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The devil's in the deep stuff.

Adding yet another 10mm to its already capacious girth, the 2010/11 K2 HellBent is the latest example of America's obesity epidemic. Near-symmetrical reverse camber keeps you bobbing on the surface, while a soft flex promotes buttering in ways that Belgian waffles can only imagine. Built to float, spin, and stomp in lung-busting powder, the HellBent is the choice of K2 team riders Sean Pettit and Andy Mahre.

  • 10mm wider tip-to-tail for exponential increase in flotation over previous models
  • Traditional sidecut maintains maneuverability on hardpack
  • Removable tip and tail rivets allow attachment of pre-cut K2 climbing skins (if you're masochistic enough to tour on them)
  • Flat mount for use with the binding of your choice

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Here's what others have to say...

I'm 5'7 175lb can ski all terrain on...

I'm 5'7 175lb can ski all terrain on Kimberlys hill what 179 or 169!??

Are they good or crappy in moguls

Are they good or crappy in moguls

4 5

One hell of a ski

K2 has some of the best powder skis in the world. And their K2 Hellbent ski is no exception. It is the ultimate floating machine. This is the ski you take to the resort and people just stare at you. Or take it up in the heli and throw down some epic lines. K2 makes great skis but backcountry is not their forte. They've always had a problem with creating light skis. The hellbent is one of the heavier skis out there coming in over 10lbs. If you're looking for a ski to drop off a chair or out of a heli on this ski is great. If you are doing some skinning, look elsewhere.

5 5

Love at first turn

First laid this ski on edge over 65 ski days ago and I've never looked back. Changed the way i looked at the mountain completely. The hellbent will do anything you want it to as long as you commit to it. Even ski groomers... Although it performs best in deep snow the ski will hydroplane over any crud or chopped snow field allowing you to ski at speeds you never thought you could down choppy runs. Makes skiing switch down groomers effortless since you cant catch your edges but when you lay them over carving frontside you get the full edge contact from tip to tail. I love this ski and to anyone skiing cascade snow conditions i have full faith in this ski on every condition we get thrown at here. Would suggest mountain slightly more foward the ski skis a little funky from 0 with where the camber and shape is but i have a 179 mounted +3.5 and it throws as many types of turns i want, when i want. Also gives the ski a easier swingweight.

3 5

not bad 09 version

I would have to say that these guys do great in the deep stuff; would love to see them turn a little tighter. These skis are also a bit on the heavy side, with a ton of down hill chatter when you hit higher speeds on the hard pack. It gets the job done! I took the 09 hell bents out, looks like they have gotten a bit better over the years.

Unanswered Question

The weight seems to be an issue but...

The weight seems to be an issue but Backcountry has the shipping weight less than the Obsethed and i don't see any reviews on that complaining about the weight. Any explaination on the weight issues?

Im 5'9" and 130. Should i go 169 or 179?

Im 5'9" and 130. Should i go 169 or 179?

5 5

Blow it up!

If you can't have fun on these you don't have a pulse!
That said I was staring down at my +6 mount on these 179's
thinking wow these buggers seem short, too short. Not so ... I'm about 5'11 165 lbs in my boxers. Could I go longer sure, oh hell yeh but...this is alot of ski. I had an incredible first run experience through the 'doors' at Crystal yesterday. These were quick and the right medicine for weaving through trees and technical steep gullies etc. They charged. The ability to change direction and scrub speed was amazing. In wide open bowls longer would be nicer sure and in reality I would not need this much
width. But man these are fun. If you are on the fence with the length issue, both lengths 79/89 have their place. If I were going longer and wanted just a one ski quiver, I would go to a 189 oBsethed, Lib Tech NAS Pow 191, or a Chetler in a 192. These Hellbents have their place in a 79 though. p.s. hiked into the Southback today with nothing but a super smooth windbuff layer over pow and these just slayed in the 179 length.

5 5


Been riding the bacon for a few years, looked at a powder rocker for this year. Decided on the hellbent for powder, but what size? I am 39, 175 lbs, pretty aggressive for a Kansas skier, went with the 189. After the first powder turn I never wondered again if I should have got the 179. Turns on a dime, pretty much devours any kind of soft snow. A review once said, this ski inspires back country confidence, that sums it up to a tee. I have the jj 185 and this ski is what I ride when its soft. Kills any soft conditions, straight lines the hell out of crude. If ur on the fence about this ski, get off, and get the big size.

Where is the best spot to mount these...

Where is the best spot to mount these skis... I have gathered that one person mounted them at +6 but isn't that a bit much?

Best Answer Responded on

+6 for sure not just for Seth. the mounting point doesn't give you much tail. incase you land in the backseat you do need some tail. also it will help when riding switch. you will still float like a cork in nipple deep plus 6 but +4 will work out well to if you think +6 is to much but really you shouldn't go less than +4 for optimal performance.

Responded on

manufactures don't always put the mounting line were it should be k2 should have made the line +4

Responded on

+6 worked great. No tip dive in fairly deep heavier snow that I felt. Seems like it nails that sweet spot with all the tail rocker length. Not very much flat area behind the rear heel at +6. Eliminated the 'wheely' effect in pow for the most part unless you really wanted them to. Worked fine for the groomers too. Personally would not go less than +4 or +5 unless you have a really big boot. I use a 316mm 27.5 shell at +6.

5 5

Pow Time!

This ski has changed a bit as far as width and length. The length is more true to actual size compared to past versions. Extra width (4mm from past versions) nice for the powder days. Still same flex as past versions. Little to no camber and rocker has stayed the same. If you have skied past versions you may notice the shorter length in the same size. This is a deep powder day ski for when you want the widest ski you own, besides a powder jib stick. I mount mine boot center at +6 on the 189. These also work with the k2 pre cut skin system. Fun ski, a bit soft when hard pack, but some don't mind it Get a set for your quiver.

im 5 foot 3 and i am looking for a good...

im 5 foot 3 and i am looking for a good powder ski. Should i get these or the volkl chopsticks ?

Responded on

If your just getting a powder ski get these,I have these and the obsethed 2011 and when its 8 plus DEEP these rule!!Supepurb for stomping and straighlining the deepest of pow.They also are good an any snow that is smooth,super glopped up or partially packed out with ruts is a rough ride.

Im a 13 year old backcountry jump rider,...

Im a 13 year old backcountry jump rider, I like goin big and i need something with a little more power and length so I was wondering if i should consider getting theese in 169's. Will the rockers make it a bit of an easier ski because i am rather light but i ski hard in tons of powder.

Responded on

nahh, this years model is too big for you. Last years hellbent would have been good, for you, go with the obsethed. I know what your saying with the rocker making them ski shorter than they actually are, but you would just be better with the obsethed, there wont be a difference at all in how you float. How tall and heavy are you. Its also not the kind of ski you want to grow out of, too fun. mabye wait until you can ski a 179 then get it and you can ski it forever.

Responded on

Nathan I own pontoons(had s7 rossis-sold them), obseths, dynastar xxls and 2011 hellbents,if you want to huckcliffs bomb powlines and sendit 40 plus feet off of catracks and cornices the hellbent is the ski for you.Straight talk no bull.Good luck!!

5 5

A bit Wider!

Fun ski in powder for sure. Same characteristics as the previous models but 4mm wider under foot and measure true to size. Past versions were 5cms longer than stated. I notice the length being shorter, not a bad thing. I mount boot center at +6. These skis are pretty soft in the tail so you need more tail regardless of if you have never mounted forward. Fun yet concealed death and destruction graphics, you still could scare some old folks on the lift. Designed to land switch in pow. I use this on deep powder days when you want the fattest thing you own.

Responded on

also are next years hellbents any different beside the topsheet because i believe i saw them in one of pep fujas's videos on his blog

Responded on

Looking for a backcountry specific ski, would you go with the hellbent or ObSethed? Why?

Do the marker barron bindings come with a...

Do the marker barron bindings come with a brake that fits the sick 132mm underfoot hellbent?

Responded on

The stock brake on the baron is 110 mm. They do make an aftermarket brake that is 130 mm but it will cost close to $50.
There is a possibility that you could talk the shop that mounts them to bend them from 110 to 130. although that is about all the bend they will have in them.

5 5


There is no word in the english language nor any other to describe this ski's perfection.. So I am forced to make one up, and I will do so now: Scrumtralescent....

These skis instantly upped my game, big time. The confidence that these skis give you is unbelievable. These things can handle anything. I don't think I will ever ski another ski again... ever...

I currently own two pairs of hellbents, last years and this years, both in 169 (I'm 5'9", 140). And I ride they are my daily drivers, which speaks to the underestimated versatility of these skis. I live in Colorado and ski 40+ times a year, so I can generally find some stashes even if it hasn't snowed that recently, and even if you only hit a few stashes while out on the mountain it makes brining these skis out worth it. They are that amazing in anything over a couple inches. That's another thing, you don't need a massive strom to make this skis worthwhile. They are so wide and provide so much float that you can surf on just a couple inches.

This year's do have some very subtle, yet impressive upgrades, the slight early taper might be my favorite upgrade. It helps keep the weight a little more centered. So, even though this is a heavy ski, it'll still pivot lightning quick. The added width of course raises the question: how wide is gonna be too wide?? Well, 132mm is absolutely not too wide.

Personally, I could not imagine a better powder ski. It comes as no suprise that freeskier magazine rated it the best powder ski of the year.

I love the soft flex, as it makes the ski incredibly playful. Maybe if I weighed 200+, the ski might be too soft, but I don't, so it's not.

The million dollar question seems to be where to mount. I have my 09/10 hellbents mounted at +4, and I have my 10/11 hellbents at +6. And from this I can unequivocally say that mounting forward is the way to go. With the slashing, surfing nature of this ski, coupled with the massive rocker, it makes sense that being more towards the center of the ski helps this ski turn on a dime. I'll most likely remount my 09/10 to +6 or so, after having experienced the difference.

Also, there does not seem to be anyone out there advocating the 169s. I absolutely would not trade these in for a longer ski (again I weight 140). Especially with the wider platform, it seems like you can get away without going longer. That being said, I ride mostly trees. So, maybe if you ride mostly big open bowls, you could sacrifice a little quickness for absolute unsinkability.

With all of that being said, there might be better options out there if the hardpack or the park is your terrain of choice.

All right, I better get back to work before I get fired....

Hey guys.

I currently ride '08 184cm Volkl...

Hey guys.

I currently ride '08 184cm Volkl Mantra skis, and I'm thinking about upgrading to a Hellbent for my one month powder trip in Japan! The mantra's are a pretty great ski, but on the deeper days they struggle a little, I am also looking for more of a fun ski with heaps of pop - would this be a good choice?

I have an opportunity to get the '09/10 model from a friend for a pretty good price, however they are the 179cm model (actual length is 184cm), would that be a bit too small for me? I am 6foot 2" and weigh about 185 pounds. What would be the benefits of going for a longer ski? I try and ski a lot of powder with pillows/drops, I also ski lots of trees so im guessing the slightly shorter ski might be better for that.

I'm also not sure where I should mount them, they are currently mounted +4, i think that's back a bit.. would it be hard to land switch with this? what other advantages would I get from remounting center.

Hopefully some of you experts could give me some pointers, I gotta give my final answer to friend in next week or so!


Responded on

this ski is perfect for japan. the benefits of the longer ski include better flotation and more stability.
they won't be to small in the 179 (09/10 model). +4 is 4cm in front of the center line. this makes you closer to core center which helps you ride switch. if they are mounted -4 you might have some problems riding switch. I'd go head and buy them from your friend.