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Cool Little GPS

    I have used my eTrex while hiking, snowshoeing, in my car, and while boating on Puget Sound. I get the most use out of it in the winter when trails are covered in snow. I've had trouble getting a good signal in foul weather. I also wish I had gotten the one with the color screen. You can buy a National Parks CD and download trail maps to your GPS which is a pretty cool feature. It's nothing fancy. It has all the basic features and it works just fine for me.

    Good, Can Be Better

      I used to have the csx until it got lost when my airline lost my suitcase. I bought this instead. It lacks the fancy features of the csx, and has about 1/2 the capabilities. I'm somewhat disappointed. This unit works well, and is easy to read, but is nothing fancy, nice and basic. It can be better.

      Good product.

        I have the Vista C of this and love it. It is very lightweight and portable. The batteries last a really long time as well. I have used this for geocaching and route tracking as well as to get elevation. This is a good GPS system. The only complaint I have is that it is not as intuitive as it should be to use.

        I like what I see, but would like to do a...

        I like what I see, but would like to do a little geocaching also...why is this unit considered "not friendly" for that use?

        I need a new handheld GPS and I am looking...

        I need a new handheld GPS and I am looking at the Garmin eTrex Vista H. I want to be able to interface it with my computer while travelling. I have my laptop set up in my truck with a Magellan Meridian interfaced with it. I can see my position on the Magellan Mapsend map on the computer screen. I want a Garmin that will do the same thing. Will the Etrex Vista H show my position and movement on a computer screen map?

        I'm looking for a GPS that can return me...

        I'm looking for a GPS that can return me to ice fishing locations within a few yards. Will this do the trick? Also how many locations will it store, and how easy is it to index them?

        can garmin e trex vista will work on water...

        can garmin e trex vista will work on water when on my boat

        Best Answer

        Absolutely it will work on water on your boat. It has marine settings, and the base map package includes many nautical features such as bouys and cans. I used mine for several years while sea kayaking off the coast of Maine. It worked great. However, the Garmin 76CSX has even better marine features, including tide tables for any location. The 76CSX is what I use now on the water.

        Can i use it in the southern hemisphere?...

        Can i use it in the southern hemisphere? Because i'm traveling to Arg to climb some mountains! Should i set it in special way?

        I am looking for a gps that I can use when...

        I am looking for a gps that I can use when dogsledding. It needs to work in the cold and on a running (bouncing and such) sled. I need to know where I am so I can find my way back. I would also like to know how far I have come from point A to current location. A nice to have would be how fast I'm going, but not necessary.

        Best Answer


        The official specs of the Vista have a temperature range of 5F to 158F (-15C to 70C), but I've used my Vista HCx at colder temperatures than that. Cold temps will make the GPSr take longer to acquire a satellite fix, but it will still work.

        This GPSr does have all of the basic features that you would expect. You can track your path, follow the GPSr to a waypoint, etc. That would take care of knowing where you are, how to get back, and how far you've come (just mark your starting point as a waypoint). This GPSr will also tell you your speed on the compass page.

        A note: Topographic maps for this GPSr are extra - they can be purchased from Garmin. The Vista does not accept data cards, so you are limited to the 24 MB of internal memory built in. That would probably be enough for most people, but if you're planning on loading a lot of maps, consider a GPSr that will accept memory cards. If you like the Vista interface, the Vista HCx accepts cards (and has a colour screen and some other features).

        Good luck choosing!

        Write your question here... I want to know...

        Write your question here...
        I want to know if is possible use this GPS, at the mountain over 7,000 meters, my idea is make the route between base camp and the summit, altougth the high camps.

        what comes with it in the box, does it...

        what comes with it in the box, does it work right out of the box with out buying more downloads, I ride ATV on trails. going to Fla, and live in Indiana, will it work?

        Can I Calculate areas and mark special...

        Can I Calculate areas and mark special points inside this area with this device?

        I am interested in buying a GPS to take...

        I am interested in buying a GPS to take with me on my horse when I trailride. Do all GPS give you the distance between Point A and B or do you have to buy at the high end

        Best Answer

        It's one of the most basic features. More advanced ones give distances between points following a certain road instead of in straight line. I'm not confident about the traffic ones, but normal handhelds do have this function for sure.Hope this helps.Ignacio gives some good advise, if you get one of those traffic GPS, they are usually "dumbed down" and won't do what you are talking about, point to point. All of the basic hand helds work on this principle.

        Is this product water proof?

        Is this product water proof?

        Best Answer

        Its actually waterproof under IPX7, its supposed to mean water resistant to splashes and rain. Also it can be submerged into water at a 1m depth for 30 minutes. But I wouldn't try it. A friend of mine once secured his eTrex to the outside of his drybag to track our progress down a river in Mexico. We didn't down much tracking after the first day. Get a small SealLine Mapcase. For about $20 you can protect your $200 investment.