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With the 7TM Power Releasable Telemark Ski Binding, “graceful” is no longer the right word for the tele turn. Powerful is more like it. This releasable tele binding features a removable Power Pin that moves the pivot point further under the ball of your foot for more power. The feature helps you more efficiently weight your back leg for stronger turns. Less aggressive skiers can remove the pin for a more neutral feel. An additional tension strap underfoot further increases power and control by limiting torsional flex. DIN setting of 4-11 inspire confidence, and are a must have for travel in avalanche terrain.

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7tm vs Voile

    If you value your knees and ski avalanche terrain, I'd consider a release binding. Having owned both the Voile and 7tm bindings, I'd say that the 7tm is light years above the Voile binding in it's action and the dependability of it's release mechanism. It's heavy and expensive, and they ream you on riser plates, brakes and heel elevators, but still worth it.

    Great binding!

      I've owned this binding since 2005 and it was great for me because it got rid of the need for runaway straps and at the same time made my knees a safer from injury. I used to have a problem with the runaway straps coming uphooked and then tripping me up. The bindings do release too, when necessary. The first time they released was about a year after I purchased them and I could not remember how to click back in. Trial and error won and I went on my merry way. In all the time that I have owned them they have only released three times, but thinking that any of the three could have resulted in a serious injury to my knees justified the price in my opinion. The binding performance is comparable to any other top of the line model that is out there even if it is a little heavier. I mounted mine right on the ski without a riser and it works beautifully.

      No Good

        If you're looking for a releasable tele binding, skip these and look for the Voile CRB's. Cheaper, and same activity/stiffness as the 7tm. I'm not a fan of this binding at all, but I understand why people want a tour feature, and a release mechanism. 3pin Hardwire CRB from Voile is better, cheaper, and lighter. Also, they're made in SLC, UT, USA and not China.

        In my experience 7tm beats Voile CRB easily, though I agree about choosing carefully who manufactures your kit.
        I've been using 7tm all-mountains for the last 4 seasons and like them far better than the Voile CRBs that they replaced. The Voiles gave me my worst-ever injury, a torn shoulder muscle, when they pre-released on a fast schuss, so I e-bayed them in disgust. The release setting on the Voiles is cumbersome and imprecise to adjust and getting the release plate back onto the mechanism after a release is no job for a steep slope. The 7tms are easy to get into and out of, easy to re-fit in snow after a release and are easy to adjust for boot size and for DIN setting. I find them predictable and reliable to ski, even on notorious Scottish snow (an ice, peat, heather, rock, windslab and sometimes even powder mix). I'd like them to be more active though and have just fitted a power upgrade kit- hoping to try this weekend.
        I also have 7tm power tours. Not quite so sure about those. At 1.8 kilos, they are heavy to carry on the inevitable walking parts of a tour. I've also had a couple of occasions where the lock-down lever for the pivot has swung into uphill mode while skiing downhill, suddenly giving zero control on that rear ski and an unexpected fall. I think this occurred due to the lever catching snow and being pushed round when I'd been skiing backwards. User-error meets design weakness?
        Anyone have a view on how active Volie Swichbacks or Targa Ascents are in comparison to 7tm Power Tours?

        I've been skiing rentals with the 7tm binding's and as someone who has strong intermediate and decent advanced skill I love them. I have yet to have a bad spill on them so I'm not sure if they are too "sticky" but the DIN setup has avoided inadvertent releases. Depending on if you read imperial or metric the CRBs are actually a tad heavier but if weight is a serious concern (if you tour more than resort) then perhaps you should consider beefed up XC bindings with metal edged touring skis instead of 75mm bindings on alpine planks. As for the country of manufacture, the quality of high end Chinese goods eclipsed American ones a decade ago, unless you are a "buy armerican" nutbar go for the 7tm.

        what are your knees and season worth

          best releasable on the market> I've only had them pre release once in three years. all other releases were well deserved and would have probably ended my seanon my knees or on one occation my life. for my age i still ski some pretty scary shit and the security of keeping my body intact lets me go for it just that much more.

          no power

            I like release. I really want to like this binding, because it would save my knees if I was willing to ski it. But it has a really 'mushy' feel -- on the downhills, I don't have the turn-to-turn snap I'd like...

            Note your other options, and buy the accessories

              Lots of pop to keep your foot planted for descents. Unfortunately, also keeps your heel planted for the ascent. If you're into backcountry touring (like me), I'd suggest opting for the "Power Tour", which has a free-swinging touring mode as well.
              Also note that the bindings do not come with brakes, climbing wires, or riser plates- make sure you buy those (expensive) accessories.
              Definitely pricey, but your knees are worth it.

              Unanswered Question

              I bought a pair of used skis that have these bindings. The spring in the heel mildly rusted.
              The rust was easily removed, but should I treat it with anything? Like a silicone lubricant or leave as is?


              Do I need to purchase the "Z007" adapter...

              Do I need to purchase the "Z007" adapter to mount these bindings on K2 Anti Piste skies?

              Yes, to mount these to k2 skis without drilling, you will need the adapter plate. However, you could always just drill the ski, cutting back on weight if that's an issue (probably not by the sounds of your setup). I would personally recommend using the adapter plate, because you can then get the best connection to the ski, won't have to worry drilling close to the inserts, and also can retain the manufacture warranty. Hope that helps.

              Hallo everybody, I want to try telemark...

              Hallo everybody, I want to try telemark skiing this year. I have ordered the black diamond joule but i'm looking for a releasable binding, due to a knee injury . Do you have any suggestions? Would it be wise to consider a binding with no release mechanism? Is it possible to ship the product to Greece?

              I've been skiing the 7tm Power Tour for three years now and I'm very satisfied. For a 58 year old life long skier like myself who wants to have fun but do all I can to preserve my knees, the 7tm is absolutely the way to go. No other telemark binding offers a reliable, DIN certified release. I also have a pair of skis mounted with the Voile CRB hardwire releasable binding, but use them only occasionally. The 7tm is more expensive and heavier, but it is clearly superior in design, adjustability and reliability. In my opinion, for protection of the legs and knees, the 7tm is definitely worth it. Also, for backcountry skiing, being caught in an avalanche while clamped in a non-releasable binding could be very ugly. Have fun skiing! --Mike

              After 45+ yrs skiing without (major) mishap,...

              After 45+ yrs skiing without (major) mishap, I now sport a steel plate in/on my right ankle from a near "perfect" low-speed twist incident in Feb 08. I missed last season (in Abu Dhabi) but need to get back into it - however, not without releasing bindings. So I can understand my options, would someone be willing to list what the credible alternatives are to the Garmont 7tm. I ski slopes only... fairly aggressive (for age), 190#, 6'-23. Thanks much, Ralph

              That's a bummer Ralph, sorry to hear about your ankle. We've got the Voile Hardwire ( which I've skied on and personally don't like very much. Never skied on the Garmonts, but the movable pivot point on them is similar to the Hammerheads, and will give you the ability to transfer more power to the turn if you are a more aggressive skier. The classic side-of-foot cartridge style is OK for cruising, but I've always preferred the option of increasing the torque and leverage of the binding with a movable pivot point. I'd go with the Garmonts.

              Can you get a brake for these?

              Can you get a brake for these?

              Hi. I am just getting geared up for tele....

              Hi. I am just getting geared up for tele. I got the scarpa women's t2 boot. I hear this is the binding I need. Why would one need the tour version of this binding? Now for the skis. I am about 5'6" and 112lbs. I want something fat and about 163ish. Any suggestions. Why is tele setup so complex? I've been assured it will be worth the effort. BTW, I have the backcountry in mind -- that's the point, right?

              Tour or no tour, the 7TM is heavy, but I still prefer the reliable release mechanism. Weight is where you pay the piper. If I was restricted to a 1 ski quiver (I'm not) the Icelantic Nomad would get the nod. Stable on pack, great with champagne, rules in the mank/mashed potatoes/concrete and avalanche debris. Forget ice. This ski is light enough to balance out the weight gain from 7TMs.....
              I also like Volkl Gotamas (very light with freight train stability) but the Nomads are fatter and in the length you desire (168 cm or shorter [156 cm]). Otherwise prepare to be waterboarded.

              Unanswered Question

              I bought a pair of Karhu Jax skis with the...

              I bought a pair of Karhu Jax skis with the Garmont 7tm Power releasable Telemark binding and after using them once I noticed that the left binding has a "removable power pin" and the right one does not.
              (a) Do these pins fall out by themselves sometimes (which seems highly unlikely)?
              (b) Where can I purchase spare parts?

              Write your question here...willthese mount...

              Write your question here...willthese mount to k2 work stinx pre drilled holes. if not is there an adapter plate to make it work???

              You need the K2 adapter plate, around $40. If you're mounting to non-insert skis, you probably want the similar riser plate, which is around the same $$. That's the biggest downside of these bindings - expensive, required accessories. Cheaper than knee surgery, though.

              These do work with K2 skis that have a pre-drilled 4 hole system (like the World Piste) These skis have an insert so they won't need a conversion plate.

              Make sure to check the mounting style of the ski, a lot of the newer skis (after '08 are compatible with any 4 hole binding)

              If you do need a plate the best place to find them is direct from K2

              Will this binding work with AT Boots?

              Will this binding work with AT Boots?

              I just bought a pair of originals (I...

              I just bought a pair of originals (I think), they are red, not black. Are they easy to adjust to my boots/ability etc...?

              Best Answer

              You have the 7tm All Mountain. Adjust the length with the knob on the back of the binding. Adjust the DIN release according to your weight and skier type. There should be instructions that came with your bindings that include the chart for weight/skier type. If you don't have it, go to

              I read on one review that these neeed to...

              I read on one review that these neeed to be mounted by a ski tech. I mounted the old 7tm bindings on my Outtabounds with no problems - is there a difference in how these are mounted compared to the original 7tm bindings?

              Do these work with K2 inserts or do you...

              Do these work with K2 inserts or do you need a conversion plate?

              You need the K2 adapter plate, around $40. If you're mounting to non-insert skis, you probably want the similar riser plate, which is around the same $$. That's the biggest downside of these bindings - expensive, required accessories. Cheaper than knee surgery, though.