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Who said you couldn’t mix business with pleasure? It’s nuking outside, but with the Giro TuneUps with Bluetooth Link, you can still make that conference call meeting. With the simple touch of your wireless Bluetooth, you can take that important call, and when you’re done, simply press the button again to continue rocking out to Juke Box Hero. No fumbling. No fuss. No dropping your cell phone on the chairlift and watching it fall down into the snow. Just one easy press of a button. In addition, the super thin TuneUps speakers drop into the earflaps of your compatible Giro helmet.

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sounds great

    I use this with a Blackberry and the tunes sound awesome. take the time to set them into your helmet. they may move if not set correctly but will stay in place and be comfortable. It has a large volume range so you can dial into the right amount of volume. Note: the sound is plugged into your phones mini jack but the use of your phone for calls is via blue tooth. you have to hit the skull button on the clip-on in order to answer your phone. This setup saves buttons versus non-bluetooth as without bluetooth you would need to have multiple buttons or wires or switch to phone call or music at your phone, which is usually tucked inside your coat and NOT accessible. Basically, the phone call shuts down the tunes when you hit the button at the clip-on then the phone call is transmitted via Bluetooth to your clipon then via wires to your headset. It is a slick way to listen to tunes while skiing and be able to get calls. Some question the "sketchyness." That problem relates to the jack's connection at the phone and tends to be an issue with cheap Android driven type phones. Apple or Blackberry would tend to NOT have that issue. Don't blame Giro for buying a junk phone.

    Doesn't work well with iPhone 4s

      I got this for my iPhone 4s but it doesn't play well with Siri, and the volume adjustment sucks and the sound is crackly. I sent these back almost immediately. I'll stick with my Icon 2 headphones till Skullcandy can make a Helmet audio system that actually works well.

      works great - when it works

        the blue tooth only works for the phone - whats the point of that if you have to wire it to your phone for music anyway? broke after 3 months - does not play on left ear.

        I have the same problem with last years model the left ear does not work. Also on another set purchased the button to stop the music does not work. The place where I purchased did not bother to tell me they have had numerous problems until after the sale. Told me to contact Skull Candy.

        Giro Tuneups with TuneUps Link

          Great improvement over prior versions. Nice to listen to stereo music and be able to answer phone calls. Not that I will answer the phone, but nice to know who is trying to call me without having to open my shell!

          Mine stopped working the first day out skiing. I could not hear any music using the Skull Candy devise, only if I hooked up my Iphonedirectly to the earphones. None of the ski shop techs could get it to work either and many told me they had preivous issues with the Skull Candy devises before and prefer the Smith brand ones instead... and they ski all the time. I am returning mine.

          I'm not quite sure what the bluetooth is...

          I'm not quite sure what the bluetooth is for, if it has to be wired into the iphone? Can you bypass the bluetooth link, and wire directly from speakers to iPhoneS, and use the microphone wirelessly?

          Would these fit in a Red helmet? 2010...

          Would these fit in a Red helmet? 2010 model

          Hello all, Sorry for the stupid question...

          Hello all,

          Sorry for the stupid question but I am a bit lost between this model and the 200$ wireless thing so here's my config.

          I have an HTC phone which does BT and music.

          Do i need to wire with a cable the phone to the kit to get the music and when a call comes in it switches automatically to BT, cuts the music (which it already does with a wired headset plugged to the phone), gets the call and when i hang up it resumes the music ?

          basically what does the $200 kit does that this one doesn't ?


          Is this compatible with iphone?

          Is this compatible with iphone?

          Bluetooth no - wired yes but with no control. Droid works great with stored music or streaming audio. Currently you can jailbreak an iphone and get bluetooth audio but it's mono only. Maybe the new Verizon iphone will provide stereo bluetooth with / without jailbreaking. Currently you can jailbreak an iphone and get bluetooth audio but it's on mono only.