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Cook or boil, the Helios gets it done.

Featuring the same FluxRing tech and inverted canister design that made Jetboil famous, the versatile, efficient Jetboil Helios Cooking System works for anything from multiday backcountry trips to chilly evenings in the campground. The powerful burner can boil a liter of water in three minutes flat, and a clip-on windscreen holds off 10+ mph wind gusts. Jetboil designed the entire kit to fit inside the included two-liter pot so you can pack it away easily and get on with your hike.
  • FluxRing heat exchanger system maximizes fuel efficiency and promotes even heating by uniformly distributing flame along the bottom of the pot
  • Jetboil's liquid-injected fuel system features an inverted canister for more power and long-term consistency in fuel delivery
  • Burner designed to work with Jetboil's Helios FluxRing pots; can also accommodate other pots and pans, potentially with some loss in efficiency
  • Neoprene cozy designed to stay in place while stove is in use; increases heat retention, and improves cooking efficiency
  • Included windscreen maximizes fuel efficiency and heat retention
  • Piezo ignition system lets you start the stove without matches; remote positioning lets you relight stove even after the pot and windscreen are in place
  • Stove base, windscreen, and canister stand fit inside pot for efficient use of space
  • Usable ambient temperature range: -10° F - 100° F
  • Included in package: Jetboil stove burner, two-liter pot, canister stand, and windscreen
  • Note: fuel canister is sold separately