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Keep power on tap in the field with the heavy-duty Goal Zero Extreme 350i Power Pack with Universal Inverter. The simple, durable, high-capacity battery keeps you connected everywhere from base camp to your cabin in the wild, and makes an excellent emergency back-up power source. The included clip-on Extreme UI AC Inverter lets you recharge your cell phone, power a laptop for hours on end, or charge any device via its 12V or AC connections anywhere in the world.

  • Charges in 6-7 hours from AC wall charger, 12 hours from 12V car adapter, or 12-16 hours from Boulder 30 Solar Panel (sold separately)
  • Outputs on inverter include 12V port, USB port, AC universal port with user-switchable 110/220V AC plugs
  • Powers small household appliances, recharges laptops, light sources, and small electronics
  • 20A fuse protection and a life cycle of 500-1,000 charges depending on usage
  • Voltage of 12 Vdc and maximum capacity of 350 watt/hours
  • Thoughtful engineering makes it easy to daisy-chain up to three Extreme 350 power cells for a total of 1400 watt/hours of power (additional 350 battery packs sold separately)
  • LED battery monitor that displays in 20% increments ensures you don't get caught by surprise with a dead battery
  • Rubberized top handle on battery makes unit easy to carry
  • Included accessories: cable to charge from AC wall outlet, cable to charge 12V devices from Extreme 350 Power Pack
  • Operates in temperatures from 32⁰-104⁰ F
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Terrible customer service experience

    Trying to replace a battery that died after one use, they want you to basically pay almost full retail to replace the battery and have it shipped to you. It is known that these batteries die quickly unless you have them pl

    ugged in all the time.

    Recommend the unit, buyer beware from Backcountry

      I love the Goal Zero Extreme 350. Took it camping to power my CPAP sleep machine. Lasts 3+ nights (without the humidifier) without a recharge. I awoke on day 2 with a couple of inches of flowing downpour water lapping up against the unit (outside the tent, under vestibule) but no damage - held up well, no problems. The one star rating is because after I CONFIRMED 3 times with personnel, during both phone conversation and chat, I was assured that my order came with the Boulder 30 solar panel, I found out that it did not after I received the unit. I easily returned the purchase (kudos) and bought the kit from another company. Horrible knowledge of products being sold by Backcountry. The original item description was unclear, I'm sure they've corrected it. The unit is great, knowledge of products by employees - not so much. I recommend this product, buy it from a company you trust.

      Backcountry's gearheads pride themselves on their gear knowledge and we are committed to being the best. It sounds like you had a bad experience with one of us, contact me at I would love the opportunity to change your mind.

      This unit cones with a solar panel? Is 2...

      This unit cones with a solar panel? Is 2 day shipping availible? How. Much for 2 day shipping if availible? Can I use credit card not PayPal? Is this a new unit? Why is it so much less $ than others?

      No this unit does not include solar panels you will need to buy one or two Boulder 30 panels.

      "Charges in 6-7 hours from AC wall charger, 12 hours from 12V car adapter, or 12-16 hours from Boulder 30 Solar Panel (sold separately)"

      as far as shipping 2 day shipping would probably be pretty expensive based on the weight of the unit.