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The Icebreaker Men's 2-Tone Long-Sleeve BodyFit260 Crew offers some much-needed style in base layer fashion, not to mention it's made of 100% Merino, the best natural fiber for temperature regulation in the world. Merino has some incredible advantages over synthetic fabrics: it keeps its heat-retaining properties when wet, prevents body odor build-up better than any chemical treatment, offers expedition-weight warmth at half the bulk, and rivals many synthetics in breathability. Use the Icebreaker Crew as a base layer when skiing or as a shirt for cool fall and spring activities. Make no mistake, merino is not the wool of yesterday—though it has wool's incredible heat-retaining qualities and breathability, it lacks the scratchiness and discomfort you remember from years ago.

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  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

I have three of these now and continue to beat them up all year long... working outside, skiing, mountain biking, dry-suit diving, I hardly ever take them off and they don't even stink too badly. I wasn't a fan of thumb holes at first but now I use them all the time.

Just what I needed

    I bought this product for when I run or exercise in cool weather. I like the feel of the wool much better than the plastic wicking products. Wicking ability is just short to on par with the likes of under armor and similar products. It will get wet under heavy sweating but it's a far cry from the soggy wet of cotton. This heavier version does a nice job of insulating even with a mild breeze and allows me to go without a light jacket or sweatshirt. For me, the fit is snug and the sleeves are long which personally I prefer. It also does not stink as bad as the plastic wicking clothes which is a plus.

    On the minus side, it is on the expensive side and wool tends not to hold up as well under washing. So far so good though but time will tell. Then neck seemed a little smaller/tighter than it needed to be and I find that I often stretch the fabric by the neck a bit when taking it on and off.

    In summary, it is a very good product that I am happy to use and I would recommend to others.

    I'm about 6' tall and 195 lbs

    Love them.

      Would wear these everyday and everywhere if I could. Performs extremely well in winter conditions and are great for apres activities. A plus for this shirt is that it actually looks decent unlike most of the other long underwear. Merino is the best hands down, doesn't hold stench, dries extremely quick and most importantly you stay warm when the shirt is wet.


        Super warm top! I am 6'0' 200lbs with 45-47inch chest. I bought a large and it worked well in temps 15f-30f. I used it as a base layer with a down jacket. I could have gone in much colder wether with no problems. It was too warm with a jacket at 30f. I wore it by itself many times throughout the day when it wasn't windy and was still warm. I used it while I was doing photography in yellowstone. Not itchy and wore it several days in a row. I would by again with no hesitation.

        Great investment

          It's pricey, but I love this thing. The 260 is deceptive. It looks like a baseball shirt and feels a bit heavy. When you first put it on, you think, "I don't think this is all that warm." But it will prove you wrong. The fit is excellent and the raglan sleeves are my favorite design aspect.

          But as a photojournalist, I was out shooting a family story on the rim of Canyon de Chelly in 20 degree sleet with a punishing wind and it got me through and never felt soaked. I bought two more after that. It even works great for Nordic skiing baselayer. Unlike every single Smartwool shirt I have, there have been ZERO seam unravels. The stitching is really top notch.

          For cleaning, I cold wash gentle cycle and hang dry on my pull up bar.


            This thing is heavy (11.5 oz), so if you are looking for something lightweight and warm for hiking, a down sweater or some synthetic equivalent might be a better option. Besides that, I'm pretty sure it's nice.

            I have brought patagonia Capilene 3 crew for M, and SmartWool NTS Lightweight Zip Top for L(, so can you tell me what size is good to me in icebreaker?

            Favorite Icebreaker

              The great thing about the 260 is versatility. It works as a baselayer, it's great-looking casual outerwear, and it's an ideal mid-layer too. This shirt breathes well enough to be comfortable at 65° or so, but gets pretty toasty if it's warmer.

              If you want the 260 to fit very snug as a dedicated baselayer, order your usual size. If you want more flexible use as I mentioned above, order a size larger. I am 6'5" and 250lbs, and wear an XL in almost every brand, but I much prefer the XXL Icebreaker stuff. The XL fits almost like a compression layer.

              Great product - don't hesitate to pick a few up if you're undecided.

              Awesome material; but sizing is off

                The feel of of these Icebreaker BodyFit clothes is amazingly comfortable, soft and warm.

                I tried the BodyFit 150's; these 260's are much better for me in these colder New England temperatures. I've been using them for a few weeks and have found them great for everyday.

                But watch out for the sizing! I'm 5'10" and consider myself pretty average if a little slim. The sizing chart suggest size medium. But size medium was too big. I had to return them for size small. I didn't like paying for return shipping for this mistake.

                Size small is working out well, though it's not a snug as I expected. Guess I need to work out much more and build up my chest, arms and legs to fill out the BodyFit.

                If size small is good for average me, what size are the many people smaller than me going to wear?!


                  I love this mid weight base layer. I wear it as a second layer over my Capilene Base. It is my nod to ski lodge style while providing great warmth on the slopes. Awesome shirt. I highly recommend. Follow sizing guidelines on the BackCountry site for best fit. Worked well for me!

                  Great shirt for lots of things

                    This is a nice all-purpose shirt. I bought it in a size large, and it fits for me like a typical long sleeve T-shirt. While the blue is not as bright as the picture on's website appears (not necessarily a bad thing), my wife gives this shirt the thumbs up for being a nice looking, casual, non-technical appearing shirt that can be worn around the house or out and about. This is a 260 weight shirt, so it runs on the warm side, making it good for use fall through spring, but definitely not in the summer. One nice thing is that there are are no seams over the top of the shoulders, so this shirt is great when carrying a backpack.

                    All of the typical pros about icebreaker wool shirts are true for this: stink free, itch free and washable. Just don't stick it in the dryer. My only complaint about wool clothing in general (not this shirt in particular) is that wool does take a relatively long time to dry - certainly longer than synthetic polypro clothing.

                    Awesome in every way!

                      I bought this for my boyfriend and he absolutely LOVES it! He sometimes wears it alone and you'd never know it's an undershirt. It's so soft, not itchy in the least. I bought him a large, he's 6'1" 185lbs... it fits him nicely, not snug at all --- he really could have worn a medium, but the large looks great too. I HIGHLY recommend!

                      Near perfection

                        Wow is about all that needs to be said here. This shirt pretty much replaces every other article of clothing I USED to use as a base layer. I use this primarily for winter cycling and snowboarding. At 15 degrees, this shirt with just a thin, windproof and lightly insulated cycling jacket is perfect. While snowboarding, this shirt with just my snowboarding jacket over the top is money for a full day on the mountain. The 260 is a bit warm for heavy activity in anything but winter cold in my opinion, so if you're looking for a base layer for fall/spring, consider the same shirt in a 200 (which I also have). The greatest thing about this shirt, is that it can be worn for days on end (I literally ride in it 4-5 days a week, and only wash it once. It holds ZERO odor. Merino wool is where it's at, and Icebreaker is probably the best you can buy. One more thing worth mentioning about the 260, is that it fits a bit more loosely than the 200, so you could easily wear it on its own if you're OK with a "slim fit". I'm 5'8, 160 with an athletic build, and the medium fits perfectly. Icebreaker puts out some fantastic pieces, and this is certainly no exception. Buy it without hesitation.


                          Bought my first early this fall, and after wearing it for a few days, I ordered my second. Looks very good for everyday use, looks fine after normal machine wash, regulates body heat well and does not smell. I think the 200 is a little to thin to wear alone during winter, but the 260 is much better. Pair it with a 200 contour t-shirt and a fleece or a primaloft jacket, and you are pretty well covered under your shell jacket.

                          Im 5' 9" 155lbs, I have a 200 coutour crew in size large and it fits great. All the reviews of this shirt say that for my size I should get a Medium. Is the contour signifigantly tighter fitting then this shirt? Or should I stick with the Large?

                          IB260 vs Paty Cap3

                            This is an awesome mid weight base layer. I've been using Patagonia Capilene 3 as a base layer for the last couple ski seasons. That stuff is great IF you're not worried about how much gear you're packing for a 10 day ski trip and tippin the scales at the airport. A couple of hard days skiing in the Paty and the stink on that shirt is kickin' like an NFL punter. In Paty's defense, the IB piece is definitely more expensive.

                            With the Bodyfit260 being Merino wool I can get away with wearing it for 4 [or more] days, which means I only have to pack 2 of them for a week+ trip. The wool is soft against the skin and super comfy. I'll definitely be picking some more up. I just picked up a wool Patagonia base layer, but haven't had a chance to compare the two yet.

                            On sizing, I'm 6' 175lbs and picked up a medium for a snug/baselayer fit. If you wanted it to be loose and hang off of you a little, get a large.

                            excellent midweight

                              I've had this top for about a year now. Its thickness and weight make it a great midweight, but I find it warmer than most midweights. That being said it regulates temperature well - as most wool tops do. I've worn this day after day snowboarding with a light baselayer underneath and a shell/jacket on top. Only on the coldest/windiest days (5 degrees) did I need any other layers. It also looks good for casual wear. I'm 5'11, 175lbs and the medium fits perfect - snug but not skin tight.

                              Unanswered Question

                              Hi,I'm 182cm 85KG, what size is good to...

                              Hi,I'm 182cm 85KG, what size is good to me?
                              I have brought patagonia Capilene 3 crew for M, and SmartWool NTS Lightweight Zip Top for L(, so can you tell me what size is good to me in icebreaker?

                              Another size question. I am 5'11 and a...

                              Another size question. I am 5'11 and a skinny 145 lbs. I am looking for something that isn't gigantic on me but still is long in the sleeves. I have yet to try on anything icebreaker, does anyone know if the small is long in the sleeves?

                              You'll want to go with the medium, otherwise it will be too short in length. They shrink a little in the wash, just fyi. Make sure you never put it in the dryer, and it is best to lay it flat on a towel when you dry it. Hang drying it will make it stretch out more. AWESOME shirts by the way. I highly recommend them.

                              when it saids country of origin does that...

                              when it saids country of origin does that mean it is MADE there?

                              im 6ft and approx 170 lbs broad shouldered...

                              im 6ft and approx 170 lbs broad shouldered long limbs. i have a med ibex indie crew that fits me perfectly not tight and loose. What would be the size that would give me the fit small or medium. Dont want too tight. Thanks...

                              You've probably bought one by now, or completely given up hope on anyone ever answering this question, but...
                              I'm about your size 6' 175lb and I wear a medium. It's snug, but not restrictive. I like it that way because I wear it as a base layer anyways.

                              Is this thinner than the IB Bodyfit 260...

                              Is this thinner than the IB Bodyfit 260 Slalom? from the pics it looks like it is a bit thinner and the insulation in the tech specs on this says lightweight, compared to the Slalom's midweight.

                              I'm 5'6 140lb, small or medium? Looking...

                              I'm 5'6 140lb, small or medium? Looking for a running shirt for fall/winter runs, how well does this perform. Trying to run in 40 degrees (possibly colder) w/o using a bulky jacket (too much weight). How warm will this keep me, how well does it breathe and regulate temperature? Are there other shirts that perform as well (or better) but possibly cheaper?

                              I'm 5'11" 175 lbs and a med fits snug but I can still fit a lightweight layer underneath (such as a silk weight or an IB 150). Unless you want is loose and hanging, I'd suggest a small for you. It regulates temp great. I think it would be perfect alone in 40 degrees - if you are a person who gets cold easily you can put a thin layer underneath - if you overheat easily this will breath well. The next best thing I have to this is a midweight Duofold - not as good at warmth but cheaper and you can throw the duofold in the dryer and never worry about it.

                              Write your question here...I Have a 54 in....

                              Write your question here...I Have a 54 in. Chest. Does Icebreaker make larger sizes to accommodate my size

                              how does this shirt compare to Patagonia...

                              how does this shirt compare to Patagonia R1 in terms of thermo performance? Would R1 keep me wormer?

                              anyone have a size recommendation for...

                              anyone have a size recommendation for me...5'10" 154 lbs.

                              Quick question. Does the numbering such...

                              Quick question. Does the numbering such as 260 mean thickness, thus the higher the number the warm? Or?....

                              and how is the weight,is this like the...

                              and how is the weight,is this like the midweight from smartwool? or like the softwool from north face,thanks guys! i'm trying to decide on them 3 brands

                              In my opinion this would be a step up from Smartwool and definitely from TNF (again, my opinion). And yes, this is a midweight. It's warm for layering and for cold/cold weather activities. If it's a little warmer go down, if it's colder or you're less active, go up to the 300's and 400's.

                              Anyone know how this compares to the...

                              Anyone know how this compares to the smartwool brand?

                              this question is for anyone who can help...

                              this question is for anyone who can help me find the right size. I'm about 6ft and weigh about 155 (so gazoller, if you see this, im looking at you) and wondering what is the right size for me in both the bodyfit 200 and 260? cheers!

                              Hi there, both M and L are pretty much same body and sleeve lenght, major diff is in chest. If you wear other gear in L in chest, stick to L in Icebreaker. Same for M sizes.---------------I'll include that if you go with any of the layers that refer to being "Slim Fit" you can size up to get extra length in the sleeves and torso without creating any loose material width wise. I normally wear a L in icebreaker (6'1" 190) and have the Oasis Crew 200 in an XL and it is just fine and gives plenty of sleeve and torso.