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Magically formed from a pile of double-supreme nachos, ice cream, and human skulls; the Forum Destroyer Chilldog Snowboard is packed with all the delicious ingredients you need to slay the biggest features out there.

  • Chillydog with Pop has all the stability, predictability, and forgiving feel of Forum’s continuous rocker with the added boost of Pop zones just outside of your stance—let the huge ollies flow like water
  • Carbon strands have been strategically placed in the nose and tail to give you even more boost for takeoffs and flat ollies—Booter Boosters will rock your face off
  • GnarLe wood core utilizes aspen and sustainable wood stringers to create a powerful and responsive ride. Constructed with Forum’s Grainbelt method, the core gets 10 times the normal compression strength of a normal core—this means you don’t have to hold back because you’re worried about snapping your deck
  • Light Triax laminate provides a buttery-smooth flex with a lively feel so you can get yourself off—it’s a hella sexy flex
  • Beveled edges show up tuned to your kinky desires-you’ll have to try hard to catch an edge
  • Formula sintered base gets you up to speed so you don’t knuckle that 50 footer and hate your life
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Destroyer.....of mountains.

    I had a chance to ride the destroyer chillydog version this past weekend and I am definitely a fan. The continuous rocker design on this makes it so fun to butter. I rode the 148cm so it was definitely more park oriented as it had no stability when bombing down the slopes. Overall though, it was a very enjoyable piece of stick.

    NEVER going back to camber.

      bought the destroyer 154. i'm 5'8/190lbs. BEST. BOARD. EVER. (i like 'em short).........<===thats what she said...

      ollies/nollies without any effort.

      buttery as hell!

      locks onto rails, presses like a plastic spatula. it freakin "spatulates". yeah. spatulates.

      so forgiving on botched spins. you can get away with murder!

      SO stoked on this board. it makes those hardpacked days feel like you're riding on ky jelly.

      pulled a 2520 nose butter first try. yeah. thats 7 rotations son. 7. NO effort. its like freaking cheating.

      balls out best board ever.

      p.s. scull candy can suck my nuts.

      Forum Destroyer Chillydog

        I stole this board from my roommate and have been riding it for the past couple weeks. I love it! Such a fun board all over the mountain. I've ridden it in pow, trees, steeps, groomers and park. Even handles the choppy snow really well. Easy to press in the park, and I thought its been pretty stable for a reverse camber speeding down groomers too. Out of all the boards I've ridden/owned, I'd compare it most to my Lib Tech TRS - both mid flex, reverse camber, all around boards.

        For reference: I've been on the 152 with Ride Betas and size 8 women's boots. I'm 5'6 and 125.


          This board is dope! i just rode it in a little park setup this weekend and oh boy is it sick. It took me a little bit to get used to the chillydog but once i got used to it it was money. i made my stance a little bit shorter and you can press and do trick so much easier! This board is perfect for messin around in the park, hittin big kickers, and hitting some deep pow. get it.


            The Forum Destroyer is back and better than ever. If you don't believe me, take another look at the graphic. The best Destroyer graphic in years.

            This year the Destroyer is $20 cheaper but this doesn't mean that we have taken tech out. On the contrary we have added tech to it. To make the great chillydog ride even better, we added POP. This means we have made the board stiffer and thicker right after the bindings. this is not the only addition, we also added "Booter Boosters" These are carbon stingers from the outside bolts to the contact points.

            The Gnar LE core is still awesome, with 18% light sustainable wood, this core is 15% lighter than our Gnar core. Grain-belt technology makes the the core 10X stronger than regular core decks.

            The Destroyer is a team favorite ridden by most of the team on a regular basis. One ride and you will see why. Forum Destroyer.

            Who were the murdered people who's got...

            Who were the murdered people who's got their skulls on these boards

            im looking for a good reverse camber or...

            im looking for a good reverse camber or rocker style board. I ride mostly park, i live in the midwest so it needs to be able to handle the ice...I have a size 11 boot, and i cannot decide what to get. I am open to any brand, but the forum seems like a good deal. I was also looking at the burton hero and some of the lib tech and gnu's. Which is the best ride?

            The biggest thing to keep in mind is your boot size. You have a size 11 boot, that means you need a wide board to accommodate your boot. You definitely get a lot of bang for your buck with Forum. They are light and poppy, and made of solid materials. The rocker/camber combo would also be really good for your type of terrain.

            Unanswered Question

            Do you know the weight of this? i need to...

            Do you know the weight of this? i need to know, as id have this package forwarded to me to canada, and i need to know the weight for an estimate

            I'm 5'11 and weigh 160 on average, but...

            I'm 5'11 and weigh 160 on average, but usually have to cut down to about 150-155 during the winter season because of another sport, I wear a size 11 Burton boot, I have read a few other questions and said that the sizing goes down by one, so if I have an 11, it will actually be a 10 (for the Forum Republic bindings) What size of snowboard would I generally need for mostly groomed park time, and a bit of fresh pow. And would I need the Wide?

            hey I'm up in New York and we get a lot...

            hey I'm up in New York and we get a lot of ice and hardpack. I want a stable ride when dropping into jumps and bombing the hill but I also want to be able to jib with ease. I'm 5'8" and about 165 lbs. What size should I go with?

            152 would be more appropriate for your height, but 154 would be more appropriate for your weight (more important) and will hold up to higher speeds.
            I also ski and ride in upstate NY. You might want to try a board with magne-traction for more grip on the ice.

            Unanswered Question

            hey completely new to snowboarding.I got...

            hey completely new to snowboarding.I got stationed in AK and im tired of renting boards so i was wonderin weather this would be a good board and if so what size i would need im 6'0 195lbs size 12

            Lookin for a killer all mountain board iz...

            Lookin for a killer all mountain board iz this the one for me 5'7132 and what other mountain killers do you suggest

            Hey! I'm 5'9. 155lbs. I jump a lot in park...

            Hey! I'm 5'9. 155lbs. I jump a lot in park for 20-30 days in season... i also ride in pow for 5 days in season. Which size would you recommend for me?

            Hey! I'm 5'9. 155lbs. I jump a lot in park...

            hey guys im all the d way from new zealand...

            hey guys im all the d way from new zealand and keen to buy this sweet forum board couple questions how much is shipping to newzealand ? is this board still running the standard 4 bolt holes? and can i put large bindings on this sweet ride cheers guys any 1 that can help me wud be super sick

            Hey I'm looking to get a new board, and...

            Hey I'm looking to get a new board, and I'm deciding between this or the Bataleon Evil Twin. I ride a lot of park (jumps and rails) but I also ride a lot of all mountain stuff. which board will more suit my fancy? I'm also upgrading from an 08 Burton Dom 154. I'll look to get the 156W or 157 for the Evil Twin

            I'm a beginner and won't be hitting any...

            I'm a beginner and won't be hitting any jumps any time soon. Would this be a good board for me to continue learning on?

            i cant deside witch one to take the destroyer...

            i cant deside witch one to take the destroyer 152 or the youngblood 152 i had seeker 07/08 and it was way to stiff for me and it was rakend 5 in the forum stiffnes like the destroyer.

            I'm 5'11. 190lbs size 11.5 boot and im...

            I'm 5'11. 190lbs size 11.5 boot and im really interested in getting either this board or the Lib Tech Skate banana. I live in the east coast so i mainly ride around in hard pack or groomed, don't see much powder here. I would say i spend about 70% of my time riding around the mountain looking for jumps and fooling around and only about 30% in the park. Ive only been snowboarding for 2 seasons and im really looking forward to progressing further with my tricks. Which board would you recommend for me? And if i were to get the destroyer, would i be able to get away with a 156W or should i stick to the 158W?

            The 158W is your jam. The destroyer has been and still is the board of choice for most of the Forum team. Yes they ride the park but they ride a lot more in the backcountry. This board handles really well no matter where you take it. It will SLAY the east coast for sure. You will not be disappointed.

            I'm 6'3 6'4 190lbs size 12 boot, would the...

            I'm 6'3 6'4 190lbs size 12 boot, would the destroyer chillydog 158W be too small for me? choosing between the forum destroyer chillydog and the ride machete, I split my time 75% free-ride jus goin around the mountain looking for jumps and trees and 25% in the park

            I'm 5'10 & 160lbs. I have Size 8.0 Burton...

            I'm 5'10 & 160lbs. I have Size 8.0 Burton Driver X Boots and Flow NXT Binding. What size should I get in this board so that I can do butters and nose presses and the like very easily? Should I get the regular Destroyer as oppose to the Chillydog? I really want to be more proficient being a freestyle/freeride boarder. Any help is appreciated!

            is this a good urban snowboard

            is this a good urban snowboard

            I'm 5'7" weigh 145lbs and wear sz.10 boots....

            I'm 5'7" weigh 145lbs and wear sz.10 boots. Should I get a 148 or 152? Will be used only for free-riding.

            152 is your size. It is a perfect size for you. It is not necessarily a freeride board but it will handle any terrain you can throw at it. The true twin chillydog shape is amazing and will help you keep your nose out of the snow. Great times await with the Forum Destroyer.