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Soul-surf big faces on the powder-hungry Keeper.

Like an intergalactic elixir, the Icelantic Keeper Ski puts a whole new spin on big mountain freeride with a monstrous 150mm shovel and early rise tip and tail. Endless vertical and mega-dump conditions are the preferred domain of this powder-hungry twintip, and the 119mm waist is proof-positive. Depth charge from tall drops or lay down mach-speed turns while the brawny fiberglass-sandwich construction sucks up cruddy backcountry obstacles. Should you unexpectedly punctuate your soulful ride with a groomer, the regular camber underfoot and deep sidecut make short work of the cursed corduroy. Return the Keeper once again to the land of bottomless powder and bounce, smear, or surf your way into alpine nirvana.

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looking for a ski crampon for this ski...

Posted on

looking for a ski crampon for this ski mounted with dynafit tlt binding

Responded on

Biggest one dynafit makes is a 110. You could try and bend it, but I don't think that'll work too well for you. Suppose when the skinning gets tough, its time to take em off and boot pack!

Unanswered Question

I'm in pursuit of a one quiver powder ski...

Posted on

I'm in pursuit of a one quiver powder ski for out west resort skiing. I have to fly to get to the mountains and ski mainly in SW Montana (Big Sky & Moonlight Basin). I'm also doing a trip down to Chile. I try to stay off-piste as much as possible, but when on the goomers, I'd like to know if the Keeper carves long radius turns reasonably well on the groomers, or should I be looking at another ski? I'm also looking at the Armada JJ's and Moment Night Trains. I currently ski '08 Gotamas (183's).


5 5

Show me the powder

Two things drew me to this ski: the S7 like specs and the wicked graphics. Graphics don't make a ski trailworthy, but it does get you reading the specs. This ski is remarkable. It floats through powder and provides a solid base for landing big airs. I haven't had many days on this ski given my magical knack for missing the big dumps, but when I did take them out the impressed.
They're turny in the trees and floaty in the soft snow. You can brake check, charge or just cruise in the Keepers all day.

I also have an affinity for the boutique brands (as my most recent quiver additions seem to come exclusively from small Colorado manufacturers). There's an essence of skiing that one observes from these companies that makes you feel like your purchase is a bit symbiotic.

About me: 6'3" 225 (chub) skiing 189 cm and loving every cm of it. For a powder ski, the long length is kind of a no brainer and at 18m turn radius, the 189 with a slight tail skis like a much shorter ski.

5 5

It's about time.

As I sit here exhausted after a long day of skiing, drinking a well deserved beer, I feel it is time that I write a review about these skis. Although I spent some days riding in CO this winter, the majority of my riding has been in WA. Now to business, I am 6'1" 190 lbs, with the 189 Keepers and Marker Duke bindings at +3 mount. Over the season, these skis have literally never left my feet. SWEET BABY JESUS, the ability in the pow is insane, they float effortlessly even when I have my 20lb photo pack strapped to my back. By far the most fun ski I have ridden in powder conditions. A super bouncy lively ski that can pop off powdery rollers, transition turns effortlessly, and hold up like a champ against tip dive . I haven't dropped any beasts, but they STOMP the 10-15 footers I have been sending.

Alright, enough about the powder. I felt pretty confident they would tear up the pow, but what about everything else? Let's be honest, dudes riding banana skis are pretty SOL when there is no powder around. Fortunately, the Keepers have the perfect set up of tip & tail rocker with camber underfoot. The rocker on these skis is perfect; understated, but just right to keep the tip on top. When straight lining down narrow chutes or a groomer, you may experience a little bit of lift, but will never have to worry about "lift off" as you would with other rockered skis.

The camber of this ski is what sets it apart from most powder skis. I have ridden these through all of the crud that WA has been passed this winter. Obviously, I don't go out on days when it is raining, but I have skied these babies in the worst of the cascade concrete and have had very little problems. On groomers, hardpack, crust, and ice these skis hold true and tear it up. People say, "why are you riding that powder ski on a day like this" and I say "SCREW YOU MAN MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!!". Nah, actually I tell them that they honestly perform great in all conditions. If you are dealing with the "wonderful" gully moguls we all know, don't worry yourself, they handle just fine.

YIKES, this review has become way too long. To sum up: These skis are SO sick. Perform great in any condition and are the most fun ski I have ridden to date. Not to mention the guys at Icelantic are some of the best people / one of the best marketed & customer-centered businesses I have ever seen. If you aren't really that sure the ski is as good as I am saying or think I am a total tool for writing so much, DEMO IT, then message me your words of agreement.


P.S. Did I mention how these are the sickest graphics out there? (Although I do also love Moments stuff). Did I also mention next years artwork by Travis is SO SICK it almost makes me want to throw up?

It's about time.

I am on the 2008 Icelantic Nomad right...

Posted on

I am on the 2008 Icelantic Nomad right now. I use these in powder and groomers and I am considering upgrading to this ski next year (yes I know there will be a new version)and was wondering if these are a good carving ski?

Responded on

First of all, this ski is awesome. I would recommend it for anyone who wants to rip the whole mountain. That said, with its early rise tip and tail, it is more geared towards the powder and crud. The Nomad that you have (and likely the one that will come out next year) will be better on the groomers than this ski. But if you spend more time in the steep and deep than in the groomed, pick yourself up a pair of these oversized toothpicks.

5 5

Icelandic Keepers

Picked up a pair of Keepers in Feb 2011. I am 6′ and 195 advanced to expert depending on terrain. I bought the Keepers at 189 length. I made the right decision here as I prefer the extra length and edges. Decided to go with the least side cut as most snow is cut up and turned to mashed potatoes or Cascade concrete after the first hour. Keepers were on my short list and I picked up a pair from Skiershop in Vermont with Look PX 12 bindings. Skied them on groomed, hard pack, moderate moguls with 2-4 inches of new snow, 4″ of new snow and 14 inches of new snow. I normally ski Atomic MK2Tron for all mountain or an old pair of K2 Kahunas for crud and mashed potatoes. The Keeper skis are perfect when there is loose snow under foot. Reason being they need a platform to compact and turn on and enought snow to sink the ski for full edge control. They are skitterish on hardpack or ice as the tail will want to loose its grip. When skiing in all other conditions, these skis excelled. They crushed thru mashed potatoes and busted thru 14 inches of snow with very little effort. I was impressed. I would also agree with Icelandics assessment of the skis as wanting to go straight down the fall line, however, I like to turn and these skis responded with little effort. After 3 hours of skiing, I took my Atomic all mountain skis and skied the same terrain and realized how little effort it took to ski the Keepers (I reversed the sking order the next day and came to the same opinion), not to mention that I was sking more agressively with the Keepers than normal with the wide platform under foot. My all mountains Atomics are more fun to ski when new snow is scarce as they are shorter and quicker to turn in a variety of conditions, but I will be using the Keepers when the snow flakes have been flying. These should be on anybodies short list if they want to shred thru a new snow dump

5 5


Finally got to ski these babies for the first time this week after a huge dumping of snow in Utah. They are a dream in the powder. The huge shovel really lifts off and the 119 waist keeps them afloat with no problem. Love the profile and camber. They handle surprisingly well on groomed snow, but take a little more effort to control at high speeds; probably just need a little practice and adjustment though. They really stand out in chopped-up, skied-out, variable snow. I had no problem skiing the crud like it was fresh. Amazing. Great in the trees as they turn on a dime. Mounted them with Look Pivot 14 and love them. Can't wait to let them rip in really light Utah pow. Check out my full review with some pics at

Couldn't recommend these skis highly enough!

What is a good mounting place for bindings...

Posted on

What is a good mounting place for bindings on these?

Responded on

I'd go with the BC line for your boot center. Going back further makes you lose some of the intended platform and puts a lot of weight back on your tails.

Spring Fling

Posted on

The month of April always seems to bring some of the best storms of the year. I always look forward to this time f the year as coverage is usually good and the snowpack is pretty consolidated and safe. Here's a little bit of the spring madness.

Responded on

I see you have yours mounted Tele. I will be mounting mine up with BD01 and was wondering how you mounted yours. I normally place on a flat surface and slide a card from noise till it hits and mark and do the same with the tails, then measure half way between those markers. Is this what you did? What do you suggest?

Responded on

I mounted mine with NTN which is done by using the boot center mark. For these and O1's I say find the boot center on your particular boot, put it -2 cm behind the supplied mark on the ski, then mark where the middle of the duckbill is (the middle that runs horizontally, the pin line) on the ski. Line that mark up with the pin line on the binding (middle of the duckbill slot on the toe piece), and mark your placement. That should be a good spot to mount the O1's. I can't really say how good that is since I only ski NTN bindings now, but that should be about right for a guestimation. If done right, the pin line on your O1 binding should be close to the narrowest section of sidecut on the ski, which should be around the middle of the running length of the ski.

5 5

This ski kills it.

These skis kill it. An absolute blast in pow and crud. The early rise tip really helps avoid the tele tip dives, and just keeps the ski ontop. I definitely love my pair. If you're skeptical get out on a free demo and you'll end up loving 'em.

Responded on

Hey Alex, i See you have both a pair of Shamans and Keepers. I'm looking for a good wider powder ski for my touring set up this year and am deciding between the Shamans and Keepers. Would you suggest one over the other for any particular reason?

Responded on

Sorry about the delay in posting this. I'd go with the keeper. The weight distribution and early rise come to mind as reasons for this over the shaman. This ski is a blast and is pretty versatile in the BC. The Shaman kills it as well, but the keeper takes the cake for powder.

what is the flex of this ski like? what...

Posted on

what is the flex of this ski like? what other skis could it be compared to?

Responded on

The flex on this ski is nice and balanced, I'd say it's middle of the road. You might be able to compare it to the Rossignol S7 or Armada JJ. These skis are stiffer underfoot and then taper towards the tip and tail which both have early rise. There is increased flex in the tip and tail as you move away from the center making this ski versatile, offering playful floatation without sacrificing stability.

5 5

Love them

I skied these last year at Snowbasin and LOVED them. they float with the best of them, they can lay an edge, and bust through crud like a champ! I am 5'9" and 150lbs and the 189 was the right size for me. this year i am getting some marker F12s and going to ROCK this ski.

misprint by - they come in Lengths: 167cm, 178cm, 189cm

Responded on

Nice catch Gabe, I've updated our Tech Specs and they should read correct now. Appreciate the review!

Responded on

Have you skied these with the Marker F12's yet? I'm looking to buy the keepers I'm just unsure of what AT binding I'm going to put on it and would love to here your review of it.

Also, I'm 5'9", around 155 lbs, and an expert skier. I demoed the keepers at 178 and loved them, but now I'm wondering if I should possibly go with a 189. Is this ski at 189 manageable for me or will I be left feeling that its too much ski?