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Sweet Awesomeness

My girlfriend and I each bought Jetboils for a climbing trip to Horseshoe Canyon in AR. She made pancakes with hers and I made sausages with mine and were able to feed our hungry climber companions. We love our Jetboils!

Sweet Awesomeness

Super efficient!

    All my friends are jealous. Boils water super fast, packs down small, and it's amazingly's like a jet powered Transformer Prius...stove. I love it! The fry pan is nice and so is the included plate (but the utensils suck, just get some TI Ware). I'm good for about 5-8 weekend camping trips on just one fuel can.

    Love this thing

      I have tried this stove and love it. Out of the box washed it and it was ready to go. Boiled water 2 cups and put it in the mtn house. Took off the cup and put on the pan hotdogs perfect (if that is possible)my 6yr old love every minute of it. Thanks to all the reviews, this product is in my hands.

      Don't leave home without it

        I recently replaced my old Peak1 stove and messkit with Jetboil products. I purchased the 1.5L pot and this Gourmet Cooking Set. I also got the French Press for the PCS - this a must for coffee drinkers! After a few overnights in the Adirondacks I know that I will never use anything else. Well worth the reasonable price, very durable, and amazingly fast.

        Jetboil Rocks!

          I have had numerous backpacking cooksets, but none compare to jetboil. Compact, versatile, and efficient this one does it all. With the gourmet set and must have coffee press, I have made dehydrated meals, grilled fresh caught salmon, and made much needed fresh coffee in the mornings. The auto ignition has yet to let me down. Everything (minus the fry pan) fits together flawlessly and packs as small as my nalgene bottle in it's outdoor research parka. I have even fixed a full box of mac and cheese in the 1 liter jetboil with no problems. I have considered ordering the hanging kit, but I don't see a need yet, since it stays cool enough for me to boil water while holding it in my hand! I have yet to try it in sub zero temps, but im sure if you keep the fuel canister in your sleeping bag, or jacket (like most fuels) you will be fine.

          Compact, Fast, a Few Issues

            I just bought the Gourmet Set and received it this week. I took it out today and used it in the backyard ahead of my upcoming backpacking trip. First off, the stove paired with the 1L PCS cup is just as advertised and boils water real quick. Had no issue with the piezo igniter, but plan to bring a back-up on my trip, since it looks pretty delicate and could be broken in pack/unpack. I used the coffee press to make a cup and was surprised how well the cozy insulated. The last sip was still warm. Totally impressed with this part of the package.

            The stabilizer was easy to attach to the fuel can and really did stabilize. The pot support worked, sitting inside the flux ring keeping the fry pan from sliding too far to the side. My fried egg turned out great-- no problem turning it. I did pick the pan up a few times to keep it from cooking too fast. Even on the lowest setting, barely enough to maintain a flame, the pan heats very quickly. The foldable handles on the pan feel pretty flimsy, and kept folding in toward the pan while cooking. I will improvise a clip or bring a rubber band to hold them in place. The rivet that hold the handle assembly to the pan is the likely future failure point, but with care it will likely last many trips. The utensils were the biggest disappointment with this set. The spatula was functional for the egg and I plan to use it for pancakes. The spoon was fine for stirring coffee. The fork feels too flimsy to be of much use. I think I will leave the spoon and fork and opt for something more substantial. The best part is that the system is so well designed that fuel can, optional coffee press, stove, pot support and stabilizer all fit inside the 1L pot, with the utensils on the outside of the cozy. This neat package weighs 739g. The fry pan adds 294g more.

            Overall, a great cook set.

            Best I ever saw

              The best. I am an Assistant Scoutmaster and there is nothing that beats a hot cup of coffee at 5:00am before 24 young men start rolling out of their tents. I have the Personal System as well as the Group System, utensil kit, fry pan and coffee press. Fuel efficient, stows small and light, performance cannot be beat.

              Just can't beat it!

                Just took it on a weekend trip in the Smokies. Used it to boil water and the stove performed excellent. Utensils are super cool (they retract to half their size) and the ignitor button worked every time on the first or second press. Definitely would recommend to someone trying to save space and just looking for a damn good stove!

                Jetboil Gourmet Cooking Set

                  How what a sstem to add to the other jetboil stuff I have. Made coffee with the press and companion cup. Made hot chocalate for the children in another. Made cheese and onion omeletes with the pan at campsite. Yes I did and managed to flip it in the skillet with some help from the spatula. Small, effective, and a great item(s) 100% satisfied


                    We bought this system plus an extra Companion Cup and the coffee press. When we made the conversion from car camping to backpacking, I thought we had to kiss good food goodbye. Au contraire. You can cook up a nice omelet with the fry pan. And, when they tout auto-ignition, trust me, it works -- I used the Jetboil in the pouring rain in the Quinault rainforest. Hot chocolate never tasted so good. The Jetboil also solved the problem of "how do we fly somewhere and camp." The cookset travels clean in your checked in baggage, just don't pack any fuel in there, OK? This has truly opened new territory for us. Oh, and the cooking utensils pack up small, the handle slides down. 100% excellence in design, all around.

                    What's not to like?

                      Nearly everyone I know who backpacks is joining the Jetboil bandwagon. When a product works this well everyone catches on pretty quick. I have everything they make except for the coffee press(what am I waiting for). I just picked up the Gourmet Cooking Set to acquire the fry pan. Now we are a two Jetboil family. I'm looking forward to some tasty tortilla meals! The included spatula/fork/spoon are a nice addition. I should have acquired them sooner instead of spending bucks on titaniumware. The Jetboil system is not a minimalist's dream but the convenience and ease of operation are worth a few extra ounces in my backpack!

                      Has Jetboil improved the non-stick aspect...

                      Has Jetboil improved the non-stick aspect of the fry pan? I've read a lot of reviews around the internet and most everyone says that stuff gets fried on it and is extremely hard to clean. Almost no one said they would recommend it to others. I love my jetboil PCS but now have a small family and would like to continue to cook with it, but dont want to pay 40-50 bucks for a pan without a good non-stick surface.

                      Jetboil's site doesn't say, chances are you won't talk to a person who has tried both a frying pan from this year as well as years passed. I do Jetboil is a company with really good products as well as development. I imagine they know about this problem from before (I'm sure people weren't shy to tell them). in short, it is doubtful they would ignore the problem and not fix it. It's also very possible the people using this pan and had food stick could've over-scorched their food. You could call JB and ask them if they've improved the non-stick coating.

                      Does the pan latch to the element? Does...

                      Does the pan latch to the element? Does all of the stablizing equipment fit inside the jetboil along with the fuel, or will i need a seperate container for that?

                      I guess you company and many like it would...

                      I guess you company and many like it would be out of millions of revenue if people put a warm blanket, sleeping bag, binoculars, rice, beans, dried meat and canned milk into their old Explorer Back Pack and mess kit from Uncle Sam, along with a fishing pole and entrenching tool to dig worms and bury waste, went out and hiked. For the summer! Had to buy new jeans along the way when I bought more rice. Meet so many people carring way to much fancy gear to ever want to purchase any.
                      Oh well, now I fish from a plastic boat, but I still have the entrenching to to dig worms and bury waste. Take care, I won't post again.

                      Can you use other non-Jetboil fuel? Can...

                      Can you use other non-Jetboil fuel? Can you use other flexring pots or pans (i.e. MSR ETA power pots)? Thanks!

                      I just got a jetboil gourmet cooking set...

                      I just got a jetboil gourmet cooking set for Christmas and it arrived with no instructions. Is there a way to obtain them? Thanks, Boyd

                      Does this item comes with everything needed...

                      Does this item comes with everything needed except for the gas?