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One of the best skis ever

    Set-up: tele (BD 01 + BD Push) + 181 coombas. Yes, they are heavy. Yes, they aren't the ideal touring ski. But, I've toured 50+ days on these things and they ski so well that I would tour with them even if they were heavier. They simply make skiing easier and more fun, particularly in marginal cruddy conditions. If you are a super-tight turner (eastern tree skier) go extra short, because they tend to like long-radius turns. Also, they are way longer than 181s are a good 8cm longer than my 178 Rossignol Sick Birds.

    Highly Recommended

      I've only had the chance to ski these for a couple days, as I bought them late in the season to take advantage of the great sale prices. Mounted them with Marker Barons, mounted 2 cm forward as recommended. I found them to be surprisingly quick and responsive as an inbounds ski....not quite the "cornering like you're on rails" feeling I get from my Apache Recons, but good enough that I think I'd pull this ski out of the quiver if there was any chance of good pow off-piste. Because boy, do they float in the pow! This is my first truly fat ski, so I can't compare them to other fat boys, but they sure were a fun ride. More to follow next season.

      Great touring/inbounds quiver

        Bought these skis for Utah backcountry and inbounds powder days. I am 5'6" 145lbs, and bought the 168s. They rode pretty backseat for the first couple days on them, but I quickly adjusted and found my balance. Sometimes I wished I had more ski under me, perhaps the next size up would have been good. All in all though, these skis are amazing.
        In the backcountry I have hit untouched bottomless fluffy powder to windblown faces to damp, heavy sun-drenched snow. On the descent they killed it whatever the conditions. Fantastic float in powder - I couldn't imagine needing much more underfoot (than again I'm a smaller guy), and light enough to whip quick, technical turns in sketchy conditions.
        Speaking of light, on the ascent they are unreal. Super light for multi-day tours, strapping to your pack, or slogging through wet, sticky snow. I have them mounted with dynafit tlt st bindings.
        Inbounds I used them only for powder days and they were just as good. From the early morning first tracks to late afternoon chopped up crud, they floated and powered through whatever I hit. Great big ski for hucking off whatever you want, and light enough so you feel in control. Granted, my setup wasn't ideal for cliffs with my dynafit bindings, but its hard to have your cake and eat it too. But these skis came damn close.

        Great Powda Ski!

          i've been skiing this ski all season. i love it. at 135 at the tip, it's phat. it floats great when skiing powder. i have a 174 so in the backcountry it's great, very nimble and turnable on a dime.. even for it's size. where it doesn't rock is the groomers, it's kind of soft. i had fun on them skiing resort groomers but it's not made for that kind of turning. it's quite a bit softer than the bd verdict.

          Great Ski

            I've skied them in all conditions. They float through the pow, slice thtough the crud and carve the groomers. For those complaining they are unstable at high speeds, just edge them a little. Doug, when I'm on them I feel like you're steering me!

            All around-light and burly

              I have hammered on this ski in bounds and out. Great ski, little bit of tip rocker, light weight, and fat dimensions mean this thing will not be a drag up hill and will deliver on the down. But at the same time if things got firm and chalky, it would still ski well for you. hard to go wrong with this one, and a great tribute ski for sure to a legend of ski mountaineering!

              Backcountry Magazine

                backcountry magazine gave this ski it's 'editors choice'. "Coomba yeah! This tribute ski to the late Doug Coombs first appeared in K2's alpine line last year, and this year has been added to the backcountry line. It has the footprint of the Anti Piste without the latter's soft-flexing tip. And that made a noticeable difference in how it grabbed a turn, making it one of the best skis tested. "Awesome, " said one tester. "Does everything the Anti Piste can do, but better, quicker-initiates a turn, unlike the Anti Piste. A lightweight, stiffer fatty that is playful and forgiving. A fun, all-mountain ripper." "Versatile dimensions and accommodating flex," said another. And beyond that, "Very diverse, very adaptable," added another. Many testers remarked on it's light feel - "Could be your primary touring ski or your everyday inbounds ski," said one.

                They Rip!

                  I used these last weekend at Solitude(lots of new pow)I had them mounted with marker barons 2cm forward because word was that they ride on the tails. I took them side country. I charged down steep faces, I negotiated tight steep chutes, and played in the trees. I even took them back into the resort to rip up later afternoon crud! What a ski! Thanks Doug!

                  Freaking sick skis

                    Bought these skis a little while ago as to mount with dynafits for my backcountry setup. Went up to alta when we got 48 inches and these things ripped. I'm a small guy too, 5'8" and I got the 188 as well and they rip. This is possibly one of the lightest setups ever and I would definitely recommend getting them. Best of all, I primarily bought them as a tribute to one of my icons, Doug coombs, and it has definitely lived up to what I thought they would be like. Definitely worth the purchase.

                    i am 5'10" 200 lbs, what size would you...

                    i am 5'10" 200 lbs, what size would you go with? 174 or 181?

                    Hi! I'm just about to pull the trigger and...

                    Hi! I'm just about to pull the trigger and buy these awesome things. I heard their actual length is longer than stated, is it true? I am going for 188, but if I could choose I would have wanted a 185-186 cm. Do you think 181 would be a better choice? I also heard that the recommended mounting point is 2 cm in front of boot center, anyone who can comment this?
                    Thanks for helping!

                    The recommended point is 2cm forward of the traditional mounting point, or about 4.5cm back from the core center. They run pretty solid at this point, which is my favourite mount for almost any ski except full park. And they do run a little bit longer, not quite 4-5cm, but 2-3 for sure. This is from the slight early rise, but the effective edge and therefore the way they ski handles is as stated. At 181, if you want something a little longer (185 like you said), I would recommend going up to the 188 not down. You won't regret this ski.

                    So I'm looking for a deep pow, backcountry...

                    So I'm looking for a deep pow, backcountry oriented ski that is fairly manageable for my skinny ass frame: 5'5, 120 lbs. I'm pretty aggressive on groomers but I've only been hitting heavy pow with narrow equipment thus far (2002 160cm 1080's) and it isn't cutting it. Would the 167 be a manageable size for me since this is a fairly light ski? Any other suggestions?

                    Write your question here...I am 63 year...

                    Write your question here...I am 63 year old male in good shape/not great shape. I am 5'8" 150 pounds and pretty agressive skier .. Black Diamond and deeper powder..not Double Black Diamond. I ski the Atomic Metron Xl in 162 cm and like them... am thinking about buyin the 09 K2 Coomba for deeper snow days and off trail at Alyeska Alaska. What size do you recommend 167cm or 174cm?

                    It would depend if you like your skis a bit long or not, but also it depends on how aggressively you ski. If you are a pretty aggressive skier and want more stability at speed I'd say go with the 174. Still, the 167 might be the best choice, especially if you are skiing on 162's and they fit you fine.

                    Unanswered Question

                    anybody know the weight of the 174? I'm...

                    anybody know the weight of the 174? I'm mounting my barons on them to tour.

                    I've been touring on liberty hazmats that have a bamboo core, they weigh 3500 grams (~7.7 lbs) in the 181.

                    Any info would help. Thanks!

                    RIP doug

                    I have the K2 pocket rockets.. love them.....

                    I have the K2 pocket rockets.. love them.. what's new that is comparable?

                    I get about 50 days in skiing the Wasatch,...

                    I get about 50 days in skiing the Wasatch, inbounds or side country, 50/50. If there's no freshies, I'm making quick turns in narrow chutes or skiing bumps - I'm never burning down groomers or making GS turns... and I'm not really ever in the park.

                    Would this be a good single-ski-quiver ski for me?

                    I'm 5'8" 170lbs and turn very aggressively. I think the 188cm is the right size, do you agree.

                    The Coombas run 3 cm longer than the stated length, so you are looking at more of a 191. They also have a completely flat tail, so they will ski true to length (unlike twin tips). You don't "burn down groomers or make GS turns" where a longer ski makes sense. But you like "quick turns in narrow chutes or skiing bumps" where a shorter length makes more sense. With your skiing preference and weighing 170lbs it sounds like the 181s or possibly even 174s are a better fit.

                    What skins will fit my K2 Coomba length...

                    What skins will fit my K2 Coomba length 188?I see that the Black Diamond Ascension Custom STS Climbing Skins only goes up to 186.Thanks,Ola

                    5'11 160. What size coomba would be best...

                    5'11 160. What size coomba would be best the 174 since they run long or will the 181 be alright. Mostly BC and powder. I have a pair of heavy 07 K2 Public enemy at 174 and they seem a hair short. Aggresive skier

                    The 174 coombas will feel slightly longer than your PEs simply because they are directional and will have more effective edge. If the PEs feel just a tad short, then the 174 coombas will work. If you are looking for slightly more stability at speed and plan on doing some bigger lines, then you can go for the 181.

                    I'm assuming this is priced with the...

                    I'm assuming this is priced with the bindings???Will you sell just the ski. If so, what is the price???

                    Best Answer

                    this price is JUST THE SKIS.-this guy sounds like all the Europeans that try and barter with me on eBay. THIS IS A STORE. THE ITEM PICTURED IS WHAT YOU GET. READ THE DESCRIPTION. What made you assume it comes with bindings? In the description it even says "bindings included? - NO"

                    In the hunt for a nimble powder ski for...

                    In the hunt for a nimble powder ski for out or bounds and backwoods "western" skiing. There is such an array, I'm bewildered.I currently ski the Snoop Daddy and a Nordica SUV14. I'm 6'2" and 210lbs. Any terrain, but don't ski 50mph anymore... :)

                    this is a great ski for that. it's become my quiver of one. it out performs any ski i've had so far. where it's not great is high speed groomers, but those should be the smallest percentage of your time skiing anyway! it's softer than the bd verdict.

                    I currently have a pair of the 08/09 Apache...

                    I currently have a pair of the 08/09 Apache Outlaw and am looking for something a little more "off-piste", looking at the Coomba and Obsethed. I am not normally a twin-tip skier and stay away from the park, but I was wondering if anyone has experience between the Coomba and the Obsethed. I do moderate hiking, but not extensive backcountry touring. I am slightly concerned the Coomba will be too similar to the Outlaw to make a noticeable difference. Thoughts?

                    I normally ski an apache recon, live in the east and ski three weeks in utah each year and do a canadian heli ski trip every three years, and it is great on up to 6 inches of new snow on groomed slopes but goes to the bottom in real powder. i rented a pair of outlaws, 08 version, and found them better in powder with the 88 waist but not enough in the knee deep you live for. plus, it was sluggish on groomed at the same length as my recons. so this year i bought a pair of coombas and am in love. surprisingly fun to ski on western groomed and much better on ice than the heli daddy's i tried last year at CMH. Great in the trees where quick turns are your lifeline, and can lay down GS lines on deep treeless faces like a champ. i don't favor twin tips, liking the bite in turns and compression rebound into the next turn the flat tails give me. know many kids with Seth and Obseth's but never tried them. if i ski back east it is all recon; out west i only take my Coombas. Doug Coombs must be smiling down! Best buy i have made in years. i weigh 178 and ski 174 recons and coombas with a 20 pound pack.

                    Willie,I noticed you tried the Coomba, how...

                    Willie,I noticed you tried the Coomba, how does it compare to your Bacon. Of course the Bacon has a lot more sidecut plus width but curious about the overall feel to the Coomba. Is it a more fun, lighter, Obsethed type feel?

                    It is a fun ski, but totally different type of ski then the bacon,its a flat tail directional energetic big mountainski, where as the bacon is a backcountry jib/powder ski, if you like the obseth you would like the coomba, kinda same feel for someone who likes a traditional ski. If i didn't just ride twins i would own a pair.

                    I have Coombas in the 181. What climbing...

                    I have Coombas in the 181. What climbing skins do you recommend?

                    I'm 6'0" and ~185 lbs (give or take). ...

                    I'm 6'0" and ~185 lbs (give or take). Given the terrain, I can be a relatively aggressive skier, but a bit timid in the tight trees. Having trouble picking between the 174 and 181. This will be a primarily touring ski with dynafits and spirit 4's driving it. Any recommendations?

                    Best Answer

                    If you are intimidated by trees, but actually ski them a lot, i would say that the shorter option of 174 out be a better choice. But if you love to rip open bowls and chutes, the 181 offers more float and stability. Up to you, but I think that the 181 is a wicked ski.-------I'm 6'2" and 165 and ski the 181 anti-piste (which is the Coomba but with a slightly rockered tip). I have NO trouble at all with tight turns, and given your weight, you'll be able to handle the 181 just fine. You'll overpower the 174...-------My friend skis the 174's and she is 5'7" and probably 125lbs. She loves them for just about anything. Granted, she's a pretty aggressive skier, but based on your significant size difference, I'd go with the 181.

                    Hey,I'm 5 ' 10 " / 145 and thinking about...

                    Hey,I'm 5 ' 10 " / 145 and thinking about buying a pair of coombas as an AT ski with a Fritschi Freeride + binding.Do you think this combination will work because of my weight and I'm not that athletic as many other AT users, because I just started with AT.Can I make jumps with this combination? Will a TLT ST binding also work for jumping?

                    This would be a decent combination combination for AT, maybe a little heavy, but the Freeride Plus would be better if you are wanting to do jumps. If jumping is a major focus for you, I highly recommend the Marker Duke, or Baron, which is a heavier option, but much stronger for the beatings jumps deal out.

                    I am looking for a powder ski to mount...

                    I am looking for a powder ski to mount Dynafit AT bindings to. My intent is some backcountry and out of bounds skiing. I want to be able to the bumps and groomers when I get back on piste. I am considering the APche Coomba, G3 Reverend, and Dynafit Manaslu. Unfortunately, I have skied all 3 under different conditions. I am 5'7", 150#. Which ski do you recommend and what length? Thanks.

                    The G3 has the smaller waist, at 93, which makes it a lot more versatile in different snow conditions, like bumps, groomers and powder. The Dynafit is the lightest ski by 2 pounds, so is a mush better option if your main focus is on the touring side, but also has a waist of 95, making it still versatile enough for pretty much everything, including bumps. The lower weight would only really hinder you on wind crusted days. Then finally, the K2 is the widest ski, at 102mm, is the heaviest option, making it more for slack/side-country skiing. It is the best soft snow option though, due to the weight for crud, and the stiff flex to grab an edge. I would personally go for the K2, but its up to you really. As for the lengths, I would say the G3=170 or 177, Dynafit=169 or 178, and K2=174

                    6'3" and 230lbs, ex-racer and pretty...

                    6'3" and 230lbs, ex-racer and pretty aggressive skier, skiing Washington Crud and side-country(80%)... Looking for a one ski quiver(although I have some Volkl 5-stars for the really icy days). I primarily am in the trees or open faced powder in the side country, take some drops but nothing huge, don't go into the park...barely even look into the getting out and cranking some GS turns here and there when it is corduroy(20%). Considering the following: 1) Prophet 100's 2) Dynastar Legend Pro Rider 3) Volkl Gotama 190 4) K2 Coomba. What are thoughts on best ski and size for me out in western Washington?

                    Seth, Thanks for the response, to answer...

                    Seth, Thanks for the response, to answer your question by hiking i am referring to skinning up, using Fritschi Freeride bindings - I looked at a pair of the Obsetheds' today and WOW they are a long 179 cm, especially when compared to my Mantras’ @ just 2 CM’s shorter.I’d love to rent / demo a pair of the Obsetheds’ before deciding but will most likely pull the trigger on a pair ASAP. With the next size down being 169 cm I doubt I should go any shorter than the 179’s being as I am 6’-1” and close to 200lbs. Would you concur? Ps (here we go again with yet another choice and question) how would you rate BD’s Megawatt against the ObSethed’s? Thanks much – joe

                    i'm not seth but i'm 5'11" 160lb or so (15 yrs) and have the 179cm you're freakin psycho for even thinking about the 169cm. I was caught between the 179cm and 189cm but after skiing them a fair amount I'm happy with my length but could still see myself skiing the 189cm pretty easily. I mounted them at tradish (-7.5cm from core center) and everytime i look down i feel like there is very little tip. that being said i haven't had any tip diving problems at all it's just a mind thing. especially at 6'1" around 200lb i could definately see you rocking a 189cm. that being said i don't skin with mine since i have jesters on them (only short little hikes) so the weight of the 189cm might be too much but don't be afraid of the length. lay them down on the ground and stand over them and you will see that they really aren't that big of skis. also i just got back from whistler where there is absolutely no snow unless you head over to blackcombe and hike the glacier and they still ripped everywhere. also its fun to see that you are the practically the only person with skis over 85mm underfoot. all i can say about the coomba is that i ripped past a guy who was having trouble on some down some chopped up mogels off of harmony. bottom line get the 179's or start the squats and wall-sits and go for the 189cm.oh and if your still undecided go to and search "obsethed". And don't be afraid to pull the trigger you'll drive yourself crazy if you keep asking more and more questions.

                    Unanswered Question

                    I am a 200 lb 6-1" agressive expert ex-racing...

                    I am a 200 lb 6-1" agressive expert ex-racing with an "arc to arc" turning more of a backcountry powder hound who wants a versatile and responsive light weight ski for hiking to steep chutes, and tight tree runs. I still like to push hard, carry speed and get a lot of response back from a ski. Hoping this one is lightweight, responsive and can go rail to rail somewhat for its size.For the 188 length model...what is the turning radius, weight for a pair of these skis and their overall feel? (I understand the 174 has a 22 M turning radius)