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The Giordana Body Clone FormaRed Carbon Leg Warmers have extensive paneling so they won't feel like they're tugging your knees straight or slipping down while pedaling. And since they're part of the FormaRed Carbon line, you also get comfy, soft Aerofix grippers at the top, with Liquid Elastic providing a nice hold on your skin. At the bottom, there's a zipper, and separate panel that allows for both great hold and ankle flex. Both ends have a scalloped shape for comfort and fit.

There is a second reason for all the paneling. Compression, which gives better muscle support, which delays fatigue, which allows you to ride harder longer which leaves a smile on your face for greater intervals. The paneling follows the contours of your muscles, allowing them to move, but also holding the muscles in place, which reduces the likelihood of muscle swelling from use. Giordana will probably tell you there's a third as well. The more a wicking material contacts the skin, the better it wicks. Take a top that's loose. Where the skin isn't in contact with material, sweat sits, keeping you feeling damp. Put a wicking layer next to that skin, and the skin stays feeling dry for longer.

Super Roubaix is a brushed nylon/spandex fabric that is smooth on the outside and lofty on the inside. The panels are held together by flat-panel stitching, so no seam can abrade your leg. There is a left and right, and are marked by reflective Giordana logos. These go on the outside of your calves. There is reflective piping around the zipper, which has a cam lock design on the pull.

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Sizing Information

    I have these and love them. The liquid elastic at the top is nice and has a much better feel than my previous leg warmers. Whether it holds or not over time is another story. But nothing is worse than a warmer with shot elastic.

    Living in SoCal I can't say how low these rate down to for temperature. However, I did recently wear these during a morning ride in sub-40F temperatures and I never felt even the slightest bit cold or even cool. So they're good down to at least 35-40F.

    Sizing information is impossible to find for this product. Ask any shop. They don't have it. However, Giordana was nice enough to pass the information along.

    Hopefully this will help you make your purchase decision. I definitely don't regret mine.

    Size - Length - Circ. at top - Circ. at Wrist

    S 605 mm 390 mm 190 mm
    M 620 mm 400 mm 200 mm
    L 640 mm 410 mm 210 mm
    XL 660 mm 420 mm 220 mm

    S 23.80in 15.33in 7.50in
    M 24.50in 15.75in 7.87in
    L 25.25in 16.25in 8.25in
    XL 26.00in 16.50in 8.66in

    Not made for women...

      I am a 5-7 and 125 pound woman and these are pretty huge with a bizarre fit. They were obviously baggy at the knees and not wearable. Additionally, the zipper pull at the bottom of the pant was VERY irritating on my skin after 2 seconds of trying them on. It may be ok if you had a taller sock on to be a barrier between your leg and the zipper, but I could not even fathom it after a ride! My ankle would have been rubbed raw! As far as the knee issue went, I think maybe someone wore them and returned them stretched out???

      Unanswered Question

      What is the length of this in size small?...

      What is the length of this in size small? I found two different "on the web": 55cm (22") and 66cm (26"). 55cm is useless for me, my current leg warmers are more than 70cm long which is sufficient for me.