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Having a Jetboil is fantastic!

    THE REASON TO GET>FOR COFFEE LOVERS: It works exactly like a french press. Simply connect the parts, boil water, add coffee, stir, press, and serve.

    THE REASON TO GET>FOR FOOD: If you enjoy the add boiling water to pre-packaged/pouch style food, then the Jetboil rocks. Just boil water, pour, and eat. Very fast. As for heat and eat style food such as Ramen Noodles, chili, stew, etc... yes, the Jetboil does simmer. I'm sure you could burn the bottom of your chili if you blasted it on high and didn't stir the contents. So I recommend to simmer, stir, heat and eat. Very basic.

    THE PARTS: The metal pole is comprised of two parts which screws together like a professional pool stick, then screws into the filter screen. Everything you receive with the Java Kit, sans the coffee, fits into the cup (100g Jetpower fuel canister, burner, filter screen, & pole). The 230g Jetpower fuel canister does not fit inside the cup.

    ADDITIONAL ITEMS: I also purchased the stabilizer and pot support. The stabilizer is plastic and folds up so you can fit it in the cup. It snaps on very easily to both the 100g and 230g Jetpower fuel canisters. It's not "completely" necessary, but adds a significant amount of stabilization to the smaller fuel canister. The pot support is metal and fits inside the cup. It's not as efficient as using Jetboil pots, pans, and cups, but if you already purchased cookware items, the pot support enables you to cook with them. I have a feeling I won't be using the pot support too often.

    CONS: The igniter stopped working. I read other reviews that said the igniter worked flawlessly out of the box then stopped working after the second use. It happened to me, too. The simple fix is to turn on the gas and light a match or use a lighter to ignite. Super basic.

    WHAT I'VE LEARNED: After multiple backpacking trips, I've discovered that I would like to buy an additional "companion" cup so I can heat my liquids (coffee, hot chocolate, tea, etc.) and keep it in the container while I use the companion cup to heat my food (add water/pre-packaged foods and heat and eat foods) or for water purification.

    THE REASON TO GET>PERIOD, POINT BLANK> END OF STORY: It truly boils water faster than any other lightweight stove on the market. My friends with other stoves are always in awe at how fast I'm drinking a hot chocolate or eating before them after a long hike. It's kinda weird watching their responses because after seeing the Jetboil work for the first time my friends get all wide-eyed and crazy and say "Dude, I'm totally returning my stove and getting one of those." Maybe I should show them before we hike to see if it elicits the same response?


      I believe the Jetboil PCS is the best cooking system I've come accross in my 20-some years of backpacking. It's light weight, compact and efficiently boils the water - even at the higher elevations I used it at (around 11K ft). For coffee adicts, it's worth the extra 10 or so dollars. I would also recomend getting a companion cup in additon, even if you don't have a companion. That way while your coffee is brewing/cooling, you can boil additional water for cooking/water purification needs.

      is the element on the jetboil pcs the same...

      is the element on the jetboil pcs the same size as the one on the gcs