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Wear the Icebreaker Men's BodyFit150 Atlas T-Shirt for traveling the globe, going for a hike, or hitting up the local climbing gym for a quick bouldering session. The slim-fit cut frames your silhouette and keeps the material close to your body, which helps the ultrafine merino wool wick sweat away from your skin. The natural thermoregulation properties of the wool keep you cool climbing or hiking during the day and provide warmth when you're hanging out around the campfire at night. Icebreaker gave the Atlas T-Shirt and underarm gusset for increased comfort and range of motion.

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    My favourite base layer garment. Warmer, less stinky & more comfortable than Helly Hansen Lifa or Capilene. Great as part of a layering system, or solo in the apr�s-ski bar as the other layers are shed... Pretty close to perfect, as you'd expect from the Kiwis at Icebreaker

    "Bodyfit" is the operative word here!

    • Familiarity:I've used it several times

    If you're not super fit with rock-hard abs, this might not be the shirt for you. I'm 5'10" and 154# and normally wear a M-L shirt size. Though I don't really exercise much, you can see I'm definitely not overweight. Yet, if I only wear this shirt (I got the M), I look like a side of bacon. The shirt clings to every square inch of you which is great as an insulator, but may also turn heads -- and not in a good way. Sleeve length though is perfect! All that said, I wear it exclusively as a base layer and LOVE it! I've only had it a few months now - it's only just come from it's third washing, but so far I'm pretty happy with it. It was generally soft out of the package and, as some have said, it does indeed get a little softer with each wash. The 150 has a a very good insulative ability and is perfect for fall/spring everyday wear. Even with temps well into the 70's I never get too hot. Finally, the rumors about odor control oddly enough seem to be true. To protect it from multiple washings, I've strangely worn it as many as four times between washes -- something I'd never even consider with a smelly cotton shirt. I suppose if I had to, I'm sure I could wear it even more and get away with it, but the thought of wearing the same shirt that much makes me a little queazy regardless of how good it smells.

    Icebreaker is magical

    • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

    Ran a half marathon in 40 degree weather that warmed up throughout the run. The Atlas top kept me warm even when it was wet and regulated my body heat. I went to wash it the next day and it still smelled new.

    Everything Icebreaker claims to be!

      Keeps me way toasty for being a 150. Have work it for work and play. Wore it three days in a row in the back country and it still smelled "acceptable"; Good enough to sit at a bar in, maybe not good enough to wear in front of Grandma.

      Always a huge fan of Icebreaker. Will continue to buy their products!

      nice and fit

        I have some Icebreaker shirts and love the BodyFit series. The shirts have good looking and warm for any cool and cold day, I use the 150 Atlas with my wind-stopper jacket travel to China, It's so nice when the temperature is 0-10 degrees Celsius.

        nice and fit

          I have some Icebreaker shirts and love the BodyFit series. The shirts have good looking and warm for any cool and cold day, I use the 150 Atlas with my wind-stopper jacket travel to China, It's so nice when the temperature is 0-10 degrees Celsius.

          Break it in

            I've owned both wool and synthetic, and I have to say this is one of the most comfy shirts I've owned. It's kinda itchy until you break it in, but don't be put off by that. After a few washes is feels amazing.

            Bottom line: if you're willing to drop the big bucks for a base layer, you can't go wrong with this shirt.

            Get yourself some wool!

              This is a shirt for the long and lean, even more so than with other icebreaker products. Bodyfit is tight but it is meant to be a baselayer. I am six foot even and weigh 165 and this shirt in a med is form fitting without being constricting. I often end up getting a size large in shirts cause i got them monkey arms, but this shirt actually bunches up just a lil' because there is actually excess sleeve! If i could change one thing about this shirt i would make it an inch or two longer thru the body however it fits just fine.

              nice but tight

                I agree with one of the other reviews. It was pretty itchy as first but after two washes that issue seemd to be gone. Other than that it is a really nice baselayer. It fits tighter than you might think, so consider moving up a size. Feels like a full size smaller thana comparable Patagoinia Capeline piece.

                I am very cold blooded

                  I have found that all wool cloths (even cashmire) that fits snug, tends to be at least a little itchy to me. I am usually a med/large and have learned that I like the fit of the XXL (and no itch!). They fit just a tiny bit loose and even as a base layers, I like room for at least a little air. I feel warmer as well.

                  I am in a semi camping mode most of time. Heating with a wood stove around long hours at work, walking and sprinting with the dog, riding a bike to work, artsy stuff in an unheated garage, sitting at a desk 8-5 in an office full of barn-boys who leave the door to the freezing warehouse open all the time, and jumping into bed with all the windows open in 20F nights....all with at least one "darn" (my husbands words) icebreaker shirt securely attached to my body. With the 150, I can layer the heavier one I got last year over it and know that I am only one step away from having that fur coat I always thought I needed to survive in this damp bit of Oregon. (yeah, you would think I was living in the Yukon!)

                  And I love the brighter color of the blue! Finally a pretty color for the girl who wears boy cloths.

                  I am stunningly impressed by the lack of B.O. and how well they hold up. They can be pajamas at night and if I throw a vest over them, I can go out to dinner without ever exposing my skin to the cold air and no one seems the wiser.

                  It is an excellent base layer. I use to wear all plastic (at home and backpacking) and though it weighs more and I whine about every oz. I am going back to the old days of wool. I hate to get wet and showering has been a mighty task. I thought I was a stinky person who had to shower every day. Now I am good for two or three and these shirts would about a month and then I wash them regardless of how fresh they look and smell just because even this girl has a limit.

                  I was/am quite proud to announce that my first shirt, a thicker Icebreaker in black, was my pajamas, my day shirt, a winter hiking layer AND passed a few dressier evening hours for two months before I washed it. (I even wore it on stage for an all black attire music performance on about day sigh of misshaping) At the end of the experiment, I announced what I had done to a couple of regular girls, and they both expressed disbelief at the good condition of the shirt. One got her farmer friend one...and I hear he likes to wear it when he is working, but he is too hot in the house. The other could not imagine spending that much money for a long sleeved t-shirt.

                  So, I think I will have to get another one in case this one ever wears out!

                  Super Itchy

                    Absolutely hated this shirt. Super super super super itchy, and very tight fit. Ironically, I used tons of other Icebreaker products for pretty much all my baselayers. Just didn't like this Atlas Top very much. Would suggest going with the Icebreaker 200 series or 260.

                    Great Base layer

                      I've only worn as a base layer in cold conditions but it performed great. Kept me warm on the coldest days and quickly wicked away moisture when I worked up a sweat on a tough approach. Snug athletic fit. Only complaint is that I had to carefully remove the tag on the inside as it caused some discomfort.

                      Icebreaker BodyFit 150, Men's

                        I got this for my husband and he loved it. He used to be a skeptic now he is a beliver because it truely regulates the temperatures well and it doesn't smell after he wears it once or twice...

                        Nice shirt, pay attention to sizing

                          Quality is second to none as you would expect from Icebreaker. Great all-season weight and softness as well. However, make sure you really pay attention to the sizing chart. I am 6'3", a very athletic 200lbs and generally wear an XL in just about everything, except this... the XL is too tight in the chest a little on the short side as well, and yes I know this is a base layer and should be snug.

                          My advice is to pay close attention to the sizing chart (duh) and order based primarily on chest size and then height.

                          Update, the XXL is a perfect fit.

                          150 is nice, but be careful. (200 + line more durable.)

                            Product is pretty stellar. First piece of Icebreaker, and it will stay a staple in my wardrobe. Compared to the Bodyfit 200, this is a bit itchy on my skin, but barely noticeable after a short wear. The 200 and up gear has a feel that makes you think it is cotton, plus it is more durable. Low stink factor on all icebreaker wear. I wear the shirts for days on end-(three plus) without much or any stink in my pits. Be careful, (the material tore on me once when I was pulling my shirt down.) When soaking wet, it does have a sheepy smell. Go figure.

                            Working great for me

                              There's not much to say about this, except: it works great as a next-to-skin layer (it "seems" a little warmer than thicker n2s layers from other brands); it doesn't itch; it doesn't stink after (no more than) three days.
                              I am 6'0" / 195 lbs and got the XL. It is form fitting against my spectacular physique.
                              Very happy with this top - and very, very happy with every little piece of IceBreaker gear I own.

                              No more polypro for cold weather climbs.

                                I first tried the 150 Atlas on my recent winter expedition as a base layer under the Icebreaker GT 220 jacket/shirt. I was a little hesitant to change from polypro on such an important trip, and brought my regular base laters just in case- but after the first few climbs up the mountain I was really impressed and never looked back. I am 6'2 190lbs but used the large size to ensure a snug fit- which not only improves layering but is warmer and helps with muscle support during activity. I was told that merino wool would stretch but the Atlas top held its shape (mostly), even after weeks of constant wear, and then it returned to a snug fit after each hand wash. The wicking ability of this shirt is really amazing. Downside: I felt a little itchy at times, but this is a small price to pay for such major improvements in my base layer performance.

                                Really Love My Top

                                  This is my fourth Icebreaker top I've purchased in the last 6 months and it really is great. I don't think I could ever go back to synthetics. It's a good 'athletic' fit that I use as a base layer to run and cycle in. Just be sure to follow the care instructions as described.

                                  Wish I could afford more!

                                    This is a fantastic top. I have used it so far as a base layer while snowboarding and XC skiing with a midweight on top of it. Breaths well, keeps you dry and warm. Use it day after day and it just dries and never smells. Should also work great as a single layer for aerobic activities on warm to cool days. I'm 5'11" with an average/athletic build and the medium fits perfect. I would call it an "athletic fit" - snug but not tight.

                                    Is this top good for really cold weather???...

                                    Is this top good for really cold weather??? I want somehting to keep him warm

                                    It only is if you are going to wear another merino layer over the top of it (and then your insulation/fleece and shell). If you aren't looking to have too many layers I'd go for something heavier as your base in the 200, or better yet 260 range, and then go straight to the insulation layer OR if you really want to keep nice and warm add a expedition weight 320 to the mix along with the 200/260. The good thing about merino wool is it regulates heat very well so you don't have to really worry about overheating. I've hiked with a 200 and a 320 on in temps that went from 45 to 80 and sunny (with elevation going up 1000ft) and still been fine with the sleeves pushed up.

                                    EDIT: I'll add that the 2nd layer over this one should have a nice zip up neck, keeping your neck covered will help keep you a lot warmer AND that zipper can be lowered to dump heat if you get a bit too warm.

                                    This really is only a baselayer in cold weather. For perspective, I have 150 weight shirts like this that I wear as a t-shirt in the summer time. For winter I often wear this shirt with a 320 weight wool sweater over top, and if it is below freezing, I'll still likely need another insulating layer underneath my shell.