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The compact, convenient cooker for group wilderness outings.

Jetboil designed its larger, group-sized Sumo Canister Stove with a single push-button ignition, a highly packable design, and feathery-light titanium to boot. Liquid fuel stoves can be a slow, patience-testing mess, but the Sumo uses simple, screw-on canisters to get you set up and cooking fast. Melt snow during the winter, simmer some soup, or heat up the morning coffee and hit the trail fast thanks to this self-contained cooker.
  • FluxRing heat exchanger system maximizes fuel efficiency and promotes even heating by uniformly distributing flame along the bottom of the cup
  • Thermo-Regulate technology keeps a consistent heat to 20 degrees Fahrenheit for easy cooking
  • Adjustable burner is surrounded by a windscreen to reduce heat loss and improve fuel efficiency
  • The 1.8-liter, titanium cooking cup is ultralight, transfers heat efficiently, and cleans up fast
  • Neoprene cozy designed to stay in place while stove is in use; increases heat retention and improves cooking efficiency
  • Push-button ignition and wire heat adjuster make stove operation simple and quick
  • Included fuel canister stabilizer attaches to the bottom of your fuel canister to enhance stability
  • Clear measuring cup with graduated lines unsnaps from the bottom of the cooking cup for greater precision when preparing meals or hot drinks
  • Larger groups can take advantage of a variety of pot sizes while smaller groups can easily downsize (additional pots sold separately)
  • Jetboil fuel canisters (sold separately) are light and provide ample burn time, and they simply screw onto the bottom of this stove to keep things mess-free
  • Note: fuel canister and pot support are sold separate