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A new cup that achieves faster boil times and weighs an ounce less than other Jetboil cups.

The Jetboil Sōl Titanium Companion Cup cooks your noodles and melts snow more efficiently in colder temperatures so you can shave ounces off your pack weight. When you attach this FluxRing-equipped titanium cup to your Jetboil Sōl, Zip, Flash, or PCS base, you use less fuel because of its greater heating efficiency.
  • The lightweight design eases the stress on your back when hiking, climbing, or touring through the backcountry
  • Neoprene Cargo Cozy insulates your hands from the scalding metal, and features a nylon handle for easy passing in the tent
  • Drinkable lid design also features a pour spout and strainer for easy noodle cooking at camp
  • Bottom cover can be used as a bowl and is graduated so you can use it as a measuring cup
  • Has enough interior space to pack a Sōl or Zip burner (sold separately) and a 100g Jetpower fuel canister (also sold separately)
  • Compatible with the Jetboil Sōl, Zip, Flash, and PCS only