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So you're floating a river and brought your Jetboil PCS for freeze-dried food. But what if you actually manage to catch a fish and you want to cook it? Now you can use the Jetboil PCS with your regular pots and pans but simply attaching this pot support and stabilizer. This ultralight adapter changes your personal cooking system into a more conventional camp stove.

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Came with my JetBoil

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

When I purchased my JetBoil on last year, it said nothing about it, but I had a MSR Pocket Rocket at the time, I just wanted coffee in the backcountry (check out the french press option for $15).

The pot stabilizer made my Pocket Rocket obsolete so I sold it off. Now I use the JetBoil for all bc cooking stuff now. It is a nice add on piece, most new JetBoils come with this product included. At worst, double check with the live chat so you don't have two pot stabilizers. This option on this page is for the older JetBoils that DID NOT come with this add-on product.

Comes with the Jetboil

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Works great, just so you know, before you have to pay to return it, it comes with the Jetboil kit. Don't make the same mistake I made :/

Near Perfect

    What's not to like about this stabilizer? It weighs next to nothing, it packs inside the PCS (so it doesn't take up any room in your pack), and now I don't have to worry as much about my Jetboil tipping over. It works great with the frying pan for making omelets in the morning too! $15 is worth the peace of mind that my clumsy camp partners aren't going to knock over my jetboil, or scald their leg with boiling water. Money well spent.

    Get off MSR

      Everyone complains that jetboil is a one trick pony. This changes that. Now your Jetboil will have food ready quicker than anyone elses leaving you with all that extra time to make that sunset climb. A must buy for your Flash system, but don’t worry about getting the Flux ring pots. Any regular old pot heats up just as fast and efficient. Get this thing!!

      Don't leave without it

        It's a necessary item for this stove. If only it had one more leg, and I would suffer the whopping 3 ounces that it weighed, i would be 5 star satisfied.

        A three legged device is going to be much more stable on an uneven surface than a four legged device. I'm sure that is why they designed it the way they did. Just like a camera tripod or a three-legged stool.

        Of course on a flat surface a four legged device is more stable, but you don't find flat surfaces as often when out in the sticks.

        necessary for jetboil but NEEDS WORK!

          this is an absolute must when you're an owner of a jetboil cooking system. this little pot support enables you to use any pot or pan with the jetboil, but you'll need to make sure you stir or else you'll get uneven cooking. my biggest pet peeve with the stabilizer is that when you are storing it in the jetboil cup, it scratches the sides if youre not SUPER careful, also it won't allow you to fit the stabilizer in with the rest, which is a bummer. also it's outrageously expensive. they need to fix this

          I've been able to get all of the parts inside my Flash cup. First in is my coffee press screen, convex side up. Second, the 3-legged gas canister stabilizer. Third, the burner unit, with the three points on bottom touching the long sides of the stabilizer. Fourth, the two pieces of the coffee press shaft, through the slots on the burner until the tops are about even with the top of the burner. Fifth, the gas canister, followed by the pot support placed upside down. The lid then fits comfortably on top and, when finished, I can't rattle anything when I shake it.

          Nice Add-on -- Small Caution

            The pot support fit is perfect, tight enough to hold larger pots, loose enough to be removed one handed. While the stove burns you can quickly remove a large pot, one handed snap off the pot support and exchange it with the Jetboil pot. The stability legs are a neat idea, they work with large and small Jetboil canisters and other makes....but the Coleman Butane/Propane tanks are just a bit to large and will normally break a leg taking it on or off (...don't ask how I know!). I think they should include these items with the stove (...I know, it's a price!!). If you have a Jetboil PCS, these are like..."Must Have"...Add-on's!

            Nice Add-on -- Small Caution

            Agree - must have

              Even just using the PCS, I found the stability kit invaluable. I prefer to set the stove on rock and there were not many flat surfaces around on the trail. The PCS is a little top heavy and having the stand means more options for placement. It adds virtually nothing in weight and everything stores so neatly inside the PCS. The pot support came in handy too when my bud wanted to use his pan for cooking up some canned stew.

              Are the current stabilizers black or orange?...

              Are the current stabilizers black or orange? I am looking for an orange one so I won't be so likely to loose it!