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It's true that protein is necessary for muscle recovery after strenuous endurance exercise. But did you know that protein can keep your body from cannibalizing itself during prolonged activity? That's why Honey Stinger 20g Protein Bars should be in your jersey pocket on long rides.

In addition to burning the stored glycogen in your muscles, your body will get 10-15% of its energy from the breakdown of amino acids in your muscles. You can avert this gluconeogenesis (sounds bad doesn't it) and the weakened, sore muscles it causes by providing your body with protein as part of your endurance fuel. As the name would imply, Honey Stinger's 20g Protein Bars give you 20 grams of whey protein for rapid availability. Otherwise, they're made with 30% organic honey that is regarded as nature's energy food. Honey provides a perfect 1:1 blend of simple sugars, glucose and fructose, like the fruit that we eat. The benefits for endurance athletes are quick absorption and that it's easy on the stomach.

Honey Stinger 20g Protein Bars come in a box of 12. They're available in three tasty flavors -- Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond, Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond, and Peanut Butta.

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  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I like these as a quick energy pick up while cycling and also as a pre workout snack.the provide 20 grams a whey protein which the body absorbs better than soy. I like the chocolate coconut but try not to let them get warm as they become a gooey mess.

So good, kind of addicted

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I don't think you can go wrong with any flavor when it comes to these Honey Stinger Protein Bars. Perfect for pre-endurance adventure, as well as during your activity. Gentle on the stomach...and too tasty for your own good.

really chewy and sweet

    Taste of these is nice, but I wish they made them without the chocolate coating though as they're already way sweet. Bits of honey stick around in your teeth for later too, kind of a bonus I guess.

    I prefer the Clif Builders Bars (Lemon and Chocolate Mint!) in texture and taste, but these are more filling and higher in calories for that meal replacement scenario. The Dark Chocolate Coconut Almond is really nice, but I haven't had the others.


      Kind of upset that I didn't try one of these locally before getting, but did get for a steal on S&C.
      Not sure what those who compare to an Almond Joy or Mounds are saying. Tastes like sweet, chocolate-covered cardboard to me.
      But, trusting that the nutritional info is correct & will use as post-ride recovery--with a big bottle of water nearby to wash down.

      Good and filling

        My family really likes these protein bars. They taste pretty good and they fill you up for a good 4 hours. Can supplement lunchtime meal with these. My favorite is the dark chocolate coconut almond. The dark chocolate cherry almond was pretty good too. I'm looking forward to trying the peanut butter flavor.

        Not for me

          I found these of very questionable taste....tried 2 different types and they both tasted bad. Unable to finish either although the dog has no such compunctions and Hanked what was left of them right down. As noted by another, the Clif Builder bars are much better, as are the Balance, Zone Diet, and Promax bars as well: X10 at least.

          I'd pass on these unless you could try one first.

          Too much sugar - junk candy bars

            I bought a couple cases of these on SAC and the 1st ingredient is evaporated cane juice. These things are pure junk food. I wont buy them again. There's more energy loss than gained eating this kind of crap! Yuck!!! they also taste like candy bars. I usually buy waaay better bars than this. They are pretty horrible and nothing healthy about them! A little bit of protein but all the sugar kills any good these bars might do for you. Am attaching a list of ingredients - check out the 1st one which states what these bars are mostly made of!

            If you are a serious athlete and don't get what I mean, read Brendan Brazier's book, "Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to
            Optimal Performance in Sports and Life". The Thrive diet is awesome!!!!

            Too much sugar - junk candy bars

            I think you are missing the point of "energy" used for training and races. When you have been exercising for two hours or more, your body desperately needs sugar to continue functioning, fat to get high density calories, and protein to promote muscle growth. What makes Honey Stinger products great is that instead of being manufactured, processed, synthetic sugars etc. it is as natural as possible.

            the evaporated cane juice is an ingredient of the chocolate. Honey is the 1st ingredient of the "filling". the chocolate coating is quite thin. Next comes whey protein and almond butter...
            I like these over all the other ones as they are free of grains and peanuts (unless you order the peanut ones). I keep mine fresh in the freezer until needed. You can chip off the chocolate coating while they are in a frozen state, btw. Ya, it would be nice if they reduced the honey content by 20% or so, but as is they are a great alternative for those of us who prefer to keep wheat, corn, oats, and rice out of our food.


              I wont argue these are better than a lot of those nasty protein bars out there but they are WAYYYY over hyped here and are far from great tasting. As a protein bar they do the trick and are palatable.
              If you really want a delicious protein bar, get Clif Builders bars. Better than many candy bars and snack bars (chocolate mint is phenomenal). Wont be getting these again unless i cant grab a Clif.

              Chocolate Peanut Butta

                These are great bars! I had it for the first time a couple of weeks ago while on a ski trip. My brother and I both had the bar for lunch and didn't need to stop skiing for a break. They are pretty sweet, more like a candy bar, but they are packed with protein.

                good for winter trips

                  This bar wont break you teeth off when its cold out. Great taste, lots of punch for the weight, and they travel well. At -15 F you can bite through them without worry of injuring yourself. I used them while hunting on the Yukon river this winter, they were well received by my hunting buddies.


                    I love these bars, I get them whenever they go on sale at local camping supply stores. I was excited to get a 12 pack from; when they arrived, the packaging has a bit of wear on it (not the shipping box, but the thing cardboard box in which the bars are placed (like, at a retail checkout line area), but the bars themselves were in tact.Unfortunately, when I bit in to one, it tasted funky. I tried two more before chalking the shipment up to a loss, and tossing the pack. Oh well, I guess you shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth.EDIT: A few weeks ago, I received a package from a representative of this company. They sent a replacement box, and samples of their other products.The replacement tasted just like it should have!2 stars to 5

                    These don't seem kinda high in fat to...

                    These don't seem kinda high in fat to anyone?