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Pretty cool

    Got them about a week ago and finally got a chance to use them it was nice to see that the cord that the inline volume and mute are in actually detach from the headphones so you can put them in your helmet (the headphone cable is long enough to hang to the bottom edge of the helmet and the rest of the cord/inline vloume/ mute can stay in your jacket so you don't have to take the entire headphone cable out/ put it back in everytime)so you can leave the other 3/4 of the cable in your jacket all the time, sound quality is good, only complaint is (don't know if it was just mine or all of them) is if I use the 3/4 of the cable with the volume/ mute I can hear music but no lyrics, I just use a typical aux cable to go from the helmet to my ipod and works good I can deal with it since my inline/mute would be inside my jacket instead of the outside

    Great Sound

      I bought the Giro Tuneups Audio Drops for my Giro Revolver helmet. Easy to install and connect to my MP3 player. More than enough volume, I set my MP3 player at 50% volume and that is great. Super sound reproduction, beats ear buds by a long shot. The mute button is easy to use, even with gloves on. I am very happy with the Giro Tuneups Audio Drops.

      They get it done

        These are cool headphones, they have enough volume to hear at higher speeds. I would like some control other than just volume but for what they are its just fine. I guess I didnt have the audio compatible Giro Shiv helmet so I had to resort to ripping my ear pads open and cutting out some foam for the head phone and super gluing it back together, just a warning be sure you can easily open your ear pad before considering these.

        will these fit in R.E.D. Helmets rather...

        will these fit in R.E.D. Helmets rather than REDphones? this looks like a better system and its cheaper.

        Is the connector compatible with the...

        Is the connector compatible with the original i-phone? If not, is there an adapter?

        Unanswered Question

        How loud do these drops get? For example,...

        How loud do these drops get? For example, is it more of a speaker than a headphone? Long story short, my boyfriend bought a Sessions ski jacked with built in speaker "pockets" around his collar. I was thinking something like this could be the right size to fit inside it, but the question is, will it be loud enough if it isn't right against his ear?

        will these work with last year's g10 or...

        will these work with last year's g10 or did something change?

        how do these fit into the ear pads of the...

        how do these fit into the ear pads of the compatible helmets and will they make your ears hurt after wearing them for a while?

        The ear pad has a velcro pocket, open the pocket and pull out the open cell foam, push out the inner circle, insert the speaker and "drop" it back into the ear pad. Mine are really comfortable. If you get too much pressure you could easily remove the speakers and keep ripping for the day. This is the best and most versatile system I have seen.

        Is this compatible with the g10 mx since...

        Is this compatible with the g10 mx since it is with the g10?