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Tasty, healthy recovery for your children.

Honey Stinger packed the Kids Chew Multipack - 5-Pack with vitamin C, potassium, organic tapioca syrup, and honey to rejuvenate your children whether they're hiking, biking, running, skiing, or climbing. Unlike most energy packets, these contain no artificial flavors, no preservatives, no fructose, and no hydrogenated oils. These tiny treats are organic, gluten-free, and very tasty to your young ones. The chews are especially great because they won't stick to your kids' teeth. So instead of carrying your exhausted children down the trail, keep them going with this five-pack.

  • USDA organic certified
  • Certified gluten free
  • No artificial colors or flavors
  • No preservatives
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No trans fats or hydrogenated oils

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Here's what others have to say...

5 5

Many pieces add up to a decent portion

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These gummies are a great size to pack when you know you won't need much energy and just want something to snack on. Can't say I feel like I get much 'energy' out of them, but the bite size pieces are fun to eat and share with friends on the trail, and healthier than most anything else I'd pack otherwise.

5 5

Guilt free gummies

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

I found these for a killer deal and my inner child couldn't pass it up. I use these for when i'm getting hangry (when my blood sugar is low) and they really do the trick. They taste great, even without the high fructose corn syrup like you find in other kids gummy's. They also have no artificial colors or flavors or preservatives which is what i look for.

You cant go wrong with these snacks, whether they are for your child or your inner child.

Guilt free gummies
5 5

"More gummies!"

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Thank you to Backcountry and Honey Stinger for the opportunity to review these for the community! This was my first time trying their products, but I will definitely be getting more!

My test subject was a finicky two year old. The first time I tried to give him these, he said "No want this!" and walked away. This time I got him out on the trail and after 30 minutes (of me carrying him) he was ready for a snack.

He was very excited to hear there were gummies. "I like gummies!" He started chowing down right away. I asked if he liked them and got an emphatic yes. He happily sat and checked out the scenery while enjoying his gummies. I also tried them and thought they were tasty. Not overly sweet and not too chewy. Like they're not stick in your teeth chewy. I would totally get them for myself! They must have given him energy, because he walked over a mile by himself!

When we got back to the car, he spotted the box and asked for more. He's such a picky eater I was happy to oblige. These are definitely a winner!

"More gummies!"
she approves!

she approves!

mmm.....favorite hiking snack!
(and her favorite hat from Skida!)

5 5

Perfect for kids (and too!)

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

We love Honey Stinger products! Thank you so much to Backcountry and Honey Stinger for letting us team up with them to review these great snacks.

Let's start out with what the kids think.....these two are super active--they never stop going, and they LOVE food:

Lucy (8): I like the Sour Citrus best! I like them better than the waffles because they last longer. They taste like candy :)
Jonah (10): I love the Mixed Berry flavor! I like that they fit into my pocket and don't get smashed. They are a good hiking treat.

Here's what mom loves:
The ingredients! (95% organic)
Tapioca syrup, sugar, honey, grape juice concentrate, ascorbic acid, pectin, citruc acid, potassium citrate, black carrot juice concentrate and annatto (for color), natural flavors, sunflower oil, carnauba wax.
My kids seriously think these are candy and there's no HFC, fake colors or flavors. They give your kids a boost with 70 calories per package, and fit easily into their pack or pocket.

And sssshhhhh.....don't tell, but I've actually been stealing these from my kiddos. I've loved the Honey Stinger Chews for years for my trail running, but I've found the regular packs to be too big. After a pack is opened the chews start to get hard, so I feel like these little packs are perfect pre-run, or to stash in my pack for on the go.

We put a lot of miles on our kids and I've learned the secret to keeping them happy when we are out on the trail all day long is to keep them well hydrated, well fed, and rotate snacks so they don't get bored. Honey Stinger Waffles and Chews are in our regular rotation with fruits, nuts, and jerky. These chews are a great way to count down the miles on your long hike. We say things like, "In 1/2 mile we'll all eat two chews". It makes the miles tick by quickly and keeps them fueled.
We LOVE the Honey Stinger Kids' Waffles so check my review out over there.

8year old outdoor enthusiast powering up

8year old outdoor enthusiast powering up

Anna getting a little treat in after rapping two cliffs about 140' each. Get some energy ...we've got 5 more rapps to go baby!

Give some to Van so he can smile too!

Give some to Van so he can smile too!

4 wheeling checklist:
1) Jeep - check
2) family - check
3) Yummy treats - check

Time to put some yummy in our tummies

Time to put some yummy in our tummies

Two little buddies stoked for some naturally delicious treats.

5 5

Best fruit snacks ever! ...for realsies!

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

Thanks to and Honey Stinger, I was given the opportunity to review the greatest fruit chews ever made for the benefit of the community. pleasure ...seriously.

I just have to say right from the go that I am for real when I say these are the best. I was able to share these delicious treats with well over a dozen other individuals. The reviews were unanimously in favor of these chews being super awesome.

My daughter Anna tasted a few and made the non-coerced comment "these are the second best fruit snacks I've ever tasted!" When asked what the fist was ...she couldn't answer. I think that actually makes these the first best ever. A week later, we shared with other friends. Without being told anything other than "eat this", Body put one in his mouth and said "Woh, These are good!" Followed by "these are the best fruit snacks ever!"

Van (my almost 3 year old) went nuts for these. He does not love all fruit snacks ...he's picky.

I have also eaten my share of these fruit chews - yummy! Both flavors are delicious. I'm not sure anyone who tasted them really had a preference. Both the Mix Berry and Sour Citrus are equally good.

From a parent's stand point, these are organic without high fructose corn syrup or artificial flavors and only 70 calories a serving. From a kid's stand point (or anyone of any age for that matter), these are simply delicious. As stated elsewhere, they also don't stick to your teeth.

Honey Stinger is a cool company with an interesting history in regards to energy food. I love that their products are natural and honey-based. Both the package size as well as the actual chew size are great. This is an easy little treat to carry several in a pocket for yourself or the kids.

Over the past few weeks, these chews have been Jeeping in Utah's west desert, Canyoneering in Capitol Reef National Park, Desert hiking in and around Goblin Valley State park and have also been eaten in-between play and work around the neighborhood.

This product gets 5 stars with flying colors for tasting delicious, while also having so many positive aspects to what goes inside.

I will highly recommend Honey Stinger Fruit chews to my friends and family and anyone else.

Best fruit snacks ever! ...for realsies!
Good to Go!

Good to Go!

With her supposed "hunger pains" a thought of the past, my little girl had enough energy to chalk up and give her own problems a go

5 5

"Not Ewwwww"

  • Gender: Male
  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

Mom: "KIIIIIDS - time to EAAAAAT!"
Kids: "Ewwwwwww- I don't like it"
Mom: "You don't even know what we are eating!"
Kids: "What are we having mom?"
Mom: "Hamburger with French fries, YAY!!!!!"
Kids: "Ughhhhhh we hate hamburger and French fries!!!!"
Mom: "Ughhhhh What DO you want then?!?!?"
Kids: "ICE CREAM!!!! or cookies!"

While this conversation is not verbatim - it essentially is a boiled down representation of EVERY single evening at our house. We tried so hard to always expose our kids to new foods as they grew, but yet here we are, each and every night re-enacting what must look like U.S./Iran nuclear weapons negotiations. We have even followed our government's lead and enforced sanctions, like withholding food. Hoping that starvation may inspire rationality we are instead left with hungry, emotional, sacks of tears.

So needless to say that when and Honey Stinger asked my children to review the Honey Stinger's Kid's Organic Chews for the benefit of the community - I was a little bit nervous of what may happen. But given our inability to find proper sustenance for our children, the opportunity to try out healthy, organic, snacks was too good to pass up.

The first opportunity to try these little snacks out came about a few weeks back when schedules and weather worked out for a full family, post-school/work bouldering session at the local crag. These trips are usually a mixed bag of hiking, dragon fighting, treasure hunting, running from bears, and occasionally climbing. Yet regardless of how much fun is had, eventually hunger takes control and tears ensue. This time, however, my wife and I had Honey Stinger chews as reinforcements.

The fun flavors of mixed berry and citrus proved to be SUPER enticing "treats" to the kids. Not only did they help stave off supposedly "MASSIVE" stomach pains - my wife and I were also able to sneak in a few extra climbs while the kids snacked away. The kids meanwhile had enough energy to arrest some bad guys and even chalk up for a few attempts on their own personal problems. Now if only Honey Stinger could make a product to help the bedtime routine go a bit smoother.

"Not Ewwwww"
5 5

My sweet and chewey little trump card...

  • Familiarity: I've used it once or twice and have initial impressions

This is our first time trying out the Honey Stinger Kids' Organic Chews and it won't be our last! They were my 'trump card' on a recent hiking and camping trip with the family. We took our three little kids on a three hour strenuous hike. I kept pulling these little jewels out of my pocket as we trekked through. They gave my kids the energy they needed to push on. As they begged for more, I had to try some out. Now I can see why they were so estatic over them! The Mixed Berry flavor have a sweet and rich fruity taste as well as being soft and chewey. The Natural Orange, Strawberry and Grape flavors were a wonderful combination. We also tried the Sour Citrus flavor. That flavor didn't seem as bold. They also weren't very sour for our palates. Maybe it was just the different combination of Natural Lime Ade, Grapefruit, and Sour Cherry. These gummies don't stick to your teeth like some other brands do. Most importantly they are organic and do not contain high fructose corn syrup! Organic honey is the key fuel! With that in mind I don't feel guilty giving them to the kids. Plus as small and compact as they are, I also have stuck them in lunches, sports bags, and my purse as a pick me up when we are on the go.

We are very glad to find the Kids' Organic Chews and they will become a staple in our that both mom and kids are happy over.

Thank you to Backcountry and Honey Stinger for giving us the opportunity to try out these yummy products. I love the company's goal "to provide great tasting, honey-based energy foods made with natural ingredients". Who wouldn't want that for themselves or their family.

My sweet and chewey little trump card...
5 5

Delicious and satisfying!

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

These chews have the same health benefits as the normal chews but are smaller sized and only 70 calories a pack!

If you have a sweet tooth and LOVE gummies you gotta try these!
The smaller portions are great for after workouts or an afternoon pick me up. I also keep the chews in my purse so I'm not caught getting hangry!