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Fit for distance and adjustable for the perfect fit.

A moderate-sized asymmetric blade allows the Harmony Sea Passage Paddle to conquer everything from placid lakes to rough seas far offshore. This is an adjustable touring paddle for high- or low-angle paddling styles. Fiberglass construction keeps swing weight to a minimum without sacrificing durability, and the adjustable ferrule allows for angle changes on the go.
  • Fiberglass shaft is lighter than aluminum, offers a high strength-to-weight ratio, and features an oval-shaped hand-grip area for maximum grip and control
  • Five inches of shaft fine-tuning is available on a whim to accommodate different sized vessels or paddlers
  • Blade has extra resin added at high-wear areas, and fiberglass fibers provide strength, stiffness, and a powerful flex
  • Asymmetrical blades allow for precise blade control as the paddle moves through the water
  • Featherlok system means you can make anywhere from big to tiny blade-angle adjustments