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A boot that takes you closer to your personal best.

Full Tilt’s cult following grows year after year, but superskier Seth Morrison has been with them all along. The Full Tilt Men’s Seth Morrison Pro Model Ski Boot is the product of Morrison’s specific design demands—it’s stiff, stands up to hundred-foot airs, and lets you feel your toes. Morrison’s friend Josh Malay (RIP) designed the boot’s unique wrap-around graphic, and Full Tilt’s touches of fabric, zippers, and buttons punctuate the boot’s message: Let ‘er rip, and take no prisoners.
  • Active Bootboard rubber absorbs the impact of big landings
  • Aluminum levers are strong and lightweight
  • Full Tilt�s highest-performing Pro Liner is heat-moldable, seamless, lightweight, and includes an extra layer of ergonomic Powerwrap around the outside for power transfer and ankle hold-down
  • J-Bar liner design holds the ankle in place
  • Cable buckle system distributes pressure evenly to eliminate dead spots
  • Mult-lateral and forward cant angle adjustments let you adjust the boot precisely
  • Free hinging cuff flexes freely to let you lean forward without distorting the boot�s shape

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It's simply a joy to put on a pair of these Seth. Here're my reasons for liking it so much:
1. Super easy to put on and off.
2. Super easy micro-adjustment of buckles.
3. Slightly wider than the other 3 piece design manufacturer.
4. Multi-laminate Pro Intuition Liner that provides a thin layer of cushioning providing comfort without sacrificing much performance.
5. The 3-piece design of course! The flexing feels sooooooo natural, it's a joy to make every turn with it.
6. Lighter weight
7. Bad-ass design
8. And of course, the NOT so Ordinary Skier - SETH.
I got about 102mm width, so it did take a custom boot fitting to blow out some areas. Also used an aftermarket foot-bed. Rock-solid, will never go back to two piece designs.

5 5

Fantastic Boot

Well, ultimately this boot didn't work out for me (ended up packing out and being too fault for buying the wrong size), but while it did fit is was insane. Everyone knows about the pros of full tilt, super easy to get into and very lightweight. But what I didn't expect was the incredible control this boot gives you. Its super snug (but not tight) and the #10 flex is super super stiff. I used this boot from park to big mountain in the Alps and it performed great everywhere. Bottom line, if it fits your foot its a fantastic option for anyway looking for an alternative to 4 buckle boots.

Unanswered Question

I wear about a size 11 to 10 and a half...

I wear about a size 11 to 10 and a half and I was wondering what would be the best size for me? I tried to find ski stores that had them but they are sold out everywhere around here. I'm sixteen so I expect my foot to grow a little in the next few years but not by much.

who says you can only fit skinny legs and narrow feet in these?

who says you can only fit skinny legs and narrow feet in these?

Got big calves and wide feet...required some custom boot fitting, but it still fits - can't beat the feeling of how natural the flex is!

My new Seth!

My new Seth!

love the punk rock design, love the 3 piece design and its progressive flex even better!

Could someone comment on how these are on...

Could someone comment on how these are on moguls? Was wondering whether the #10 flex is too stiff for it (shin bangs, etc.). Thanks.

Responded on

It's a matter of personal preference but for me, the #10 is too stiff for mogul skiing. If I was buying a boot for just bump skiing I would look at the #4 or 6 tongue.

Theoretically, could you buy any full tilt...

Theoretically, could you buy any full tilt boot to your foot shape and replace the shin piece to achieve a similar boot feel?

Responded on

Sort of. For most of full tilts boots all of the parts are interchangeable and available to buy separately. What sets them apart is the quality of the liners and the stiffness of the tongue(shin piece). However, this year they introduced a few wider models like the Booter and the high five that are not interchangeable.

hey guys what do you think? I have been...

hey guys what do you think? I have been skiing in Tecnica agent 110 for the last two years and they have been ok but not amazing, especially the shin bang. I wanna know if i should go with these or the krypton il moro boots. I realize the liners are both intuition im just not sure if they fit differently etc. So can anyone help me out?

Responded on

According to the stat sheet the full tilt is 1mm wider than the il moro. As you pointed out , the boots are pretty similar, the reason I would go with full tilt is that they are lighter and the fact that you can customize the boot with different tongue/ flexes. Make sure you try them on first as seth pointed out, you have to have the foot for them. Join the cult.

its time for me to replace my flexon comps....

its time for me to replace my flexon comps. Black and green w/purple buckles, circa 1992 I think. Does any one out there know how the flex of that boot would compare to the full tilt line up??? Thanks for the help!! Would love to get the seth morrison pro model!

Responded on

The flexon comps that I used to ride are pretty similar to the #6 full tilt tongue. The nice thing is, no matter which boot you buy can easily get a new tongue if the flex isn't what you want. FYI the morrison pro is the stiffest #10 tongue.

I'm from the east coast so I need a boot...

I'm from the east coast so I need a boot that is stiff enough to make a stiff pair of skis hold on days when there's a lot of ice. I know that the flex is different on this boot, but does that have any effect on how I will be able to bend the ski to grip hard snow and ice? Also what kind of ski works well with this boot other than the Obsethed. I usually ski on Head Mojos or Dynastar Legend XXL, but more on the heads. I'm also sixteen and a really aggressive skier.

Responded on

These boots are stiff, but can be made stiffer by riveting the cuff to the lower shell, if you really need that. The ski question is a bit odd, Souns like you want a narrow waisted ski for those firm days, maybe something from the race line up.

I ski a pretty stiff boot and love stiff...

I ski a pretty stiff boot and love stiff boots. What is the stiffest in a full tilt lineup (#10) compared to a normal flex rating?

Responded on

The #10 tongue obviously is the stiffest, but the boot flexes much differently than the 4 buckle style boots. The cuff has more forward movement than the 4 buckle boots. The boots are pretty much all the same, the tongue flex and liners are the main differences through out the line. So its hard to compare it to other brands stiffness. Find a shop that has them and try them on.

5 5

Love These Boots

I have been an avid Tele-Skier for 20+ years and these boots are more comfortable than my Tele Boots. I could sleep in these things.

How do these boots fit? I have heard they...

How do these boots fit? I have heard they fit both large and small from different places. I'm somewhere between a 10.5 and 11 in street shoes (prob a 10.5 if i wanted them to fit snug) and found that my 27.5 salomon's were running too small and my technica 28.5s were much too large after they packed out.

Any idea what I would be in these?

Responded on

Try The 28.5 The moldable liner helps give a perfect fit. I would recommend getting shell sized in them before you buy with the past boot sizing issues.

5 5

The best freeskiing boot ever

Amazing how some new paint and marketing can sell to the kiddies...though with this product I'm stoked they're turned on to it. This is the best freeskiing boot ever made, even as the original design was done long before anyone used that term. The best advice in boots is to buy what fits. Thank Full Tilt for using an Intuition liner in all of they're boot models as most everyone with a D width or less will be fine after heat molding the liner. Now for the bonus. The weight of the boots has to be 1/3 less than standard 4 buckle boots due to the use of plastic enclosure vs. metal buckles. My favorite part though is the flex. What you apply in forward and downward pressure is stored as energy upon release. No other design works like that. The boot actually has "pop". All of the Full Tilt line has a design of this sort but why not throw down and support the pro model concept and buy the Seth. Props to the Full Tilt company for bringing this boot design back from the ashes where it never should have been and props to Morrison for shredding in the boot for all these years. Pce.

Responded on

Nice review, Travis. Thank you.

I hear these boots are supposed to be tight...

I hear these boots are supposed to be tight out of the box and after heat molded and toe box expanded, they fit great. How tight is tight though? I tried on out of the box and my toes are at the end, and quite tight, and they still are at the end when flexing forward. Havne't done the heat molding yet..but is this too tight?

Best Answer Responded on

How is your shell size? Pull liner, just have toes touching front of boot, stick index finger behind heel and or index plus middle finger. You should have 1 to 1.5 fingers behind your heel.

Trying them on out of the box they should be tight, but you should have your ski sock on and footbed in as well. While molding them they will be even tighter since the liner expands when heated. You should have a toe cap on while doing said molding and have cant adjustments set prior to molding.

Once they cool off. If they still are to tight you can remold again and liner will loose more thickness. Fine tuning with shock thickness helps!

I'm not a boot fitter I just cook my own liners and know what works for me with this shell.

Responded on

Thanks for the info on the fit!! I am thinking the 28 mondo shell would be more in the 1 to 1.5 finger range, then the 27.5 I picked up (the 27.5 is just under a finger). I am getting fitted at a shop in boulder that I think likes to fit boots quite tight, so they can sell their add-ons...may need to get into the 28!!

Responded on

Seth, what method do you used to heat your own liners? I know this can be tricky to not over do it...but I've wanted to do my own for a while.

Responded on

I have one of the linner ovens from the Raichle days. These work best since it's like a convection oven. I have seen people use a regular home oven and done it once myself, you have to be carful not to melt the liner by touching it on oven parts like the rack or heating elements. 10 minutes at 250.

Is there any reason that only has...

Is there any reason that only has these in stock in half sizes? My old full tilts were a 26 mondo and that was the perfect size for me? Do you think I should go with a 25.5 or a 26.5?

Best Answer Responded on

the 26.5 is the same shell as the 26. I am a fan of whole sizes. The liner is thicker in whole sizes. I always like to round down, but everyones foot is different and you don't want something that is too big or too small. Wait a few days and they might get more in. So far its the only full tilt boot that has arrived so far, otherwise, you can buy it and exchange it if it doesn't fit. Or order both and return the one that doesn't fit(the shipping label will cost $6.99). You should know right away if the 25.5 is too small since you have had full tilts before. I am only saying this because you have had full tilt boots before. To tell if a boot is too big might not be as easy.
I say wait a few days and if they get more full tilts in but not more of this model then order both and return the one that doesn't fit before the due date of your credit card bill.
Edit 10/4/10
I emailed full tilt asking about how their half and whole sizes differ:
"Full Tilt FT original shells are the same for the full and half size. A size nine shell is the same as a nine and a half. The liners are also the same. Please keep in mind that we heat mold the half size liners on a half size mold/last. So if you try on the nine it will fit smaller than the nine and a half. The heat moldability is really what makes the difference for us with half sizes. Most other boot companies just put a spacer in to make up for the half size. Our boots are specifically heat molded for the half size. Once a professional ski boot fitter heats the liner it will lose the specific size it was and will be ready to mold to the full size or half size.
This does not include our FTI Influence shell used with the High Five, Booter and Mary Jane.
The FTI uses a different liner and boot board for each size."
The 26.5 should work for you.

Responded on

A comment about BC's return policy - awesome! I make every effort to buy from them because I know they stand behind what they sell and their satisfaction guaranteed promise isn't just blowing smoke.

Unanswered Question

Anyone have any idea what the weight of a...

Anyone have any idea what the weight of a pair of these are????? not even the full tilt site has weight on it. All i seem to find says "UP to 2 lbs Lighter than other boots'? Alot of help that is

Seth rocks

Seth rocks

Looking down the Roman Wall from summit of Mt. Baker, WA