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Ingredients: fat, rocker, and of course, evil.

K2 made the HellBent Ski with pure evil—end of story. Ok, we'll admit that there's a freakish dose of width at the waist (132mm to be exact), the most aggressive tip and tail rocker in any K2 ski, and a fir and aspen core that flexes with powerful, yet buttery goodness ... but mostly this ski is just pure, unadulterated evil. It's a fiend for the bottomless feeling of 40-inch storms, the weightless feeling after airing a hand-carved booter, and the butterflies-in-your-stomach sensation of maching switch through blower powder. And should you and your hound of hell run into the nuisance of chopped up and tracked out slopes, there's a touch of traditional camber underfoot to balance out the rocker-happy shape. Can we get a 'hell yeah'?!

  • Aggressively rockered tip and tail (K2's Powder Rocker) floats high in powder, gives this ski a surfy feel, and won't hook or catch when you're maching down the piste or park
  • Aspen and fir wood core creates a balanced harmony of stiffness, consistent flex, and powerful rebound
  • Twin Tech construction rolls the topsheet material into the 90 degree sidewall, reducing the angle that is prone to damage so you get increased durability combined with the edging power and hold of sidewall construction
  • 132mm waist width means ultimate flotation on deep days, and it creates a wide platform for surviving previously insurmountable landings or maching off steep, lippy booters with stability
  • Directional sidecut taper uses a tip that's just slightly wider than the tail so you can carve deep, precise forward turns and achieve similar turns when you're skiing switch
  • 3.5mm Steel edges can take bigger hits without blowing out, and more metal means a longer tuning life
  • Screw out the tip and tail hardware rivets and attach a K2 climbing skin to the ski using the integrated attachments that eliminate the ever-clumsy tip clip