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Think of it as a very, very small kitchen.

Why carry a pot, a stove, and a cup when you can carry just one Jetboil? The Jetboil stove is a self-contained cooking system that is a little larger than a Nalgene bottle. A super efficient canister stove is wedded to a cylindrical pot/mug to form a single, connected system. Thanks to a patented “Flux Ring” that distributes heat evenly over the bottom of the cup, the Jetboil can boil a cup full of water in 30 seconds. The base and canister nest inside the pot/mug for transport. The pot/mug portion uses an insulating sleeve to protect your hand and hold heat inside. The Jetboil's cup can be removed from the rest of the unit when whatever you're cooking is ready to eat or drink, and a handgrip strap gives you something to hold onto so the hot stuff goes into your mouth, not your lap. FUEL CANISTER NOT INCLUDED.

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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

No Joke!

this thing does not mess around i looked around alot befor buying and this seemed like the best bang for the buck thanx to reviews like this one and let me tell u this stove is flawless easy to use ingenious design and very cool accessories def check out the maint kit the sleeve with a spoon and fork and the kit that allows u to stabalize the unit and also cook with non jet boil cookware all of these items along with the gas fit inside the jet boil its amazing.. dont look elsewhere

5 5


I do not know how people survive with out these. you can have it in your car and use it up at the resort to have hot soup for 1.50 instead of 10 dollars! everything fits inside the cup so it is easy to pack around. they only down side is the fuel canisters are not refillable, so you gotta pack a few and take them back out. It is amazing how fast this cooks stuff. When i take it on trips it is funny to me how amazed people are at the boiling in 60 seconds or under! Love it!

My lighter/sparker got jammed once and my friend thought it would be a great idea to light it off his lit jetboil...NOT A GOOD IDEA! the neoprene caught on fire on his jet boil turned into a flying flame ball! It was hilarious and the neoprene did not burn much at all and it still cooks and insulates perfect for him.

5 5

Makes life easier

I love the Jetboil system. This stove has consistently performed well for me on numerous backpacking/camping/mountaineering trips. I consistently get boil times of 2 minutes or less. Even when using this stove for melting snow for cooking/drinking water, I was pleased with the results compared to my companions cannister stoves. All in all this is a great unit.

3 5

Must have

This thing has become quite common these days. It seems to perform equally well in the front country as well as the back country (if you don't mind a few extra pounds.

5 5

Great Stove

Used this on a solo trip through the Smokey Mtns. for a week and it proved to be great. The bottom cover has a 1 cup marking for measuring water - great for single servings of trail meals - and the cup itself has a two cup measuring mark for larger trail meals. Did not actually cook in it as I did not want to have to clean it but another hiker I ran into was cooking in it and said it cleaned well but his Ramen Noodles were leaving a soup taste that he could smell when he was drinking cocoa out of it. Only downfalls I could find are the obvious boil over issue and in temps below freezing it did take a bit longer to boil water. I would have serious concerns with using this at altitude and in in very cold weather. Get the stabilizer that clips on the bottom and you will eliminate the worry of finding a flat spot to cook. I am heading out with a group in a few weeks and will be getting a companion cup and French Press that will fit the bill nicely. All in all a great stove that you will find very user friendly.

5 5

Excellent Stove.

This thing isn't as compact or as light as some stoves out there but when you combine it with the fact that it is more efficient than some of it's lighter competitors and requires less fuel it makes up for some of it's weight problems. Overall the system is very light and convenient and fast. I love my Jetboil.

3 5

Clever but could use some improvements.

It boils fast, it packs small but Beware of boil over and make sure that you are not relying on the internal igniter.

5 5


Excellent system. Melts snow in seconds, only a couple of minutes to full boil. Much more efficient than the MSR stove, with smaller (and lighter) cannisters. Highly recommend.

5 5

Flaming JetBoil

Five stars all the way! This JetBoil is the most amazing, light weight, all round stove of the year! There is just one thing that I would recommend not doing with your newly bought JetBoil. Don't tip your JetBoil over to light another JetBoil... If you do, your fuel will SHOOT out in a large stream of flames, and will engulf your jet boil. This will most likely cause you to throw it clear.... ohh and don't try to blow it out, because it won't go out. Don't worry it won't explode too quickly either. Gather your courage and and just turn off the valve and you will be just fine.... Also don't worry about your jet boil insulating cover, it will barely even burn!

Thank you JetBoil for making an item Idiot proof!

5 5

Get one

Everyone should have one. Even people who don't like coffee. Light this thing up at the office each morn at your desk while you're banging out your email, keep the dollars in your pocket, and the smell of gas in the office air.

5 5

Genuine Innovation is a Joy to Behold

You have to appreciate a truly unique, functional, and innovative product when it comes along. I was quite happy with my SnowPeak GigaPower canister stove and titanium cook pot but once I tried the JetBoil I was hooked. I am all about fast and easy backcountry cooking, so I lean heavily toward freeze-dried foods prepared in-pouch; not a big fan of full-blown cooked meals requiring extensive clean-up. If you like cooking from scratch, pan-frying, etc., the pot support and stabilizer kits are essential; they add tremendous versatility to your stove. Some of the "safety issues" mentioned in other reviews can be avoided simply by following instructions; it clearly states that the cup should be removed before ignition (although it is tempting to cheat, I admit) and there is a line in the cup denoting max safe water level (not max safe water-plus-pack-of-noodles level). Heed those guidelines and it's quite safe and trouble-free. The only very minor criticism is that the cup is not super-easy to detach/attach to the burner, especially when it is lit (which is why it's tempting to cheat by attaching it prior to igniting). Like all canisters not great for very high altitude, very cold conditions, but I've used mine at 10,000+ feet in late October with excellent results. Have fun with your JetBoil; another cup of tea anyone?

5 5

Be ready

No waiting here. Easy to assemble, great to pack and WOW no wait time here to eat! Took slightly longer to boil water than listed but was it fast. Sure beats rubbing two sticks together.

4 5

Jetboil review

Used the Jetboil with the REI 4 season gas mixture in -10F this weekend. I regularly use the jetboil and it works great, but it did not work well in that cold of temp. I had to hold the fuel canister to heat it up for the stove to efficiently work.
Outside of the extreme cold, its a great stove.

5 5


The JetBoil PCS is great for 1-2 people. Light weight and does what its claims (boils water) and does it fast. Great for light weight backpacking/ski touring/kayaking/anything. I recommend it.

4 5

Lightweight compact cooking

I have starting trying to go lighter for section hiking on the A.T. The JetBoil system is lightweight and compact, as all the components including the fuel cannister fit inside the container preserving valuable pack space. Operation is very simple and the system is easy to use. Boiling time is very fast because of the efficient design and heat distribution. The time saved over some other stoves is well worth the investment. This said, the stove does have some minor drawbacks. First is a stability issue. It is imperative that you find a flat and stable surface to use the stove. Second, the cup can be somewhat difficult to detach from the base, especially when the cup is full of boiling water. Lastly, the ignition lighter doesn't ignite every time. Again, these problems are minor in my opinion compared to the benefits. I would recommend the JetBoil as a very good cooking system.

5 5

Jet Boil

We have purchased several Jet Boils for the US Marines (To include our son). The word in Iraq is that these stoves are priceless. Our son was able to heat water for hot coffee and to have a hot meal for the first time in two months. The unit works great and is easy to transport from location to location.

5 5

Jet Boil everywhere

I love this product so much that I take it everywhere I go. I love to make tea at the base of a climb or during a short day hike. It's so compact is fits into my Camelbak.

5 5

so easy.

I used to be addicted to my Dragonfly; I thought it was the most amazing thing to happen to backcountry cooking. THEN I went on a camping trip with a guy who had a Jetboil... next thing I knew, I was ready to sell my dragonfly on gear trade and pick up a Jetboil. I've used this on camping trips (car and backcountry) and its so easy to use, clean and store.

5 5

So easy.

I used to be addicted to my Dragonfly; I thought it was the most amazing thing to happen to backcountry cooking. THEN I went on a camping trip with a guy who had a Jetboil... next thing I knew, I was ready to sell my dragonfly on geartrade and pick up a Jetboil. I've used this on camping trips (car and backcountry) and its so easy to use, clean and store.

5 5


This is the best way to cook anything fast. But make sure you stir your soup, or it will stick to the bottom. Also try the coffee press for great, fast coffee on those cold backcountry mornings.