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Following in the footsteps of Hoka One One's revolutionary and award-winning Mafate Shoe, the Bondi B Running Shoe incorporates much of the same tech that made the Mafate a winner with trail runners but features a slightly tweaked design to specifically address the needs of road runners.

  • Ultra-cushy EVA midsole is 30 percent softer and roughly 2 times thicker than a typical trail running shoe for unparalleled shock-absorption and greater confidence running downhill
  • Bathtub design sinks your heel into the midsole for added protection, stability, and pronation control
  • Rockered toe allows for natural-feeling strides and easier transitions between steps for improved efficiency
  • Lightweight design won't hold you back on the ascents
  • Wider outsole provides 50 percent more gripping surface than a standard running shoe
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  • Familiarity:I've put it through the wringer

After all the hype and great reviews I decided to break down and get a pair. The shoe was toast after about 100 miles with very uneven wear and breakdown of the midsole was also uneven. Also I question the pronation control. I am a fairly neutral stride, and these I started to pronate! I did love them on my first nasty downhill, but given anything else they are just not for me. Maybe it is my foot and stride are just not suited for this shoe. On't know, but I seem to be in the minority of people who have tried this shoe and been greatly disappointed.


    I love these shoes! Feels like I'm running on clouds. Went for my first run after a 5 hour bike ride and planed on a easy 3 mile run. 13 miles miles later at a 7:30 pace (in the snow) I was grinning with the biggest smile on my face. That's my second fastest half ever! These shoes might be soft, but they just roll- fast.

    Great Comfort!

      I’m 51-YO, 250 lbs. I used to put in consistent +20 mile weeks running but have slowed because of knee and foot pain (among other things). However, based on my initial limited test runs, I'd recommend these shoes for road and trail runners who are looking for something more forgiving and easier on the joints. Though lightweight racers they’re not, the Bondi.B are incredibly comfortable and far more forgiving on my aging knees that I would have ever imagined, particularly on the downhill grades. My feet and knees feel good during the runs and there is little post run pain.

      + stable and comfortable on various surfaces and in difficult trail conditions, even with a back-pak
      + lighter weight than many other trail running shoes
      + 4 mm heel drop seems to be close to ideal for midfoot-style of running (Chi-running etc. that my wife is into)
      + bold design differentiates them from all other running shoes effectively
      - Not inexpensive - $169-$220
      - they run a bit too small for their size compared to most other shoes (so most runners should get one size larger than normally)
      - won’t look/feel “normal” to you if you’re used to more minimalist shoes
      - takes some time to get used to (but the comfort is there immediately)

      To sum up, I like them better and better with every wear. I’m happy with my purchase and though it's too early to estimate how durable Bondi.B's are, I think the quality of the materials seems to be pretty good and believe they will wear as well as any shoe out there. I can see buying another pair in the future for the comfort and care they give my feet/knees alone .

      Hoka Bondi

        5 Star, no brainier, the very best trail shoe I've ever run in! Soft, stable, comfortable, extend your running years and FLY on the Hoka's. Just don't catch a toe or you will have dirt in your mouth! Soft rubber a little sticky on the roots, just lift your feet the whole 100 miler. :)

        I Love Em!

          Great shoe for road or trail, I love them. Bondi's seem a little firmer and have a more generous toe box but the soles haven't been so durable. I have some Stinson B's too and I've run the hell out them without excessive wear but I like the fit and feel of the Bondi's a little better.


            After 30 years of running wear and tear, and knee surgery, I had pretty much resigned myself to running on treadmills because they worked to absorb the stress on my knees. I could not run on the road without residual pain that worried me that I would lose my knees for good. I tried the Bondi: B because a friend raved about them. Oh my goodness, I have been back on the road running six miles three times a week with no pain, no fear of pain, and my knees are happy. That makes me happy and hopeful and very grateful.

            Hoka Bondi B Review

              I have had my Bondi B's for about two weeks and put about 60 miles on them to date. They seemed considerably heavier than I expected for my first few runs, but I think that was due to having run the past several months in lighter shoes (Saucony Kinvaras and Brooks Green Silence). I was dealing with some nagging foot and knee soreness and wanted to get that cleaned up a bit before running a marathon, but without the huge heel-drop of most cushioned shoes. After 5 days in the Hokas, the massive amount of cushioning did its job and I felt great for my marathon. I did not wear the Hokas in the marathon because I was worried they would be a bit too heavy.

              They certainly work as advertised. They are far and away the most cushioned shoes I have ever worn. I do not have any problems with the wider than usual soles. Sole wear seems minimal after 60 miles. It was easy to find my midsole form while running in these shoes as the heel drop is only about 6mm. I have not done any trail running in them, but have not had any traction problems on dry pavement, loose sand, or wet roads. I usually run in size 11 or 11.5 shoes and ordered these Hokas in 11.5 as I heard they run small. No problems with the fit and feel of these for me, although I am glad I ordered the larger size to give me a little extra room in the forefoot.

              While the underfoot cushioning is excellent, for me the uppers are the problem with this shoe. The uppers appear thick and heavy, without good ventilation. They are definitely hot shoes to run in, which would be good in the winter in Maine, but not so much in the summer. The tongue seems to stay in place but the stock laces are thick and round, adding to the chunky feel of the uppers.

              Final word;
              I like these shoes for recovery, and longer, slower running. The cushioning really helped ease my preexisting foot soreness and they proved to be not too heavy once I got used to them. If Hoka would redo the uppers to make them lighter and better ventilated, this shoe would really be a winner.


                First the Bondis are the road shoe for Hoka, the Mafetes are their trail shoe and the Stinson is a best of both worlds shoe. I have all three and they are all very different. The Bondis I would destroy on the trail and are too soft for the trail for me. But they are perfect for roads..I use them as my triathlon race shoes. I first bought the Mafetes for trail running and have fallen in love with them. The fit and durability almost makes you feel impervious to trail conditions. It's like going from a steel hardtail to a full suspension 29er. Great traction, all day comfort, I can't say enough. Next I bought the Stinsons since I run on mixed trail/roads sometimes and wanted to see how they felt. Good fit, a bit different from the Mafetes but solid. Then I bought the Bondis to use exclusively for triathlons and racing longer distances. They re softer than the other 2 shoes but a bit lighter as well. I don't worry about traction because they are road shoes.

                Overall, I've never run in such comfortable and well fitting shoes. I do run barefoot on grass a bit each week but I wouldn't ever do it on a trail, or a road. I'm a mid to forefoot runner as well so it suits my style being a fairly low drop shoe. Not zero, but I don't want a zero drop...they do run a bit small..almost a full size so you'll have to adjust. Also they tend to run a bit narrow...which is great for my very arrow feet but not so good for someone with paddles for feet. And they re PRICEY! But they long as your not taking your Bondi's on the trail that is..the tread is lest durable on them and longest lived and aggressive on the Mafetes.

                Bought them at the Boulder Running Company where they routinely run out long before they even come in...every pair...every style. They can't keep them in stock long enough. Get the where and while you can!

                Incredible shoes, but run small

                  I had foot/arch pain, and saw these shoes reviewed on a running forum. I thought they were a bit pricey, but got them on a black Friday promo for $99. I figured that with the lifetime warranty I could not lose.
                  WOW...very light and VERY cushioned, but they do look a little odd. Foot pain disappeared from the first run, also some hip pain that I was seeing develop. I bought them a half size bigger after reading how they run small, good thing. They would not fit otherwise. They are definitely keepers, and worth the full price if I need a new pair. In spite of the smaller sizing, they get a 5 star rating from me.
                  If you have arch/plantar fasciitis or hip pain from running, put these shoes through the paces. You will not regret it.

                  I've worn the Hokas exclusively for running for quite a while and love them, until one day after I pushed myself hard on a training run, I developed plantar fasciitis. I took them to my podiatrist and she told me that she's seen quite a few people who got injured from using the Hokas, as they are squishy on the bottom and don't provide much support. On top of that, they have zero heel to toe drop - so in a way, they work like minimalist footware. Bottom line, they are not the answers to all running injuries and I would recommend strengthening your foot and increase your mileage in them slowly.

                  The Hoka One One's are NOT zero drop; they are 4mm. A lot of stability issues can be resolved via the simple inclusion of an arch support; what I did. While I love the Bondi B or my long distance road runs they are not my everyday shoe. I consider them my ultradistance racing flats... Like any shoe, it's a tool to be used for the right occasions.

                  Good luck!

                  Rob Youngren
                  Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team

                  Hoka Convert

                    I had written Hokas off completely, and embraced the super minimalist movement, until I developed morton's neuroma in my right foot. I couldn't run longer than about 13 without being in substantial pain. I decided to cave on my resistance to the Hokas and pull the trigger on a pair of Bondi what felt like a long shot to cure my foot pain.

                    I just finished the OBX marathon in North Carolina in what was a scorching fast time (for me) of 3:57. That beat my marathon PR by 50 minutes. The most important thing was my feet were pretty much painless the whole time. I know I couldn't have run that time, and without pain, if it wasn't for the Hokas! They're the only shoes I will run in now beyond ten miles.

                    Great Shoes

                      I was skeptical at first. These shoes look pretty goofy and cost a lot of $. The first time I saw them in person was on Karl's feet after he won Massanutten this May. I decided to order a pair and give them a try. They have become my goto shoe for everything. Roads, Super Rocky trails, fireroads and everything in between. I even wear them on the treadmill from time to time. I wore them at Mountain Masochist last weekend and put down a 39 minute PR. My legs felt pretty good at the end of the race and I think the shoes made a big difference, especially on the downs. I have 350 miles on my current pair and they still feel good and cushy. I certainly will get 500 out of them, maybe more.

                      I only had one issue with them at first. The toe box is to shallow for me, this is a common issue I have with shoes. I took out the insoles and they work perfect. They are not great traction wise on wet rocks and dry leaves, but the advantages far outweigh these cons. Maybe the trail version would do better?

                      Dont be afraid to try a pair. The price is high, but the mileage you get out of them brings them in line with other popular shoes.

                      Love these shoes!!

                        This is my second pair of Bondi's - just finished my first 100 miler in them and I'm amazed how great I felt afterwards. I will never go back to traditional running shoes - we are Bondi'd for LIFE!!

                        Soft and comfy but undersized

                          Hoka has made some nice shoes in the Bondi B's. They're soft and comfy and even light. They provide decent support but I wouldn't run on super technical trails with them from a support standpoint. My big beef with the Bondi B's is how they're sized. They are at least a half-size too small. I didn't really realize this until I'd run a few miles outdoors in them (making a return complicated and next to impossible). I should have run with them on the treadmill to test the size before venturing outdoors. My bad! Next time around I'm going to order 11.5's (Note: I have NEVER had to order anything but 11's...and then along come Hokas). This brings me to my second beef. These days everyone wants a pair of Hokas--and yet they're so hard to find. I bought mine on Backcountry within hours of them going live on the BC website, and then within a day or two the Bondis were sold out (and they're still sold out as of his review). This isn't Backcountry's fault--it's Hoka's fault. They need to produce more shoes to meet US demand. Or maybe they want to demand to outstrip supply to create that magical buzz.

                          The most comfy shoe on the planet

                            I"ve been a Backcountry athlete since 2008, and am excited to see the Hoka Bondi B now available. No other shoe on the planet is as comfortable as these. The nice soft cushion give a super smooth ride, even on trail. The literaly illiminate any rocks or bumps in the road or trail. They take running downhill to another level, and at the same time, have a "bounce back" effect running uphill. The 4mm drop from heel to toe puts you in a good position for the rocker effect too, propelling us forward. Pricy, but worth every penny. My pairs last 500 miles, no other shoe does that, making the value outstanding.

                            The most comfy shoe on the planet

                            Ok, I have read about buying Hoka Bs half...

                            Ok, I have read about buying Hoka Bs half size bigger. I finished Western States100 last summer in my Hoka One One Stinson Evo with my normal trail shoe size, 11. Very comfortable run with that size...with Hoka One Bs should I go to a size 11.5? I am already going a half size up right now with all my road and trail shoes.

                            Running now in the One One ComboXT Stinson...

                            Running now in the One One ComboXT Stinson B.Perfect fit at size 10,5. Going to purchase the Bondi B. Do i need to up, or down, a Half, or Full size on this shoe? Any info would be great. Thanks

                            Can you confirm if the bondi b is a 2012...

                            Can you confirm if the bondi b is a 2012 model or a 2011 as the sizing is different

                            Neil, these are the 2012 models and the sizing has been adjusted to fit 1/2 size larger. Example - traditionally I wear a 9usm shoe in most running shoes, I have worn 9.5usm Hoka until the adjustment and now I'm back in a 9usm Hoka. Happy Trails. Mike C - Hoka Rep.

                            with the soul being thicker is it more...

                            with the soul being thicker is it more comforterable?

                            whats the diff. between the b running and...

                            whats the diff. between the b running and the mafate? besides price?

                            Bondi B is great on both road and trail. The only issue I have had on trails is they are not great on wet rock scrambles and in thick leaves. No shoe that I have had does well on these conditions. I assume the Mafate will be a little better, but that is just a guess.

                            Bondi B is pretty good on most terrain. Worst is on muddy, slick trails but surpisingly good on wet rocks I think because of the exposed and very porous midsole (sticks like a sponge!). It's best on any dry trails and of course the roads. Wore a single pair at the Badwater Ultramarathon last summer and they rocked!

                            Rob Youngren
                            Wasatch Speed Goat Mountain Racing Team