount point being so far back.

                        Everyone is a little different when it comes to this sort of thing so I would look at how close you are to pulling off spins right now and make adjustments from there. If you are almost pulling it off, I would push the mount point forward 1cm to 1.5cm. If you feel like pulling off a spin is really difficult and you aren't coming close, then I would mount even further forward, like around 2 to 3 cm forward from where you are now.

                        Keep in mind that the ski will lose a bit of float and you won't be able to have a super forward stance as there won't be as much tip to push on as before. But, this can be compensated for as the obSETHed has a fair amount of rocker and your stance can be adjusted in your boots to not have as much forward lean if need be.

                        Sorry for the lengthy answer and I hope this information helps you out!


                        Check out the Marker Jester Schitzo binding.. They allow you to push your mount up or back several centimeters with a key.. I used them for a season. I'd push them back on deep days, and forward when it was hard pack or I planned on hitting the park.

                        As for now, I am on the regular Marker Jester. The idea of having cables linked into my bindings seemed a bit weird, but it is a good product.

                        Unanswered Question

                        hey there, i'm 6'2" 250...just bought new...

                        hey there, i'm 6'2" 250...just bought new 2012 189 obsethed's to replace my 2010 189 obsethed"s... my '10's are mounted 2" back of center, should i mount the '12's same? been skiing for 40 years at 20+ days a year& dont do park, just trees & fast gs turns.

                        hey there, i'm 6'2" 250...just bought new...
                        Unanswered Question

                        I'm 5'8" 175 and ride a 179 kung fujas. I...

                        I'm 5'8" 175 and ride a 179 kung fujas. I like it all but am more talented out of the park. I like big lines and powder when I can find them, trees and bumps when I can't. Will be riding in the CO rockies mostly. Not sure what length to get here or where to mount?? Thanks!

                        Unanswered Question

                        sean here, im 6'1, 190 ponds. thinking on...

                        sean here, im 6'1, 190 ponds. thinking on getting the 179's. wondering where i should mount them? and with what bindings. usually only ski trees and powder but still want a ski that can get me to the lodge and lift on a groomed run if needed. any help?

                        Thanks a ton!

                        Unanswered Question

                        Hi Seth, I'm considering going with the...

                        Hi Seth, I'm considering going with the 169s as my powder ski for Tahoe and the Sierras. I'm 5'9", 145, but am an aggressive skier that prefers steep and fast over the trees. I hear these run a bit large, but do you think the 169s will be too short and that I should size up? Many thanks for all your help.

                        So i just got a pair of ObSETHeds at 169cm....

                        So i just got a pair of ObSETHeds at 169cm. I am really pumped to use them this season as it is supposed to be a big one for snow. I have two questions, or maybe 3:

                        (1) Where do you suggest I mount the bindings? center? or offset? I don't do a whole lot of switch skiing and don't spend much time in the park. I am mainly in the trees and looking for powder.

                        (2) What kind of bindings do you recommend? I have been looking at the Marker Jesters, the Look Pivots, and the Rossi FKS's.

                        (3) What size brake should I get? A lot of bindings are offering somewhere from 110-115cm, and then 130cm, as two of their 3 options. I am afraid that 130cm are too wide and would catch a lot in the snow, but I am also afraid that 110-115cm aren't wide enough considering the ski is 117cm under foot.

                        Thank you you are an awesome company, I appreciate all of your help and sweet variety of products.

                        I dont know your spec, but since you bought the 169 i guess your fairly short and light weighted.

                        I would mount them +5 (-2.5 from dead center) That will make for an excellent tree turning ski.

                        I would recommend either the STH 12/FFG 12 or any other bindning with a DIN of up to 12. If you are planning on keeeping the bindnings as you grow bigger, then i'll recommend something like a 14 DIN bindning.

                        get a break between 115-125mm. you can often squeeze a 115 to fit quit easily.

                        Hi! I am 5"9 and about 140lbs and I have...

                        Hi! I am 5"9 and about 140lbs and I have been looking at the Obsethed 179 for a pow ski but I don't know which length I should take. I am also not sure if I am getting a normal or a touring binding but would like to know where to mount the two. I ski aggressively and i am going to ride this ski in the trees and do some drops and maybe some tricks but i don't really ski switch more than maybe 5% of the time so I don't think that it needs to be dead center.

                        Thank you for the help!

                        Hi Carl,

                        Mounting a ski forward isn't only for skiing switch, but it will allow you to get more of an even swing weight with your ski. This is really nice if you ski trees as you will be able to maneuver and throw your skies sideways easier. If you're 5'9 and skinny, the 179 will be the better length, unless you are a true slayer :)

                        Hey I'm thinking of getting the ObSethed's...

                        Hey I'm thinking of getting the ObSethed's for touring as well as in bound skiing. I'm riding the JJ's right now and want to keep it similar but these are looking sick.

                        For Touring would you suggest mounting touring bindings dukes or barons, or just go for the Griffons and use Trekkers?

                        Also for size, I'm 5'11" 175 and am leaning towards the 189s because I ride 185 JJ's and with the rocker they feels shorter. Go for the 189s or 179s?

                        Ben - the 179s measure quite a bit longer than 179, so you could really go for either depending on if you are going to be skiing pow and open terrain (go big) or need maneuverability for tight spaces or trees. My preference would be a Duke or the new Salomon Guardian on this ski if you're going to be doing any hiking.

                        Hi Ben,

                        I ride the 179's mounted with Dukes mounted at +4. These skis are sick for both resort and BC days. The Dukes have always kept me in my skis and released when I needed them to. I think that you will like the fatter and higher tip on the Obsetheds over the low profile tip of the JJ's. PS - never use trekkers, they are horrible.

                        Where should i mount my Obsethed? I ski...

                        Where should i mount my Obsethed? I ski mostly regular, like 1% of the time switch.

                        I Currently have a pair of Bent Chetler mounted -2 form team.

                        Im 5'11 and about 200lb and I like skiing...

                        Im 5'11 and about 200lb and I like skiing anything, Im getting into cat and help skiing this year and am also planning on skiing lots of pillow lines, trees and wide open bowls.
                        What size of ski would I need??

                        Hey Bear,

                        Thanks for the question. I've had more than a bit of experience with the K2 ObSETHed Ski and the 189 was pretty much perfect for me and I'm almost 5'11" and 180lbs. The conditions you are talking about will also fit the wheelhouse of what the ski is made for, just be sure you are mounting your bindings where you need them and to factor in how much forward lean you get from your current or future ski boots.

                        My job has recently moved me up north from...

                        My job has recently moved me up north from the south west. I'm pumped because I now live close to Bridger Bowl and Big Sky, which will be vast improvements on the shallow/icy New Mexico snow that I am used to. I'm looking for a wider ski to compliment the 80 mm planks I already own (all you need down south), and couldn't decide between these or the Fujas? Also, wasn't sure between the 179 or 189. I am 23, 5' 11", 195 lb, and an aggressive skier.

                        Hi, Looking for advice. I am: from the...

                        Hi, Looking for advice. I am: from the midwest, male, 51yrs, 190#, 6ft., Adv Intermediate, skied as a kid skiing again for the past 6 years..groomed runs (fast controled carving), GS course, but skiing more off trail than on when out west when possible. 21 days out west this years, and with many snow/powder days in northern Idaho, Wash & Montana, and will be moving out there this fall. I have a quiver to cover most conditions, but have been mostly skiing the Rossi S3 186cm on most snow days 12"-24+" and trees. Currently I ski mostly medium pitch (blue) in the deeper snow and trees at moderate speeds developing skills, tecnique & confidence. Ths S3 is fun and I really like it. I am looking to pick up another, wider ski for the deeper days and want this ski to be fun in the glades (not tight trees), bowls, big turns, smear etc and a ski that I can grow into as I get faster and more aggresive. Would Obseth would fit this, and what length 179 or 189? Thanks Doug.

                        Brush Wolf,

                        The ObSETHed would fit your needs if that's what you're asking. I'm 5'11,185 lbs. and have been enjoying the 189 in a variety of conditions- powder, hardpack, slush, etc. I really like the stability and speed of the 189 but if you wanted to make more turns through trees or a lot of jump turns down tight chutes then you might want the 179. I've never skied the 179 but I think it's plenty of ski for even taller people- I just talked to a big, tall Squaw Valley ski patroller last weekend who liked the 179 just fine. I think it probably comes down to a matter of how much turning you want to do. More turns, go with the 179, less turns 189. I find that the 189 makes quick turns just fine though.

                        where is the best binidng mount spot on...

                        where is the best binidng mount spot on these for skiing deep stuff and throwing some tight trees in there aswell?

                        Need some advice on new skis. I'm still...

                        Need some advice on new skis. I'm still on OG 193 Morrison pro models, and was looking at the Obsethed, Kung Fujas, Armada TST, and Line Influence. I'm 5' 9" 145-150 lb, and a pretty strong skier who thrives on charging steeps and chutes. I do also enjoy the rest of the mountain and park it on occasion. Recommendations?

                        Best Answer

                        Hey GenTso,

                        So, looking for the jack of all trades. All 4 you mentioned are good options depending on the amount of park that you do. If you are doing only a bit of park and no pipe, the Line Influence would be best followed by the obSETHed. If you plan on parking and piping it up more, then I would slide more toward the Kung Fujas and the TST.