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Turn the mountain into your own park with a little black magic.

Step onto the K2 Hellbent Alpine Skis and find out why Pep Fujas, Andy Mahre, and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse all ride them. Folks designing other new-school skis get their knickers all in a twist trying to think of any new shape and sidecut they can, but K2 designers know a tried-and-true hell-raisin’ joyride when they see it. So go ahead and jib the bejeezus out of the powdery backcountry with this classic sidecut twin-tip ski.

  • Significant rocker at the tip and tail give you excellent flotation in powder and sub-powder conditions
  • Just enough sidecut lets you carve quickly on packed snow
  • Tough fir core stomps big drops and vaporizes death cookies
  • Durable Vertical ABS Sidewall transmits power to the ski�s edge and protects the core from impact
  • Triaxial braided fiberglass around the wood core boosts torsional rigidity
  • Tip plates and tail rivets reinforce the ski�s tips and tail and provide extra fire-breathing ferocity

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Here's what others have to say...

My ski hill is Kimberly alpine resort, we...

My ski hill is Kimberly alpine resort, we mostly get soft snow but sometimes ice do think the hellbents, obsethed or the jjs would be better?

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It all depends on the way you ski. The Hellbents are very easy to smear and through sideways.

How do they drive in moguls I'm a little...

How do they drive in moguls I'm a little worried due to width

Unanswered Question

I'm 5'10 and weigh 150. Cant decide what...

I'm 5'10 and weigh 150. Cant decide what size i should get... A little help?

5 5


I have these mounted with HammerHead telemark bindings. So far so good. My first day on them was a little odd being that it's the first non cambered ski that I've ever been on, but day two was sick. I skied over 20K vertical like it was nothing. These skis rock. I can't wait to get more days on them and figure out how to get them to edge on hardpack on the way back to the lift. Great skis. That said my next ski will have some camber under foot.

5 5

Big Fun

Decided to use these on minimal powder yesterday at Loveland. I gotta say they were a blast! I only weigh 130 lbs. so the fact that they are super soft was great I felt like I could butter like crazy. Just the size of these skis is impressive. I hate to say it but I think the new model would just be too much ski for me... anyway I love the ski and everything about it.

I just bought these! Now I need to figure...

I just bought these! Now I need to figure out what boots I should get to go with them. Suggestions, please!

Responded on

Any boot that fits and has a flex that helps you ski? Hard to just say check out this boot to someone online. Head into a shop and start trying things on. Dalbello makes good boots for people that have a narrow heel and a slightly wider foot box, with customizable flexes. Full Tilt makes custom flexing boots, and fit medium throughout. Salomon makes good price point boots for a wider foot, but the flex isn't customizable. Thats about as much help as I can be without specific information and you actually trying boots on.

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you don't really buy boots to go with a ski. get a boot that fits your foot well and a boot that has a flex suited to your skiing style.

Hellbents or JJs? looking for the best...

Hellbents or JJs? looking for the best pow/big mountain ski..

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I find that the JJs odd elf shoe thing with the tip and tail help reduce the drag through chop and glide you nicer. That said, the new 'Bents are 132 underfoot compared to 115 on the JJ. So, float wise, with the soft tip, crazy rocker, and massive underfoot, the Bent's and gonna float better. JJ's will be more versatile.

Responded on

sorry, I meant the 2009 hellbent not the current one, my bad..

Looking to get some powder skis, but not...

Looking to get some powder skis, but not sure which ones to get. They would be mostly for powder, with some skied out chop in between. Are hellbents the way to go? Any other suggestions?

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The reverse camber on the hellbent's will keep your tips above the snow and keep you having a good time. If you fall your gonna have a bad time. But really if you have all the right moves you'll prolly want to switch to telli skiing anyway.

I'm 5'6" and 125-130 lbs and an expert...

I'm 5'6" and 125-130 lbs and an expert skier. Will a 169cm be to large for me?

Responded on

Not really, they skis are pretty mellow usually. Stay aggressive on them, make sure to be the driver, but other than that, you will be fine.

5 5

buttery delicious!

these turn powder into buttery deliciousness. very surfey and fun to ski on, and feels extremely comfortable stomping big airs and straightlining out of them... really fun ski!

K2 Hellbent vs Rossi S7

I'm trying to...

K2 Hellbent vs Rossi S7

I'm trying to decide between this two skis. I'm an advanced skier, I ski powder with my 185 rossi steeze (from 2008). I like making g-turns at fast speeds. I want a ski to be easy to turn but solid at high speeds. I'm 1,82 cm tall and wight 75 kilos.
The main doubt I have is that I think the hellbents have to much rocker and becuase of the flex, the will be great on deep days on the trees, but when its time to hit big faces the rossi s7 will be more solid.
Any toughts?

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Get the Armada JJ..

Hellbent: This is a really fun ski in Really deep, really soft snow. The ski floats amazingly well, pops off of everything, and stomps hard. This ski can turn pretty well on groomers. But outside of powder you won't really ever want to ski on this ski. From the whole rocker lineup this is one of the least versatile skis on the market. If this is your ski for 100% powder, I highly recommend it. One complaint is that it is a bit harder to find the sweet spot when dropping cliffs, since the tail rocker wants to throw you way backseat. In hard crud/chopped up snow, they basically are one of the worst pow skis to be on. They have so much tip that they get thrashed around, and they are so soft they can't power through anything. They get tossed around. This ski is too soft for anything but pure, deep pow. If you really awnt to ski fast, especially in challenging terrain, this ski is horrible.

S7: These are hands down one of the most fun skis I have ever used. In super deep pow there are some other skis that I would say are more fun, but all in all this ski rides the whole mountain better than most other ski out there....when it is new (keep reading). If you want one ski that can do everything on the mountain (even surprisingly pipe, but not rails) well, then this ski is for you. I would say it is best for someone that skis about 25% crud, 45% powder, 30% everything else. If you ski at Jackson, Alta, Snowbird, Solitude, Tahoe, or anywhere else similar...check these out for sure! My biggest complaint with this ski is how soft it gets after 1 season of use. I don't know what Rossignol's deal is, but after 1 season of riding, S7's feel like noodles. They turn super soft, they don't charge hard anymore, and they just plain aren't fun. If you ski a lot, that is my warning to you.

JJ: The Armada JJ is a really fun ski. It floats well at 115 underfoot, but with such early taper and rocker it has a really surfy feeling. It really can handle anything you toss at it. I highly recommend this ski to ANYONE who is looking at getting into rocker, who rides powder/crud atleast 70% of the time, or who wants a sick backcountry jib ski! Seriously, they are probably the best 1 ski quiver ski that I have ever handled (for Snowbird/Alta that is). They carve fine on groomers, better than the Armada ARG or even the S7..not quite as well as the S6, but almost!. They float and surf awesome in deep pow, and they are stiff enough to handle crud without a problem. I don't know if it gets any better than this. They carve well enough on groomers, but it is definitely not a racing ski. With the tapered tip they don't get deflected in crud at all, so you can make your hard charging GS turns whenever you want.

Responded on

This is an other username I've got. Thanks for the info, I find it really helpfull. I ski about 15 days in the US and then a month in Las Lenas, Argentina. I ski on 2010 k2 kung fujas on the groomers or the park. My idea is to turn into rocker, thats why I want to change my rossi steeze. Down here in las lenas is very dificult to fin deep power frecuently, after a storm you may have a day of light snow but then a thin hard layer apears over the pow. There is also lots of wind afected snow. So K2 Hellbents are not more an option. Now I should decide between S7 or JJs.
Thank you very much for the advice.

I'm 6' 145 pounds and I can't decide between...

I'm 6' 145 pounds and I can't decide between the 179 and 169. I ski aggressively and spend most of my time on open bowls, but I also venture into the trees.

Responded on

179 for sure. You could go for the 189, even. I'm 6' 160, and I I don't ride anything under a 185 now.

is this ski even an option for the occasional...

is this ski even an option for the occasional east coast powder stashes and tight trees....

Best Answer Responded on

I'm going to buy these exactly for that. I think it should be fine when there is a lot of snow but definitely not an everyday ski.

Responded on

Yea man they will work As long as you have some skills. I ride my Hellbents EVERYDAY, no matter the conditions. I actually removed bindings from all my other skis last week because the Bents are all I ride. Buy a pair you will love them.

I weigh about 165 pounds and am 5' 7" or...

I weigh about 165 pounds and am 5' 7" or so.

Am a strong skier who enjoys drops, big lines but also technical tight tree lines.

Not sure if I choose the 189s or 179s? What you guys think?

Thanks alot.

Responded on

I might even consider the 169 for you. Personally, Im 6' 195 and am also a strong skier, and could ski the 189, but it is so much ski that it would only be practical on tit deep days, and very slow in the trees. I ride the 179s, and I have no problem in the trees, groomers, or 30" days. I feel as tho a 179 for someone your size might be a LOT of ski to shred on.

Just something to consider.

Best of luck

Responded on

Get the 179s if you're skiing tight trees. The 179s are actually 184cm

So how are these for spring corn? obSeths...

So how are these for spring corn? obSeths better?

Responded on

I had the obsethed and used them in spring conditions and they did fine. Cliff drops into slush were great. I'm buying the Hellbents as I write this, mainly for powder since I snapped one of my obsethed.

I'm debating between this years hellbents...

I'm debating between this years hellbents and next years k2 obsethed. The 2009-10 hellbents are only 5mm wider than the 2010-11 k2 obsethed but im not sure which would be the better ski. If anyone has any thoughts can you please help? thanks..

Responded on

Next years Seths seem really cool. I'm not a big fan of K2 skis, but the 117 waist is just about perfect for anything, and really great for powder with more early rise. If you're looking for a powder specific ski for jibbing the backcountry, then the Hellbents will kill it. The '11 ObSethed will be great at that, too, but also shred groomers, chop, and straight line tight runs and AK terrain. It's Seth's new model, and that dude has only gotten better at skiing. His skis have progressed likewise. The Seth will definitely be more versatile, but if you'll just be flopping your carcass down the hill like Andy and Pep, then the new 'Bents will probably be even better.

Responded on

I like next years obsethed but I thought they would be the same in versatility as the hellbents because they have the same tip rocker. I'm not crazy about skiing switch in pow or doing tricks but i do ski switch and sometimes do tricks and i'm worried that the all-terrain tail of the obsethed will not handle riding switch that well. Is the tail of the obsethed much stiffer than the tail of the hellbents? Thanks for your help, Jack.

Responded on

My 2011 Obsethed Review

I'm 5'8'' and 135lbs

179 Obsethed
First of all this ski is scary soft, especially in the tip, and almost the entire ski is rockered. However, it's stable and fun. The rocker did chatter on groomers, but in off-piste snow it was pretty good, as long as I stayed out of the backseat. All turn types were possible, and the Obsethed was excellent in softer snow. This is too soft for a daily driver, but it was a good ski, including the graphics (sorry my picture is bad). I think this is what the S7 intended to be.

For a comparison between this and some similar skis Iv'e demoed (Rossignol S7, Atomic Bent Chetler), check out

Just scroll down for the ski reviews.

Responded on

William Richmond, have you skied the current hellbent model? if so, do you prefer the 2011 obsethed or the current hellbent? I'm still making up my mind... thanks

HB 189

HB 189

I'm 6'2"+ and 195 lbs. w/ 28.5 boots. Mounting Mojo 15s at +5, I don't ride switch very often. Tips are right at the tips of my Mojo 94 187s at this mark.
The dog says "Argh!"
Be Seth, go deep!

Responded on

PS I would have put a pair of Jester Schizos on these but the brakes were only 110s, so they are going on some obSETHed 189s for next year. Yeah baby!!!

Responded on

Just got them back from the shop, with the Mojos they weight only 16.5 lbs, my Head Mojo 94s w/Railflex2 14s weight 17 lbs.....go figure.

I Have a the big question! 179 or 189?


I Have a the big question! 179 or 189?

I've been always sking on 176cm
. I'm 5'8 & 150lbs.
This is will be my first rocker ski.

Should i go with the 189 due to the large rocker? Is the 179 gonna enough? Please Help! Thanks!

Responded on

Just judging by your measurements, Id go with the 179s. I ride those around the Midwest and Rockies, and its a great size to ski the whole day on: groomers, trees, big drops. B/c theres so much ski to the Hellbent, you can get away with riding a shorter size to match your height, and still have plenty of float in pow. The 189 is a LOT of ski to power around, but if youre a super strong skier, go for it. But ultimatly, try to demo both, and get which feels the best.


Responded on

I'll second John's vote for the 179. K2 skis run a few cm longer than others, so a 179 is going to be more like a 183. The rocker will shorten the effective edge of the ski, which will be noticeable only on firm snow. Also, you may want to wait for next years model- it's getting even wider, although the graphics won't be as cool. Also, next years Seth's will be 117 underfoot, so, they'll be much better for powder. Happy turns!

Responded on

Wait til you see 2011 Bents, K2 added 10mm to the ski everywhere. I say buy a pair of the 2010 Obsethed and 2011 Bents

Pontoons or Hellbents?!!?!?

I'm having...

Pontoons or Hellbents?!!?!?

I'm having serious issues choosing between the 2. I'm 5'7, 125lbs. so I'm somewhat attracted by complaints of the Hellbent being too soft for big guys since I'm neither. However I want something that will rock my socks off in the powder - planning on having this be a deep day ski. I've had 4 ACLs in one knee so I don't want to work too hard to reign them in. I want them to be responsive but burly. I would really appreciate feedback!

Responded on

If you're going to be skiing playful lines and landing switch a lot, then the 'Bents would be the best choice. If you tend to backseat powder lines and ski gracefully or technically, the Pontoons would be a better option. The Hellbents would most likely require more effort to ski them, but the Pontoons aren't exactly a novice level ski, either. It sounds like with a crummy knee, you'll not be taking huge drops or switch landings. I'd vote Pontoon.