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The Jetboil Group Cooking System includes a burner with built-in igniter, 1.5 liter pot, pot support, insulating cozy, and stabilizer that all fit into one compact unit, offering incredible efficiency and versatile use. It's a compact, light solution for multi-person camping and backpacking trips.

  • 1.5 Liter pot is a great size to cook for more than one person, and its insulating neoprene cozy and fold-out handles make it easier and safer to handle
  • Pot heats quickly and evenly over the adjustable burner, so your food won't scorch at the bottom
  • Thanks to the pot's insulating cozy and lid, your food cooks with up to 75% greater efficiency than it would on a conventional stove
  • Excellent efficiency means you can boil a liter of water in 4 minutes and boil up to 12 liters with just one 100g fuel canister
  • Quick-lock pot support and canister stabilizer give your cuisine solid footing
  • Push-button igniter makes the stove light up in a snap
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Great stove all around!

    What a great stove its very durable has great flame adjustment just bought mine today and look forward to backpacking with this reliable stove It makes me not want to use my own oven at my house any more.And your Able to cook big meals in it!

    Good Concept, but room for improvement

      I purchased this item 6 months ago and have used on on many backpacking and camping trips. It gets the job done but there is room for improvement

      1. Plastic lid was warpped after first use. I didn't cook with it on. All I did was place it over food that was just cooked to keep it warm. It no longer has a practical cooking use. I use it as a storing lid. They gotta fix this!
      2. Yes there is a simmer function. However, the temperature dial is 2% "simmer" and 98% full flame. To get a lower temperature, you have to lower the dial ever-so-slightly until the flame decreases. Once it starts to decrease from full flame, you have about 3mm of movement before you kill the flame. This is where the simmer comes in. Because of this, it is common to accidently shut off the gas as you try to lower the flame. Gotta fix this!
      3. Starter works for the most part. There were a handful of times when the starter didn't ingnite the flame. The problem corrected itself once it was heated up again.


        Just returned from a five day trip on the Colorado Trail. Altitude ranged from 10,000 feet to 11,000 feet. Temps were as cold as 10 below to 10 above at night, and 10 above to 26 above as daytime highs. All water was from melting snow. The Jetboil GPS worked but it was a pain to use. We had the hanging kit that is made for it. Using the hanging kit in the tent with the door closed did work fairly well because the stove heated up the tent and thus the canister; however, the chore of melting snow for three people: dinner, drinking water, and the next days breakfast and drinking water (a two to three hour chore) was messy working inside the tent. Addiing snow to the pot and pouring out of the pot was just messy. Perhaps I am not as experienced at cooking in the tent as a sherpa on Everest. Anyway, the stove hardly worked in the vestibule so in the tent was the only way. I much prefer my MSR Dragon Fly in my vestibule because it works well at any temp. The next day my son dug a fire pit; about six feet in diameter. The stove worked pretty well by putting it in the pit and letting the fire warm the canister. Clearly this is (was) not an ideal way and very time consuming. And of course we had to be damn careful that the canister didn't get too hot. I don't think I would have had a fire if my son hadn't been with us. Again, I'll stick with my MSR Dragon Fly in the winter.


        Jetboil GPS

        Using the Jetboil GPS to melt snow at 10,600 feet in ten degrees below zero temps. We were very careful to rotate the fuel canister so that it didn't get too hot. Quite a pain to use in these conditions. I'll stick with my Dragon Fly.

        Jetboil GPS

        Perfect for deep backcountry adventures

          Awesome system. Light and very fast. Boils water extremely fast and actually simmers ok too. I have been using jetboil products for a few years now. My only complaint is that jetboils are hard to cook eggs on due to the small area in which the stove applies heat. My fix is that I am constantly moving the pan when cooking eggs to keep it from burning the center. The lighweight and speed more than make up for this, especially because I am usually car camping if I am cooking eggs and have a different, bigger/heavier, stove for car camping.

          Jetboil Group Cooking System

            This has provided me with tea during many midnight hiking trips to view the stars on top of windy ridges in Ellensburg, WA. Provided warm beverage and meals during snowshoe trips as well. I have cooked using MSR WhisperLite, MSR Reactor, and general propane camp cook sets. No complaints on this stove. Burn time may not be as fast as the reactor, but time differences are negligent to me and I don't notice it too much. Maybe it is because my hiking partner and I alternate between who brings their stove. It has performed well every time. As with any stove, when melting snow, make sure you have water in the pot.

            Gold Standard

              All the reviews don't lie - this is a very nice little versatile stove with all the right features. The only difficulty I experienced with it was when I did not keep the fuel (Jetboil brand) warm as it made the stove perform a bit on the anemic side. Even with this, an excellent performing stove all around.

              Life Saver

                Well everyone covers the camping need, we know it is super lightweight. However, I had a 9 hour road trip with my wife and 5 month en route to an NFL game and using it from the trunk to warm some water for her baby formula was over the top convienient. I am assuming the next power outage this will be awesome for some hot choclate or a cup of coffee. Even a space heater in the closet. This item is must own.

                Love this Stove

                  The jetboil system is simple and effective. We've used it on trips to warm and cold locations with little problem. I like how the whole thing compacts into the pot and you can also fit your jetboil utensils in there as well.

                  Recently, the igniter has turned to hit or miss so we usually bring some matches or lighter to get it going.

                  It's highly suggested that you bring this into your tent if it is super cold out and just ensure the vents are open in the tent. The heating element on the bottom of the pot will turn into a cooling element if it's windy and boiling water out of a tent will turn into a watched pot that takes forever to boil.

                  I love my jetboil

                    Got one of these for a seven day backpacking trip. It worked wonderfully. The jet boil burner is self lighting and cranks out the BTU's, heating water or anything quickly. The 1.5L pot is great, nonstick and super easy to clean. Included is a top and bottom pan cover that make handy plates to save space. + the whole burner/fuel/stabilizer all fit into the 1.5 pot to save space.

                    Highly recommend this for anyone in need of a new stove.


                      OK, the Jet-Boil GCS is known for its high performance and efficiency. It boiled 16 ounces of water at 8,200' in about 2 minutes. All components and a small fuel cannister load into the pot for easy packing.

                      Now for the 'whoops'. I was preparing for my morning coffee with my 2-cup coffee press, pre-ground coffee, Sierra cup, setting up the stove, connecting the fuel bottle and fighting off the mosquitos. I set the pot on the stove, poured the water in, turned on the fuel and pressed the auto-light.

                      Bingo. Everything worked and coffee was on its way. Oh, but what's that burning plastic smell? Crap! Someone (me) left the lower plastic protector/plate on the pot. The flame melted the lower plastic cover proto and all this black goo went down into the burner system so now just half the burner is 'efficient'. Don't know if those pieces are available from Jet-Boil, but they should be as this design isn't fully idiot proof.

                      Otherwise - it's excellent.

                      Burnt plastic? Great stove though

                        Great stove overall, boils water etc. super fast. Has anyone else had a problem burning the plastic on it? I had it turned up a bit high, needed to have boiling water in an emergency, but for something this pricey you wouldn't think that would be a problem. Despite that, I wouldn't recommend anything else.

                        Amazing Stove

                          I really enjoyed this stove. I took it on a 4 day backpacking trip to about 10,500ft. It is very easy to use, lights quick and boils water extremely fast. I went with someone that brought a MSR WhisperLite Stove and by the time they would get their stove lit my water was done boiling. I didn't have any problems with this at all.

                          Same thoughts as everyone else

                            Excellent cooking system. However, I suffered with the same 'shrunken lid' syndrome as everyone else. The lid will still go back on top, but not without considerable effort.

                            I would still recommend this, and would buy it again if I had to do it all over again.

                            Unanswered Question

                            Hi, I want to know what is de autonomy of...

                            Hi, I want to know what is de autonomy of de fuel, in a general way, and since I live in Portugal, is de fuel can easy to buy?

                            I already have the flash pcs, so is there...

                            I already have the flash pcs, so is there a way where I can just get the pot and the burner adapter?

                            Looking for my first stove . . . Texas...

                            Looking for my first stove . . . Texas area . . . used for 1 person but adaptable for family or scouting. Would this be a good choice?

                            I agree. This would be a good group size cooking system but there are others to consider. For instance if you got a higher BTU & more compact stove by itself, you would be able to use any number of pots & pans made by other manufacturers. Personally I like the versatility of using a coated titanium fry pan along with a titanium pot. By using those components, you would have not only a hotter stove but also lighter weight cookware. Just another option to consider.

                            I have used on solo trips to Big Bend used both the pots and the 1 liter cup (and French press, awesome coffee!!) and I used both canister and white gas (Dragonfly) and this system with non-stick and super light weight really made it easy for me to pack, use, clean, interchange the items. I have use don the beach also (Big Shell) and it was an easy use compared to all the cumbersome Coleman stoves I used to use ...

                            is there a way to inter-change the 1.5...

                            is there a way to inter-change the 1.5 liter system with the 1 liter pcs?

                            Does anyone know if I can buy a bottom...

                            Does anyone know if I can buy a bottom cover for a 1.5 liter jetboil cooking system?