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When you're hundreds of miles away from the nearest output, power up with the Goal Zero Escape 150 Adventure Kit. This solar-powered kit comes with the Boulder 15M Solar Panel that charges the Escape 150 Power Pack which then lets you power laptops, phones, lights, and just about anything else you might need wherever you go. The fully charged Escape 150 Power Pack can power your laptop for 6-10 hours or cell phones for 150+ hours.

  • Internal battery type: AGM battery
  • Internal battery life cycles: 500-1000 (5+ years)
  • Boulder 15 Solar Panel open circuit voltage: 18V
  • Boulder 15 Solar Panel charging voltage 12V + or - 2V
  • Boulder 15 Solar Panel charges the Escape 150 in 15-20 hours
  • Escape 150 has an ergonomic rubberized handle that makes it easy to transport
  • Leave plugged-in at home or cabin for emergency backup power
  • Escape 150 is CE and FCC tested and certified
  • Included accessories: 1 AC wall outlet Escape charger, 1 12V Escape devices charger, and 1 small carabiner
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    According to the manufacturer this unit will run a c-pap machine 6 to 8 hours.. that is a total fabrication.. the battery has a TOTAL of 115W. Period. So if you use W=VxA there is NOTHING that can charge on the 110 plug. A c-pap plugged in which is supposed to pull 2.1A. So 110x2.1=231w so I tried it with a DC converter.. which cost another $30.00 12v x 2.1A= 25.2 115/25.1=4.56 SO that is the math.. in reality plugging in the c-pap with with the DC converter ran about 45 min. At the least they should say this only works if you are using 12v converter. I did not try charging any smart phones but when I called the manufacturer they admitted that the charger was good for non smart phones. I was so hopeful/excited this would work but alas no. So I am doubly disappointed.

    Oh Hey look, free power.

      Absolutely love Goal0 and recommend it to my friends that hike, bike, ride, and boat.

      Brought this out while primitive camping out in Joshua Tree National Park for 8 days. We had 2 DSLR cameras, 2 iPhones, 1 ipad, 1 laptop, 1 GoPro camera and never ran out of power. We charged the Pack up with the Boulder 15 Solar Panels ( during the day while we were out climbing and would charge all of our electronics at night and would still have 20% charge left over.

      Obviously when hiking in several miles to set up a base-camp every ounce counts. The panels and battery pack fit perfectly and easily into my pack with my clothing and honestly, I forgot I was even carrying it.

      I don't mean to sound dramatic but having portable power has become life changing. I planned on only spending 4 days of my vacation in the woods doing video and night photography and with the constant power available I was able to constantly dump and edit photos and charge batteries and edit time-lapse videos with out worry.

      I highly recommend this for anyone that enjoys time away from the grid, but still enjoys the convenience of electronics.

      I also bought the Nomad 7 and charge that right on my backpack, or on my car dashboard depending where and what I'm doing.

      Great for camping, emergencies, home use

        This set up is great. The batter is a little heavy for any sort of backpacking endeavor, but it's perfect to haul in the car or use at home. My inlaws got one for their emergency hurricane kit. We use ours for car camping or when the batter runs out on the laptop mid-movie at home.

        The Charging system is fantastic. As with all Goal Zero products you can mix and match the solar collectors to the various battery systems.

        Unanswered Question

        Is the LED battery charge level indicator...

        Is the LED battery charge level indicator suppose tro stop scrolling when it is fully charge and still plugged in or does it keep scrolling untill it is unplugged?

        The description says Boulder 15 but the...

        The description says Boulder 15 but the picture is Nomad 13.5M Solar Panel..
        what solar panel does it really come with?