And ditch the mystery meat. What is it, 1987?

You can toss out those Saved By the Bell tapes you keep watching every weekend. Now you can pay tribute to the old-school classics in a sweet new pair of ski boots. The Full Tilt Hot Dogger Ski Boot offers high performance with forgiving flex for throwing technical tricks with comfort and precision. The custom heat-moldable Power Liners conform to your feet precisely for maximum power transfer and performance in the park, while the Hot Dogger’s rubber Active Footboards absorb impact and vibration through high-speed turns and filmworthy crashes. And just in case purple leopard-print liners weren’t enough for your style of snow-pimpin’, Full Tilt added some rivets to the power strap.

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full tilt (booters or hotdoggers) Vs...

full tilt (booters or hotdoggers) Vs salomomon spk (kaos or kreation)

hi, i do 55% park and 45% all mountain, in the park i do 80% jumps 20% jibs. in all mountain i do 80% groomers 10% moguls and 10% back country (i live in the east). the reason i am leaning towards these boots is i never want to have another issue shin-bang, last year i had a painful bruise running up my shins. but out of the two which are better?

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Get fitted! Salomon fits completely different than Full Tilt. It comes down to which boot fits your foot best.

Hey, I have 28/28.5 [327mm bsl] SPK Kreations...

Hey, I have 28/28.5 [327mm bsl] SPK Kreations & SPK Pros, the Spkkreations fit snug with a little bit of room to spare nothing big i can just feel my heel lift a tiny bit / slide forward nothing big but just a tad, and the SPK pros with my feet have a looser feeling, still hold my feet in but it has the "fat toe box" or w.e [07/08 spk pro] so that it has unbelievable room in the toe area, i wear a sz 10.5 Nike Airforce 1 and still have a tad room in that, was wondering how the Hot Dogger would fit compared to that, i dont think i have a wide foot pattern so i could fit in them, this is for strictly 90% park 65% jumps 35% rails; also wondering how there durability was because ive heard they break [just at the buckles] etc. also what size would i get, 28 or do they only come in 28.5. and does anybody know the bsl for a 28.5 hot dogger [comparing it to my spks] thanks

Responded on

if u snugly fit into a spk you will not even come close to getting into a fulltilt. first measure the width of ur foot then compare. i would recommend going to your local shop and tryin boots on. gl mate.

how true are full tilts when you compair...

how true are full tilts when you compair them to shoes like is backcountrys sizing chart right

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Backcountry's sizing chart is taken right from Full TIlt, so it is the real deal, true to that chart.

Responded on

I have fount them to fit on the small size. though remember that it doesn't matter what number size they are, all that matter is the shell fit.

Responded on

i wear a size 9 shoe but went with 26.5 boot

So I have been skiing the Raichle Flexon...

So I have been skiing the Raichle Flexon Comps for 20+/- years now. Have tried other boots and always went back to the Raichle's. But they are showing their age. Are these the exact same mold? And about same thickness liner? So should fit fine? Or not? My foot is a bit wide but the Flexon Comps always worked great for me. And which Hot Dogger has a flex stiffness similiar to the Flexon Comps? Similiar to 20 year old Flexon Comps?

Best Answer Responded on

Hi Brad,

The last is the exact same as the last which was used in the Raichle Flexon Comp. I also used to ski in that boot. The shell thickness is just as thick, and is actually one of the thicker shell materials on the market, which is great if you need custom work done on the boot. If you had a Raichle Full Wrap liner you will notice that this new Full Tilt liner is actually an upgrade in performance, but just as customizable. As far as the flex goes, Flexons were always completely interchangeable with their stiffness. Some tongues have numbers 1-10 on them (inside part of the tongue), if you can find that number it will be easier to tell, if not you will have to take a guess by flexing it in your hands. A stiffer tongue..6-10 flex will be fairly difficult to flex by pushing your hands together. A softer flex will be quite easy.

One really really good option for you would be to go with the Full Tilt Konflict boot. I say this because that specific boot comes with 2 tongues, an 8/10 flex (their stiffest tongue) and a 4/10 flex (same stiffness as the Hot Dogger). The Konflict comes with the same active (rubber) boot board as the Hot Dogger which means it will help to soak up impacts. The Konflict has their highest density liner, which means it is a stiffer liner, but also will not pack out as quickly, and it features the stronger aluminum cable anchors for added durability. Here is a link to the Konflict:

Also i keep weight in mind..ive searched...

Also i keep weight in mind..ive searched everywhere and i can't find the wieght of these boots- i know the salomon kaos are about 7.5 pounds but thats it

Responded on

I'm not super sure, but I think this boot runs between 8 and 9 pounds... maybe a pound more then the Kaos.

Responded on

not true. i dont own a pair, so i cant be sure either, but my friend has them, and he says that they dont weigh anything. I've also read many forums on FT, and the one thing that everyone keeps saying is how light the boots are. i've heard they dont weigh more then your average shoe; im pretty sure this is an exaggeration, but they are supposed to be VERY light.

Responded on

The Full Tilt boots are the lightest boots on the market, hands down!

Responded on

no way it weighs more then the kaos! this is the lightest strongest and most user freindly boot on the market why do you think it has been on the market for over 25 years

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no way it weighs more then the kaos! this is the lightest strongest and most user freindly boot on the market why do you think it has been on the market for over 25 years

I don't know which boot to deciding...

I don't know which boot to deciding between these and the salomon kaos-- overall the hotdogger seems like a better boot but im not sure. also my feet are not narrow but are not wide so im afraid the hotdogger wonnt fit me..i where a 10.5 shoe and a 28+/- size ski boot. ....anyway tell me what you think..i need a boot for beast park performance and also to get to place to place

Responded on

Hotdogger is a WAYYYYY better boot. Full Tilts dominate every other boot in the park. My foot didn't work with the hotdogger, so I got the booter. I couldn't be happier with them. I had Dalbello Rampages last season, and I got super gnarly shin bang and stuff... It was bad. I've been skiing my booters this whole season (2-3 times a week at Park City) and my feet/shins are so happy.The booter didn't work for me because your foot has to be really flat on the top, like literally on the top of your foot (i don't know what it's technically called) but on my feet the top of my foot it really tall, and I couldn't even get the hotdoggers to buckle up... Also I have huge muscular calves, and they didn't fit so well either. I was bummed at first, but the booters were golden for me. Also, check out next years full tilts, because they are SO crazy lookin. Also, get a 28.5. I have size 10 feet and I have a size 28.ONE MORE THING----Full Tilts are CRAZY light

Responded on

well ryan, i myself have a pair of the kaos, and i think they are horrible. they stand you straight up , the plastic is all kinds of cheap an floppy, they pack out easily.. i just don like them really.. that could also be because i blew my knee out in the beggining of this season in the spks. i partially think it has something to do with my injuryy.. but im gettin the hott doggers. i tried them on an they are very nice.


So I went ahead and bought these in 30MP....

So I went ahead and bought these in 30MP. My toes barely reach the end and I have to stretch them to do it. There's also a big pocket for them to move in, seems like too big?... My heel seems to want to come up and out of the boot and seems to be doing so when I butter on my tips. Does this happen with all boots? It doesn't do it much but it's noticable. My old tchnicas were 32MP so they were huge on me an d i could almost walk out of them. My other option is to get a 29MP. any advice?

Responded on

Sounds like there to big for you, your heels sould never move around like that and the problem will get worse as your liners pack out. you could take them to a boot fitter and see what he could do with some custom soles, otherwise can you exchange them for a smaller size?If you don't have a custom footbed you really can't say if the boot fits or not. A footbed really should take up the space and lock your heel in place. My bro got these footbeds and said they worked well in his alpine boots. you have the money I would go to Surefoot or a boot fitter that knows how to make custom footbeds. Footbeds can move from boot to boot so if these boots still don't work the footbed will transfer to the new boot.

Responded on

Get a smaller size if possible. As a bootfitter, I know it's worlds easier to make a boot bigger than it is to take up room. Boots should almost feel too snug at first, they only get bigger as they pack out.

5 5

Full Tilt Boot

I have Richlea Flexons. For those of you who don't know the history of full tilts, Richlea was the company who used to make three piece Full Tilt boots. Richlea later went out of business, due to the death of the owner. A few years later Full Tilt Brought Richlea Technology, it is the exact same boot, and still one of the best boots you can buy. I love my Richlea flexons, they are extremely comfortable, and the three piece technology allows you to change the stiffness of the boot. I recommend this boot to every one, especially Free Skiers.

should i go for the hot dogger or the...

should i go for the hot dogger or the booter? i'm basically a park skier but also need to skate from place to place, do a lot of rails an spins more likely than jumps. also for just downhillany answers out there?

Responded on

hot dogger's have a better liner so i'd go with them.Fulltilt boots are Super Narrow..Hey I have the Booters and they are way less narrow because of the thinner liner. I couldn't even fit my foot into any of the other boots and the booter fits fine. If you find the booter too soft for you, you can just buy an after market tongue. Overall, I've skied them 3 times already and I think I like them. I just ski the park pretty much, and they do perform. The bottom line is fit I think, if you have a crazy narrow foot, go with the hot dogger, if you have a regular-ish shaped foot, the booter is probably going to fit better.

So im looking for a boot that I will be...

So im looking for a boot that I will be able to do some backcountry with but dont want to get into AT stuff. Would this boot be good for that? Or any recs?

Responded on

If you don't want to get into "AT stuff" for backcountry use, then whatever alpine boot you choose is essentially immaterial. I assume you mean you will be using your regular alpine bindings and skis to access the backcountry, and you'll be hiking with the skis strapped to your back. In that case, your choice of alpine boot doesn't matter much, since none of them are particularly comfortable for hiking, and none have a grippy Vibram tread like an AT boot. The Full Tilts may be slightly better for this simply because they weigh less than a lot of other alpine boots, but they still suffer the same flexibility and traction limitations as the rest.

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