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    Comfy boots. Seems to be several shells for the Adrenalin however. There is the freeride shell that fits a bit lower on the ankle and has more flex, and there is the Endorphin shell (pictured) that rides a little higher and is a wee bit stiffer. I've tried both types on and they fit a bit differently so purchase wisely.

    sized small

      I would order 1/2 to 1 full size up from the listed recs. Compared to my downhill boots (Dalbello Krypton Pro) these are a lot less supportive (to be expected from AT i guess) especially in the anterior shin area. The foot area seems small in the foot height even when the boot is sized right.

      happy feet meets great snow

        OK, four days on these babys, stiff, great edge hold compaired to my old G-fits, the soles are 308mm my old ones are 320 but the fit was fine. The lace up liner for climbing works wonderful,,I'm happy again BC, thanks, now open a store in New England,,please.

        Great boots - Liners do pack out

          This is the 2nd pair of Garmonts I've had, 1st being the G-Rides, which were a revelation. It's the first time in 35 yrs of skiing that I have not had major foot pain, even with custom injected liners. The Thermofit liner is great -- it accommodates my bone spurs and nasty bunion with virtually no pain. I've had a few minor shell adjustments, but nothing compared to the regular visits to the boot doctor I used to have to do. I got the Adrenalins because the G-Ride was a little soft, and I now use these exclusively off and on piste. They are just as comfy and warm and give great control over pretty beefy skis (178 Scott Missions and 174 Outlaws). Last year I threw out my Technicas and use these exclusively. They've been comfortable on pretty long walks and skins (3 hrs+) and I find them quite warm. My only reservation is that the liner does seem to pack out after a couple of years' use. I've added foot bed liners to take up some of the volume, and am using thicker socks. A friend has these with the Scarpa wrap-around liner which he swears by, so I am thinking of swapping out the Thermofit for that. I'd go for another pair of the Thermofit, but they do not seem to be as available as the Scarpas which can be got for under $100. Overall, a great boot.

          Unanswered Question

          Enjoying my Adrenalin boots, but have a...

          Enjoying my Adrenalin boots, but have a question- It says there are 3 boot settings- Walk (obvious) and then two separate ski settings. It seems like the lever is either up for walk or down for ski. How do you click in the second ski setting?

          I'm hearing different opinions on Garmonts...

          I'm hearing different opinions on Garmonts sizing. I wear a 9.5 shoe. Would a 27 mondo be loo large? Also, how would these ride with some Marker baron's 75% resort, 25% BC. Thanks for any info!

          I bought the Endorphin shell model and used the size chart without ever trying them in a store and the 29.5 fit my shoe size 12 la little on the snug side but after taking out the insole that came in them they fit like a glove Eventually they will settle out and I'll have more room for an after market insole. I'd prefer a little snugness at first to insure I end up with a boot that is as form fitting as I can get to avoid sloop. Hope this helps.

          Write your question do the...

          Write your question do the Adrenalines fit compared with the G Rides? My G Rides fit great. Will I be fine going with the same size?

          Anybody had the issue with the ankle pivot...

          Anybody had the issue with the ankle pivot (rivet) on the Adrenalin that they have had with the Endorphin? Is it the same or made from a different material? What else is different between the Adrenalin and the Endorphin besides Magnesium buckles?

          You can contact Garmont directly, they do have updated rivets for the boot,(free of charge) but slight modification by way of enlarging the holes slightly needs to be done, you also need to find a boot shop that can press the rivet heads properly. AS of 2010, Garmont has redesigned this rivet, it now is a screw in style repair, it has an interlocking style male into female attachment., much more beef with steel, vs the old aluminum press rivet.

          I have had both of mine pop off and have two different mods (one on each ankle). The first was a low profile Lange domed rivet that Sturtevants put on in Bellevue, WA. It is still going and pivots like a charm in AT mode. The second was a toothed square nut (inside) and phillips head bolt and washer on the outside. I afixed some Moleskine and ducttape over the square nut inside the boot and then allowed the liners to mold against it. You may like this option since it allows for retightening. I did not use any locktite but it could be done. Get a few of these and keep a couple in your BC kit with the washers. Any popped on Rivet is bound to snap later on.

          I need to replace the rubber outsole on a...

          I need to replace the rubber outsole on a pair of adrenalins. Does some body sell these?

          how comfortable would you say these boots...

          how comfortable would you say these boots are for an extended backcountry skiing trip? say two weeks of hiking and earning turns... comfortable enough to wear them all day hiking and still enjoy a few downs?

          the adrenalines are definitely one of the beefiest 'touring' oriented boots. At almost 8.5lbs per pair, they will be one of the heavier boots you will want to take into the backcountry for that long of a trip. After two weeks you will really start to feel the weight. Otherwise, they will be comfortable, as they have a walk mode and you can keep the buckles pretty loose for the way up.

          I just broke one of the eyelits on the...

          I just broke one of the eyelits on the liner. Is the lacing system necessary in them?

          Get rid of the lacing system? Who walks around in liners in a mountain hut? Listen, if you plan on doing any skinning or hiking then the laces are a must. That is of course unless you like your shins slopping around inside your boots for the entire trip up. If you plan on spending your entire season riding lifts then I guess you might not need them but if that's the case then why are you buying AT boots?