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The G3 Alpinist Mohair-Mix Skins won't pull you up the hill, but they'd like to. The Mohair-Mix features the speed and grip of mohair and the water-resistant qualities of synthetic skins for an absolutely cruisin' design. G3 integrated the tail and tip clips to reduce tweak-time.

  • Low-profile tip connector uses pivoting hands to fit securely on ski tips and eliminate the extra weight and floppiness of fold-over designs
  • Laminated tail uses G3 tail connection system for less drag
  • Advanced waterproofing treatment prevents clumping when you move through multiple climate zones
  • Temperature-tolerant adhesive remains solid even in extreme cold
  • RipStrip makes for easy peeling and reduces sticking
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Helpful Skin Folding Tip

Years ago I took a very long course on how to expedition camp and ski mountaineer on a glacier. A learned a bunch but, something that I use on a weekly basis in the winter is folding my skins. Most people start glue to glue and try to match it up. Almost impossible in the wind. I learned that if you hang the skins in your hand carpet to carpet, fold in the middle then go glue to glue you get a better fold almost every time.

So drape them over your arm carpet side down. Line up the two ends best you can. Then make a fold in the middle and work your hands up until the entire skin is folded and stuck to the other half. I actually make a small mark on the middle non glue part of the skin where I need to start folding to remove some of the guess work.

If you have any questions regarding sizing of your skin please feel free to reach out via email and or my direct line. I would be happy to help you pick the right skin length for your ski and answer any questions you may have!

Skin Cutting Tool

Cutting made simple: Center the skin the best you can on your ski. It does not have to be perfect but, dont throw it on there from across the room. Once you feel like its as centered as you can get it, pull out the skin cutting tool.

Its a little counter intuitive so I decided to post a picture. The skin tool says "Ski Base" and that means it goes under the skin and actually on the base of the ski. You can see one of the prongs sticking out and that's just for the picture, both prongs should be on the base of the ski, under the skin.

Then just run the tool down the length of the ski on both sides. The tool automatically off sets the cut to make sure the edges are exposed.
Set the tail clip and bam your done. The tail strap will stretch a little bit after the first day out so be aware that might need some adjustment.

If you have any questions regarding sizing of your skin please feel free to reach out via email and or my direct line. I would be happy to help you pick the right skin length for your ski and answer any questions you may have!

Skin Cutting Tool

Mohair/Nylon Mix All The Way

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

After you have been skinning for a little bit, I think its a great idea to go with a mix mohair/nylon skin, especially if you have a fat ski. The mohair provides better glide which gives you a little more stride length in each step, that adds up on longer days, and really nice for flat terrain. You do lose some friction but, after I got my technique down I never noticed the difference, and found that I didnt slip anymore than I would with my old nylon skins. Sometimes the tracks are just too icy or steep and adjustments need to be made that skins wont really help with. Lower the angle of the skin track and or whip out the ski crampons to get you through really tough icy sections.

I've always really loved G3 as a company I found their brand with their skins. The tip connector fits over almost any ski tip out there and self adjusts most of the time. I have always found the glue to hold up over time as long as they are stored correctly. My last pair I had for well over 3 years before selling the ski. I couldnt believe how long they lasted. I never really take that much time to put them in my pack nice, definitely had their fair share of hair on them and rocks, sticks, and stumps were fun to trample over. The one thing I did do was store them with the skin savers for the summer, that is important. They come with the skin savers already just put one skin on each side when you store them for the summer.

The trim tool is a small feature but, hands down the best one out there. It makes cutting skins a BREEZE! If you dont believe in G3 and go with another skin trust me and spend the extra $5.00 to get their skin cutting tool.

If you have any questions regarding sizing of your skin please feel free to reach out via email and or my direct line. I would be happy to help you pick the right skin length for your ski and answer any questions you may have!

I'm new to touring and just bought a pair of K2 Annex 108's (length 184cm), there dimensions are: 139 / 108 / 127 mm. If I go with these g3's, what size skins do I need? long - 130mm? Is there any reason why I couldn't/shouldn't go with the x-long and trim it down?

Does the job but not much more

  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

This is my third pair of G3 skins and the first time I've used a ski specific skin for my split board in years. I've previously used the alpinist and high traction and loved them both. This product leaves me wanting more... I've toured about 10 days with them this season and I can already tell they'll only be used for those super long alpine days when light is right for me. They certainly weight less then my previous g3's and will be nice on my light setup but for every day touring they simply won't last a season. They're less durable than other skins I've used, already 2 holes in them presumably from gliding over rocks in our early season snow pack. After using other G3's for 3 and 4 years without this happening I was a little disappointed. The grip is alright, I wouldn't say it's the best skin for areas that have steep roadside attractions like the Wasatch due to the less than ideal grip on icy skin tracks. Go with the high tractions if thats what you're worried about. These skins are a good addition to my lightweight touring setup but not the all around tool I was hoping for.

Still Tough to Pull Off!

You can see I still struggle to pull the skins off the base even after 2 years of abuse.

Two Years of Abuse and They Still Stick!

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I have used these skins for the past two years. They have been through the thick and the thin to say the least. They are lightweight, pack well, and increase your stride because they glide. I cant believe how sticky the glue still is. I have only had one day where i dropped them in the snow and I had to use my ski edges to clean them. I usually dont even fold them! I just stuff they inside my back. I have used them through almost every condition imagineable, cold, wet, dry, etc. Great pair of skins and their trim tool is the best, hands down.


  • Familiarity: I've used it several times

They had decent glide but the traction was pretty bad on steep slopes a lot of slippage went on. I would not recommend to a friend, just go with the classic alpinist skins

You can do better

  • Familiarity: I've put it through the wringer

I was happy with these skins until I used them in a sub zero day. Glue? What Glue? The glue may have well been non existent which made things a little frustrating. I've used BD skins in similar weather and did not experience a problem. The one nice thing about the G3 skins is the tail connector. I'm not sold on two small pieces that secure the front of your ski but the tail piece sure is nice.

I have a pair of 165 skis, Line supernatural lite. I know the x-short says it tops out at 163, but will a x-short work on these ?

Also, do these come with the trim tool?

Hi - I am looking to purchase the G3 Alpinist mohair mix skins for my son. His skis are fat and are 171 cm. What size skin should I buy?

Hi Doris,

You'll want to find out how wide his skis are at the widest point and get a width that is wider than that so that you get full coverage on the ski. As far as length goes, you'll want to get the short.

If you have any other questions, just let me know.


What is the recommended size for ski length...

What is the recommended size for ski length of 181cm skis, 110 under foot? (115mm, Long or XL?) My skis do not have tail slots for skins, is this style of skin agreeable to that? Recommendations?

Best Answer

For total coverage and the most grip you'll want to size off of the tip. If you are looking to save weight then you can size off of the waist at the expense of grip. So for 110 under foot you'd get the 115mm Long which covers a ski 180-190cm in length. The lack of tail slot is fine as long as they are not twin tips. If they are twin tips you will want to get the twin tip connector G3 makes and we sell.

Are the 130mm short sold out? Or is there...

Are the 130mm short sold out? Or is there just a mistake in the drop down menu? Usually sold out items are still listed as sold out but that option doesn't exist for some reason..