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Developed by aliens, perfect for Earth.

What makes a backpack 'next-level'? The term is thrown around season after season. Sometimes it's convincing, sometimes it's not. With the Granite Gear Crown V.C. 60 Backpack, it's as if you're wearing an experimental pack dropped off on our planet by trail-conquering extraterrestrials. The Crown V.C. 60 solves the weight vs. durability conundrum by implementing water-resistant SilSeal Cordura nylon, an excellent material for fast and furious peak-bagging or scraping against canyon walls. Granite Gear also knows that you're cutting zippers and straps just to save grams, so it reduced the overall buckle size and strap length.

  • Concerned with weight? The Crown V.C. weighs in at an unprecedented 2 lbs, 2 oz.
  • Removable frame sheds even more weight
  • Roll-top closure accommodates varied load volumes
  • Line-Loc compression boasts three-way compression and is easily replaceable
  • Vapor Current foam back panel features a matrix of molded channels that ventilate while keeping the pack close to your back
  • Stretch pockets on shoulder straps hold cell phone or earbuds
  • Hip-belt attachment points allow you to attach a hip-belt pocket (sold separately)

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5 5

Perfect do-all pack

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

Very comfortable, if loaded correctly. Since this is not a true-frame pack, your gear needs to provide some rigidity to keep the pack upright. For smaller loads, I simply didn't put my sleeping bag in a stuff sack to provide more pack structure. This pack cinches down small for lighter loads, but can expand HUGE to accommodate larger loads (although I wouldn't carry more than 40lbs for very long). I love the simplicity of this pack. All you get is one huge internal pocket, one large outer stretch pocket, and two water bottle pockets, which is a good thing for me since it provides more internal space and allows me to determine how to organize things, instead of a bunch of smaller pockets that you're left figuring out what will fit. The outer stretch pocket can get huge if needed, I've had rain shell, lunch, hat, two pairs of gloves, two long sleeve shirts, down vest, and two water bottles in there at one time and there was still a little space left. I've had two water bottles and a set of tent poles in the side pockets, as well. This is a wonderful super lightweight all-around-winner backpack. If you want one pack you can use for dayhikes and through hikes, this is the winner.

What size hipbelts come with each size pack available?

I've noticed in a couple of videos that there seems to be a device or hook that secures the drinking tube from an hydration pack to the shoulder strap. Before I begin to McGyver a device to do this, is there a device such as this that I can purchase? I have a Camelbak hydration pack with this device already rigged to the shoulder strap but it is not removable. Thanks. I just received my GG vc 60 and I love it already.

Best Answer Responded on

Check out this . You change your current bite valve and toss the magnet on your sternum strap. Its a really cool system actually. The magnet holds really well when I am mtn biking. Of course when I fall it usually falls off but it should be fine if you are just hiking with it.

4 5

Used on AT Thru

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I did the AT with this. It was my first framesheet/frameless-style pack. As long as it was loaded correctly (IE using your stuff to add rigidity and support to the sheet), and not overloaded, it was as comfy as any other pack.

At almost exactly the halfway point of the trail, the buckle connecting the shoulder strap to the pack's main body ripped it's stitches out. Granite Gear sent me a new pack for free promptly as they could with no questions. I should note that the times I did get a chance to weigh my pack with food and water, it was never more than 30 lbs.

I would take this pack on my future thru-hikes if circumstances allow and I still use my replacement. I think it's a great first step towards going frameless because the framesheet has more rigidity than other framesheet style packs such as the Go-Lite Jam.

Should the top of the pack (where the...

Should the top of the pack (where the internal frame ends) cat into the neck when the load lifters are tight? The internal frame has this turn away from the pack (it isn't completely flat). My torso measured in 19in, which should fit in the regular fit. However, when hip-belt, straps, and load lifters are adjusted the frame cuts right into the base of the neck.

Responded on

The two clips going over the roll top attaching the frame to the stronger green cordura fabric. If these straps are tight and more horizontal than vertical, they will pull that framesheet back. So if it bows, it will do so away from the back of your neck.

If you've got a foam pad under these straps they might not be exerting enough horizontal force (but putting more force in vertical) on the top of the framesheet. Maybe tie the pad elsewhere.

It might also be the case if the top 1' of your pack is empty and all the stuff is on the bottom. In this case those clips wont get tight enough to pull the frame sheet back. To fix this, tighten the compression straps (or chords as they are on this pack) before you add stuff to the pack. This reduces the volume so you can evenly distribute your gear across the vertical length of the pack. This way, if you have some stuff to fill out that top portion, you can get those straps tight enough to pull the frame away from you.

The more stuff you have braced along the length of that framesheet, the comfier the pack will be.

So if I buy a med.,is there any way to get...

So if I buy a med.,is there any way to get a small hipbelt?

Responded on

We unfortunately do not carry the hip belts separate but if you contact Granite Gear directly I am sure they would be happy to help you out and get you that small size you need.

Responded on

I'd highly recommend getting the smallest hipbelt they have. I'm a 32 waist and I got a Small hipbelt for this pack that is only about an inch away from being maxed out. I do however wear my pack on the smallest part of my back.

What size belt does the regular come...

What size belt does the regular come with?

I have a 35 waist, is a med the right...

I have a 35 waist, is a med the right size?

Responded on

Since all sizes have to accommodate both women and mens frames a Medium is going to actually be a little small for a 36" waist. I suggest picking up a large belt in your case.

Responded on

Their Med was mazed out on me and I'm a 32. It's got a lot of room for travel. I switched to a small. I think you'd be fine with a Med.

Where can I buy the inflatable frame?

Where can I buy the inflatable frame?

Best Answer Responded on

Hey Ryan Hamblin,

Thanks for the question. I did some looking around and the only place that I could find that carries the Vapor Current Airbeam Frame that you are looking for is through Granite Gear themselves. They sell the frame for $49.95, it will fit the Crown VC 60 and you can order this by using the URL link below:

5 5

A preliminary review, but very pleased already

I’ll preface this review with my cut and paste statement that I work as a backcountry backpacking guide in Yosemite National Park. Nearly all of the products I take the time to review have seen at least a half a season, if not more, of use... and I’m committed to not bothering to write a review until I feel like I’ve really gotten to know a product. *This review is an exception. I've had the pack on a couple short hikes (4 miles) to kick the tires and form a relatively informed opinion since my season in Yosemite doesn't start for another month or so. I wanted to get a solid review up to help out people looking for a nice, lightweight pack.* I never thought I’d bother to write reviews, but I’ve recently decided that since I’ve spent so much time over these last many years reading reviews, and finding a tremendous amount of value in articulate and well-informed opinions, that I wanted to give back to the community. So, with that being said, here we go...

I've had a few Granite Gear packs and so far my favorite is likely the Nimbus Latitude. I wrote up a review on it, although the pack is long discontinued, so the review is a slightly meaningless. This pack, after really putting some months and miles on it, may very well be my new favorite. Its about a pound lighter than the Nimbus, and while it doesn't accommodate a bear can quite as well as the Nimbus, it does a fine job. However, after playing with a few setups I've finally come up with an optimal solution.

Upon first putting the pack on I was immediately happy with the torso length. I ordered a long, as I not only have a long torso... but I prefer to keep nearly all the weight off my shoulders. However, I also immediately noticed that where the top of the two shoulder straps are sewn to the pack they are quite close together, leaving anyone with a wide neck having to deal with quite a bit of abrasion from the straps rubbing the sides of their neck at the base. I have a relatively long, narrow neck... and even with a couple fingers space between my shoulders and the straps I still am aware of the proximity of the shoulder straps, though abrasion isn't an issue. If one was so inclined they might find a great solution in cutting up a fleece (or using some sheepskin seatbelt cover) to place over the shoulder straps for comfort.

The pack sits very nicely on my waist, and distributes weight very well. With the pack filled to about 30 pounds or so with my normal kit (including food, etc) it tucked into my lower back very well, and other than my issue with the shoulder straps the pack was very, very comfortable. However, very important to note is that as of this moment the waist belts for this pack are quite oversized. I have a 34" waist or so... and the men's medium belt just barely fits with it cinched as tight as it will go. Keep that in mind when ordering a pack.

The quality of the pack itself is fantastic. The stitching and fabric are top notch, and the pack itself looks and feels bombproof. The removable, internal backpanel feels quite flimsy, and that's a bit misleading. If you're skilled at packing your pack well, and keep it tight, then you'll find the pack's seeming lack of structure only an illusion. The pack holds its shape well when packed properly, and melds to your back perfectly, while keeping weight distributed very well.

As for bear cans... here's a quick bit of info. I carry both Garcias and BV500s depending on the trip and clients. I've always preferred to pack the can horizontally inside the top of my pack, and while that's possible to do with a Garcia in this pack... a BV500 will not really fit well horizontally. You can force it, but it stresses the fabric and stitching way past what is reasonable. I spent an hour or two hiking around four miles with my full kit and a Garcia inside, and the pack did very well. However, I found the best setup is to pack all my standard gear which fills the pack to a few inches below the top of the backpanel, then close the rolltop and use the two clips to secure it. Then take the bear can, place it firmly on top of the closed rolltop, then use the two top straps to secure the bear can on top. This has a really beneficial side effect - it creates tension between the top of the rolltop, below the backpanel, and the top straps. This pulls the internal backpanel upwards toward the back of the bear can and makes the pack more structured, which not only lifts the shoulders straps further off your shoulders, helping to solve the abrasion issue mentioned earlier, but it also helps tighten the entire pack and load which helps distribute the load into your lower back and waist. The moment I tried this setup the difference was obvious... and it'll be the setup I use this upcoming season.

Since this is an early review I very well might come back in a few months and ass a few notes or an update to this review.

All in all... this is a fantastic pack, and very comfortable given its incredibly light weight. It's definitely another piece of gear that reflects Granite Gear's great design philosophy... and the quality of their products.

5 5

Simple, lightweight and efficient

Great pack. I have the crown 60 and a nimbus meridian. There is no beating the comfort, quality and ease of Granite Gear. The Crown 60 is comfortable for me up to about 32-34 lbs. the weight and durability of the pack feel unreal. Other packs of this weight feel like they'll disintegrate while the crown 60 feels like it could be dragged behind a horse fully loaded without a mark. The weight of the pack sits so close to the body, it becomes a part of your body and the pack is unnoticeable when carrying weights under 30lbs. Above that weight, the straps begin to dig a little bit. (nimbus meridian is comfortable for me up to 50lbs and becomes more invisible the longer you hike). The crown 60 is the perfect pack for summer. The 4 clip closure top is simple, but somewhat annoying if you need to access the internal contents often. However, the stretchy outside pockets are plentiful and efficient for quick access and stowing.

Will a bear canister fit horizontally in...

Will a bear canister fit horizontally in this pack?

Responded on

Could you be more specific? Which bear canister?

Responded on

A BV500 will not really fit into the pack horizontally. You can force it, and barely make it fit into the very top of the rolltop, but it puts a lot of stress on the fabric and stitching. A Garcia fits well, with a little tension on the fabric. A better option for the BV is to close the rolltop with everything you need in the pack, place the BV on top and use the top straps to hold the BV on top. It works very well, and actually is a more comfortable setup than having the bear can inside the pack because the tension between the top of the rolltop and the top straps will pull the thin backpanel straight, and create more structure to the pack.

When measuring torso size for this Granite...

When measuring torso size for this Granite Gear pack, does one press a measuring tape right up against the spine, following the curvature, or run the tape up from the hip line to the neck line in a straight line 90 degrees to the ground? Following the curvature will make the measurement a little longer.

Responded on

Below is the measurements by size. You should use a flexible tape and go directly against your back.. If you do not have one do your best. If you are in the middle of the size it will not matter anyway. The difference between the two measurements are usually not that much difference. Below is also Granite Gears measuring instructions.

Crown Torso Lengths
Short Torso 14" to 18"
Regular Torso 18" to 21"
Long Torso 21" to 25"

What torso length should I get?

To find your torso length, measure the distance between your seventh cervical vertebra and the shelf of your hipbones. Do this by standing up straight with your feet shoulder-width apart. Tilt your head forward and place your hands on your hips, thumbs to the back. With a flexible tape, have someone measure from the most prominent vertebra at the base of your neck to an imaginary line drawn between your thumbs. This will be your torso length.

Does Backcountry carry the women's version...

Does Backcountry carry the women's version of this pack?

Is there a water bladder sleeve that fits?...

Is there a water bladder sleeve that fits? is it functional?

Responded on

Yes, and yes. There is a pocket that holds the removable frame panel and holds a hydration bladder. I have 3 liter bladders from both geigerrig and camelback. They both fit fine with or without the frame back panel. There is a tube slot from the top that allows tube access from both shoulders and the hydration pocket has a bar that can clip the top of the bladder for increased bladder stability. I've also seen the bladder placed in the front stretch pocket for easier access, though not as efficient when hiking.

what size hip belt is the large pack sold...

what size hip belt is the large pack sold with?

Responded on

Granite Gear offers different size belts with their packs. Good review on this pack at

Best Answer Responded on

Just a head's up - the waist belts for this pack are significantly oversized. I have a 34" waist and a medium *barely* fits me, with the belt as absolutely tight as it will go.